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Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or not, there’s an alarm that starts ringing when your period is a few days late. Here, we will attempt to throw light on some important facts about pregnancy that you may need to know. There are other methods to have protected sex too if condoms are not working out for you and your partner.
Symptoms of pregnancy are sometimes difficult to differentiate from symptoms of menstruation related issues.
Tracking your days on a calendar to know the exact dates when you’re ovulating and having a family planner may help you to get the timing right.
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The probability is vastly reduced when a couple uses birth control contraceptives and protection.

They work like a pouch and cover the vagina, collect the sperm and thus prevent it from entering the vagina. The stick can show you a positive result if you’re using medicine that has excess hCG such as medicines used for psychological problems like chlorpromazine, phenothiazines and methadone among others.
If you’ve taken the home pregnancy test a couple of times and have got different results each time, then you might want to go for a blood pregnancy test. But if you know your menstruation pattern and the effects you suffer from regularly, then you can differentiate between the two. Besides bleeding there is a white discharge that is due to the thickening of vaginal walls. If you calculate correctly, but are still not getting pregnant, then a visit to the doctor can be helpful.
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These markers catch human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) in urine that can confirm pregnancy. Therefore, more effective is the beta hCG test which is a blood test that determines the quantity of the marker in your body and gives you a more accurate result. Pay attention to these slight symptoms that can be associated with pregnancy; however, as mentioned before, can also be the mistaken for a period cycle.
So if you’re pregnant and pass urine on the stick, the marker will indicate a positive result.
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