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22kt Indian Gold Jewelry Set (Rani Haar) - StBr1626 - 22kt Indian Gold Jewelry Set (Rani Haar)with fine Filigree work.
Used to be one I remember in the old city but I've forgotten the name but you'll be sure to find many more.Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? You want to deal with someone located at Botswana Gold is one of the easiest things through which we women can be duped.Credible people here have advised you how to shop for it when you get to Dubai. WE ALSO HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF PPLE THAT CAN COME ON THE TRIP!Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? I have been considering an Holiday out there with my Hubby for some time now(with an ulterior motive of buying jewellery)!Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? But if u r buying gold for trading the language differs here, what i mean gold trading firstly need u to define the test of ur customers. A  A  A There are difference designs and qualities (karet numb and place of manufacturing) for example, a gold of dubai origing with 23k and that of saudi have different market value.
If you have not been, it truly is a marvel to see hundreds of golds shops all together, selling this age old investment. And while, historically, gold has been an investment, the temptation for adornment remains. With the numerous styles on offer, it is very difficult to walk away from the UAE without getting your own piece of bling.

We provide you the details so that you are in the know when scoping out the gold stores.Choice - The UAE is a large importer of gold offering a variety of designs from Indian style, to Arabic and modern Italian and European pieces.
You might find that prices are up to 40% cheaper than those in the west.Shop around - There are an endless number of stores offering similar products.
Once you have found the item you like, make sure you haggle down to get the best price, before comparing that same item with another shop. With a little bit of mental arithmetic therefore, you can quite easily work out what percentage charge is being charged for the workmanship.
Many bring out their new ranges to coincide with DSF and DSS when much business takes place.Custom made - if you want your own piece designed, that can also be done, depending on the time frame. It is best to get in touch beforehand or as soon as you get into town so that your piece is perfect. Having pictures of what you want is also a big help.Copies - Duplicate designs exist all over and you could get your Bulgari gold set for a snip in comparison the legitimate price, not that we condone this flagrant infringement of copyright!
Talking of copies you will hear the calls of a€?copy watch, copy handbaga€? being pitched at you, to lure you to rooms filled with fake Louis Vitton, Gucci and other big names.What is available - everything is available from chains to sets, diamond rings to bangles, watches to cufflinks to money holders. If you want it, it will be here.Shop times - The shops at the souks operate on a split shift basis, so there is basically a break for the afternoon between 2 and 5.
Either get there early or aim for the evening until about 1030pm.Cash is king - You can bargain down to the last Dirham if you pay in cash.

While credit cards are accepted, your Dollar or Dirham can make a big difference if you are planning a big purchase.Location - The gold souk in Dubai is based in Deira. You will find some of the branded stores across Dubai and the UAE, offering the same price as their store in the Souk. If you are based in Abu Dhabi, there is another such souk at the Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre which contains a fair few gold shops to give you significant choice. There are also a few shops on Hamdan Street which gain much attention.Who to buy from - There are so many stores available, but we have checked out a few that stand out and would be a good place to starts with. Remember, everyone has a different taste a€“ be sure to check out a number of stores and then buy from where you feel comfortable. But most of all, enjoy yourself a€“ buying gold is an experience that makes you feel like a king (or queen!).

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