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The modern management of tinnitus involves a number of components; identifying the effects, teaching and demystification, sound enrichment, instrumentation and retraining tactics - the objective being to banish the tinnitus to below the threshold of consciousness.
White noise, by its very definition, means equal amounts of all frequencies in the entire frequency spectrum, and while a tinnitus sufferer with a mild hearing loss may not necessarily need a hearing aid, they do interpret white noise differently to individuals with perfect hearing. It is available in three output levels (60dB standard), and comes in two variations to fit either the left or right ear. From the Latin for 'ringing', tinnitus can best be defined as the conscious experience of noise with no apparent external source.

European studies estimate that between 7 and 14 percent of the population have talked with their doctors about tinnitus, while potentially disabling tinnitus occurs in between 1 and 2.4 percent of people.
The MM6 fits comfortable within the helix area of the ear, giving a completely open ear for maximum sound collection and ease of use. Tinnitus may be related to medical conditions, but in the elderly it is most commonly associated with hearing loss. These noises may be heard all day or for brief periods at a time, can be noise-induced or due to no apparent root cause, and can be seen by the sufferer as a mild annoyance or a severely debilitating condition.

These huge variances from case to case make the condition difficult to treat, but contrary to popular myth, help is available. In some cases, hearing aids may be used in combination with other devices masking the sound.

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