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Check out model in designer piece diamond necklace studded with rubies,emeralds and south sea pearls paired with designer diamond south sea pearl chandbalis by Manepally Jewellers.
Check out model in lakshmi devi bridal temple jewellery.Check out lakshmi devi temple necklace,lakshmi devi temple long haram,lakshmi devi temple kadas and temple earrings. Check out model in stylish big emeralds and pearls diamond choker necklace paired with designer emerald diamond earrings by Manepally jewellers. Check out Pachi gold Lakshmi devi vaddanam or odiyanam studded with rubies and emeralds by Manepally jewellers.

Check out model in 18k gold bridal diamond jewellery.Check out two tone bridal diamond necklace,two tone heavy diamond haram,two tone broad diamond bangle and diamond earrings. Check out emerald necklace,flat diamond haram with rubies,emeralds and south sea pearl drops,very long emerald ruby haram with gold color pearls,lakshmi devi and peacock design vaddanam or oddiyanam or kammar patta.
Check out traditional antique gold necklace with pota rubies and having lakshmi devi pendant having peacocks and ruby and small pearl drops paired with matching antique gold earrings. Check out divine Nakshi pendant studded with diamonds and strung with capped south sea pearls.

Check out tamil actress in gold ruby pendant attached to broad simple gold necklace and simple ruby ear studs.

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