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If it is the front bearing failing it will be disintegrating internally - when the bearing no longer can carry the armature it will collapse and the armature will start rubbing against the fields and eventually jam solid. However, just to make sure you should remove the serpentine belt and spin the alternator by hand - if its rough to spin then you'd be advised not to drive the car as it will fail. My bet would be the tensioner pulley as its usually the first one to go----but first remove the belt and spin check all pulleys. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
So im guessing the process of fixing this problem is the same as replacing the chain anyway?I might as well just have the chain replaced.

This will cause the drive or serpentine belt to squeal like a cut cat and then smoke and disintegrate. You then place a 15mm ring spanner on the drive belt tensioner pulley bolt and rotate the pulley assembly bolt ANTICLOCKWISE away from the belt - this takes the tension off the belt and you can then slip the belt off. If i posted pictures on here would you guys be able to help diagnose the problem?In any case The star shop says its usually around $900 to replace the chain, guides and tensioners. I did have a problem with a similar noise 6 months or so ago, not as loud, and it turned out that the LPG mixtures werent quite correct . Sound reasonable?I read bill's thread on replacing the timing chain, i just want to be sure what the problem is before decide whether to replace things or not!

Is it just a matter of turning the engine until the rhs cam timing mark ( I can only see 1) lines up with a link in the chain?

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