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Earphone Case – Black Clamshell Model with Zipper Enclosure, Internal Pocket, and sturdy Exterior!
Become a fan of Televisions LCD HDTV on Facebook for the inside scoop on the latest televisions, audio & video products. The medium Dimension eartip is on the real headphones and the rest two sizes within the package.

If Truth Be Told, you'll find Klipsch headphones are a long way Superior to other brands-turning in unequaled Remedy, noise isolation, musical accuracy and bass.
Moreover, Klipsch has managed to take its many years of analysis and building expertise to price engineer the Image S4, while staying proper to its audiophile heritage. Amazing Relief and Fit Made only for you, the Image S4's Unique comfortable and versatile oval ear Pointers naturally Fit the contours of your ear canals, providing comfortable lengthy-term wear in addition to producing a really perfect acoustic seal.

A excellent seal minimizes outdoor noise, often referred to as noise isolation, and allows you to experience your track at decrease, safer volumes.

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