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Many of us would like to think that there some magic forces that affect our life and make us happy or unhappy. First of all, Russians have lots of beliefs about money which most people would find rather strange.
You are asked to step over the doorstep when stretching out your hand to your friend or a partner so there is no barrier between you and him. This is good luck for the person you are phoning, and Russian popular superstition says he will be rich if you don’t recognize his voice. If the left ear is itching then it means someone is is being nice about the person with an itchy ear. If you’re in the middle of making your wish but your ear suddenly stops ringing, your attempt has failed.

Whistling, of course, is not a common habit, and maybe you don’t purse your lips together and blow at all. But be careful even if you want to whistle, especially if you are staying at somebody’s home. This superstition is not very helpful for people who are subjected to skin disease and sometimes it is more sensible to go to a doctor than wait for a pot of gold.
Homes are usually non-whistling zones, and this may cause loss of money in the future, you have been warned.
Everybody could become rich if we mention the quality of GPRS communications in Moscow’s high buildings and in the metro. Perhaps it is a reinforcement of a feeling of an almost religious that cash is somehow dirty and should not be touched, however this is only practiced in a widespread way in Russian homes, not at work.

Observing superstitions may bring you luck, as well as prosperity and wealth, and not observing them may bring the opposite.
Many Russians zealously believe in higher powers and try to convince everyone that superstitions are not superstitions.
So this is all highly amusing on the one hand are rather serious for those who you might laugh at.

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