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Delayed endolymphatic hydrops is essentially the development of Meniere's disease, after an ear injury. It is interesting that neither of these criteria require hydrops -- following this logic, one could diagnose heart disease without requiring any damage to the heart.
Well anyway, with these very loose criteria in Japan, they identified 94 cases, most of whom had no identifiable cause at all. In this case, there was likely a temporal bone fracture, as air was found within the cranial cavity.

This case is the only one the author can recall in the last 30 years, in which there was clearly an incident, a delay, and then hydrops. That being said, what we seem to be dealing with here is a combination of deafness and delayed episodic vertigo, possibly with hearing loss too, without any other obvious cause. In about 10%, the initial hearing loss was due to mumps, and about 8%, due to middle ear infection. For the traumatic variant, DES is attributed to bleeding within the inner ear and subsequent scarring.

There was a contusion of the L frontal lobe, fluid in the left mastoid, and air adjacent to the left cerebellar hemisphere and left posterior temporal lobe.
These are loose criteria, and one would reasonably wonder whether we are dealing with a disease here or just a group of people who share the same symptoms.

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