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Exciting new developments are happening in Medicine every day but patients are flooded with information and cannot keep up with the latest evidence. A close family member of mine has been suffering from Crohn’s Disease for over 15 years.
Doctors are overburdened with patients and (understandably) cannot dedicate the appropriate time and attention to each individual case. I am the co-developer of MedNexus, a medical search engine for patients – think “Google for Medicine”. Through our search engine, you can find the most relevant content from a variety of sources: medical journals, government health sites, patient forums, etc. The technological advances made in the hearing aid industry over the last 5 years now enable users to enjoy wireless connectivity and high-speed broadband communication between instruments. From digital hearing aids to everything that goes with them, consider us to be your one-stop destination for all your hearing needs and requirements.
We are extremely proud to announce the launch of a brand new invisible hearing aid from Starkey called SoundLens.
All our dispensers place great emphasis on continual training and development, in order to retain professional status and keep abreast of the latest developments in hearing aid technology and practise. Together with our support team, we are dedicated to providing and maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards of hearing care. Vicki Skeels RHAD FSHAA, managing director, began her career in Audiology in 1977 with the NHS in Colchester. Debbie Lawrence RHAD FSHAA, joined us in January 2014, but has an association with Vicki and the industry dating back 20 years.
Because each person has an individual response to treatment, we will determine the optimal course of action to respond to these issues.

There are many options to choose from, and each individual case will determine the style and technology level that is selected.
Navigating the sea of information available online can be daunting at best, and dangerous at worst. Patients not only have the ability but a responsibility to do their own research and learn about their diagnosis and the available treatments. Whether you are looking for the latest evidence, or to learn from fellow patients, you can find reliable and actionable answers at MedNexus.
We have the best selection of hearing instruments available in the UK from all the leading brands providing the latest developments in hearing aids technology.
Our hearing aids consultant will determine the degree of your hearing loss and offer you the best possible solution for your hearing difficulties. If you want to buy hearing aids, you will be pleased to know we can also supply you with a full range of hearing aid accessories to complement your purchase. Harley Hearing Centre was specially selected by Starkey to showcase it’s leading state of the art hearing aid in the UK.
She subsequently worked in hearing research at Nottingham University and as Head of Audiology at Northampton General Hospital. She is a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser and has previously served on The Hearing Aid Council, the former regulatory body for hearing aid dispensers. After a long period on the management team of a regional hearing aid chain, Richard is pleased to have returned to a smaller, more personalised practice. She followed her audiology training together with Richard, qualifying as an audiologist in 2000, and has been working for the independent sector ever since. On-Site’s ASHA registered audiologists are also certified dispensers, so we can directly coordinate these services to satisfy residents’ needs sooner.

We’re on call as needed to address hearing loss issues or to educate you on the latest developments of better hearing health. Our licensed audiologists work closely with patients and their family members to ensure that selection meets both hearing loss and budget requirements. His journey from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital without any relief highlights the lack of consensus on courses of treatment and the heterogeneity of care.
The question is, how can someone without the benefit of a formal medical education make sense of and vet all the information they come across?
Vicki gained her private qualifications in 1988 and practised independently off Harley Street and for a leading manufacturer in New Zealand, before returning to Colchester and establishing The Hearing Care Centre in 1998.
With his passion and genuine care for people, we are delighted to have him as part of the team. Debbie is enjoying learning more about the wide variety of hearing instruments we offer, to find the best solutions for her clients.
After years of looking for a long-term solution to help manage recurring infections, he came upon an online article highlighting a simple day-to-day approach that immediately provided relief.
We want to provide a viable alternative to WebMD and all the pseudo-science you can find online, and enable patients to engage in meaningful conversations with their doctor.
This was not a recommendation from his doctors but information he had uncovered through his own extensive online research.

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