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When confronted with a patient having significant QT prolongation, it is important to determine whether the patient has a genetic defect or a transmissible form of long QT syndrome (LQTS) or whether the QT prolongation is acquired. This disorder is a form of long QT syndrome, which is a heart condition that causes the heart (cardiac) muscle to take longer than usual to recharge between beats. Patients with QT prolongation are at risk for syncope, seizures, and malignant ventricular dysrhythmias that may result in sudden death.

An important gene associated with Long Qt Syndrome 1 is KCNQ1 (Potassium Channel, Voltage Gated KQT-Like Subfamily Q, Member 1), and among its related pathways are RHO GTPases activate IQGAPs and Cytoskeleton remodeling_RalB regulation pathway. They cause syncope and sudden death in response to exercise or emotional stress, and can present with a sentinel event of sudden cardiac death in infancy.

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