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Hye-mi gets a call from Top Entertainment, and heads to the offices where she runs into Baek-hee in the lobby. He says that it’s a good contract, and seeing her smile giddily, he asks if she really wants to debut that badly. Hye-mi asks if anyone’s seen Sam-dong, and her sister tells her that he went back home for winter break, and said not to call for a while.
He follows the sound of the beat to the amp, placing his hand on it to feel the vibration and hear it properly. In-sung finds him sitting there, and tells him not to tell anyone that he’s working there part-time.
At school, Pil-sook puts up Jason’s daily lollipop, and then notices something on her locker. Jin-man waits around for Kyung-jin, finally working up the courage to ask her…if she’s seen Oh-hyuk. But Kyung-jin steps in to tell her that their good scores don’t erase the years of bad ones, and ups the ante. Hye-mi accepts the challenge, adding that if they all get As, that means Oh-hyuk gets reinstated.
She begs him to reconsider, once she comes back with her scores from her songwriting class.
Speaking of which, Hye-mi fills Pil-sook in on their stakes—all A’s to get Oh-hyuk back his job.
Pil-sook hilariously practices her saturi accent, as Jason listens from the next table over. Jin-man calls Oh-hyuk for the billionth time, yelling into his phone for him to just pick up. Baek-hee gets shopped around by her agent for publicity gigs, to no avail, so she digs her heels into songwriting.
Meanwhile, Hye-mi goes out in search of Sam-dong, combing through every possible place he might be. Hye-mi rushes to the club to try and take him home, but he shakes her off and tells her to go. Hye-mi learns and takes notes diligently, and then shows up at Sam-dong’s club day after day to drop off her notes. Kyung-jin sneaks up on them to suggest watching a movie or talking to adults, to help them figure out emotions that they might not have encountered yet. Hye-mi asks Jin-man for some help, so he starts to tell her the beautiful story about how he met his girlfriend, which quickly devolves into a bitchfest over how he sold his livelihood to buy her a ring but she didn’t understand the sacrifice. Baek-hee struggles with her song, and in a moment of weakness, steals the song she found the other day.

Hye-mi writes her song and goes to the club to give the assignment to Sam-dong, but this time he hides and tells In-sung to lie that he’s moved on to some other club. She gets accosted by some drunk guys who happen not to care that she’s a high school student (ew) but Sam-dong finally appears to save her, and get some of his aggression out at the same time. Triumphant music starts to build, as Sam-dong sits at the keyboard and opens up the notebook. Jin-gook seeks out Oh-hyuk at his ajumma trot class (wearing a sequined jacket, no less) and asks how he could turn his back on them.
To that end, the teachers present Principal Shi with the three finalists for Oh-hyuk’s replacement, chosen exactly as he requested, based on objective criteria alone. She says that those were her first steps down this path, and now she’s taken ten steps without a second thought. Not as song- or dance-filled as yesterday’s episode, but this one was awesomely Sam-dong-centric, and full of delicious angst.
What’s nice is seeing Hye-mi come to his rescue for the first time, and chase him the way he used to chase her.
He sang them all himself I believe, as there was an article that he trained at JYP for 3 months just for Dream High.
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He asks Principal Shi to keep his promise about protecting the kids in exchange, and he ushers him out happily, with a goodbye hug in the heat of the moment. Her father explains that Oh-hyuk is finally leaving for good, at which she chases him down for an explanation. He follows the sound of music to a club, where he watches the concert full of mixed emotions. Meanwhile, Group K has a meeting, and the agency sends Jason and Ria on a photo shoot in London over the winter break. Jin-gook marvels at this new side of Jason, since no one’s ever seen him try hard at…well, anything.
Jason walks past her, trying to play it cool, and picks up his lollipop like it’s no big deal.
She marches straight into the staff meeting to ask Principal Shi what he did to make Oh-hyuk quit, because she’s delightfully tactless that way. Hye-mi reminds them that her class scored well on every exam, and the other teachers start to nod their heads in agreement. Principal Shi grabs Kyung-jin aside, wondering why she’s undoing all his effort to get rid of Oh-hyuk.

Obviously it’s a way to manufacture stakes for this songwriting class, which is fine for dramatic purposes, but really, does the one class have to have everyone’s fate on the line? Oh-hyuk is busy taking English classes and giving little adult education classes in music, as he struggles to find a new job. She struggles with it for a while, until she spies some sheet music sitting in the studio, and in her moment of desperation, she considers poaching a song. She asks with tears welling up in her eyes how he could leave them like that, and if he only knew how hard she was trying, he’d never throw them away. He ignores her repeatedly and pushes her aside, but she tells him that she’s never going to give up, on him or on Oh-hyuk. Pil-sook and Hye-mi ponder how they’re supposed to write something that, as the teacher suggested, calls upon true emotions. She (very trustingly) goes to the movie by herself (which happens to be Love Story), and Jason sits down next to her, insisting that this is for research purposes only.
She stomps on your heart and you end up slinging drinks at a nightclub as you drink your sorrows away…wait, aren’t you a minor? He even throws on a pair of glasses to signify that he’s going to be Brainy Chipmunk from now on. Pil-sook jumps up and down to congratulate him, walking straight into a pillar mid-thumbs-up.
She makes excuses about credibility, either lying to cover up her feelings, or in a great big vat of denial about them.
Nice to see the tables turning in this relationship, and to hear her say what he used to say to her.
The teacher also gives an honorable mention to Sam-dong’s song, which he describes as mature beyond his years, and full of sadness. It’s poetic and tragic, and adds such great story weight to the dream-the-impossible-dream motif. Let’s have Hye-mi miss him a little more, and come to her senses about his newfound broody hotness.
Doo-shik shows up behind them, just in time to hear the news that Oh-hyuk resigned to protect his students from the showcase fallout. He says that though he didn’t get an A, his song will be performed at the showcase with the other three. Or has the show finally gone ahead and made him legal, to keep the world’s noonas from going to hell?

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