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Jeane Burgos, sister-in-law of murder victim Monica Beresford Redman, talks to reporters outside federal court after a hearing for TV producer Bruce Beresford Redman, who is charged in the death of his wife in Mexico, in Los Angeles Tuesday, Dec 7, 2010.
Their houses used to stand behind the Cordillera buildings of the Department of Public Works and Highways and the Department of the Interior and Local Governments.
No one was injured as families gathered their children and belongings at noon and fled the area.
US President Barack Obama hugs Shigeaki Mori, an atomic bomb survivor and creator of the memorial for American WWII POWs killed in Hiroshima, during a ceremony at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, Japan, on May 27. HIROSHIMA, Japan—The survivors of the world’s first atomic bomb attack are used to hearing grand vows to rid the world of nuclear weapons.
On Saturday, a day after Barack Obama left, there was gratitude — wonder, even — that he had become the first sitting US president to visit the place where the nuclear age began. Asked if Obama’s visit could inspire those countries to abandon nuclear weapons, she shook her head. Long after Obama left for Washington, people here were loath to let go of his whirlwind trip. Into the night, a line at Peace Memorial Park stretched from an arched stone monument that honors the 140,000 who died from the Aug.
People around Hiroshima were still talking about their glimpses of Obama as they lined the streets to watch his motorcade speed by or watched the media coverage that documented nearly every single moment of the two hours he spent in Hiroshima in a carefully choreographed political performance meant to close old wounds without inflaming new passions.
Beneath the thrill that lingered from Obama’s star power, there was also a widespread desire to keep momentum going. In an interview at the retirement home she shares with other bomb victims, Tsuyako Hiramatsu, 90, flipped through the pages of a book with a photograph of smiling young World War II pilots holding a puppy on its cover. She marveled at Obama’s political and military power, but said she had seen too many Japanese leaders who have said one thing in public and another in private to believe that there will ever be a world without war.
Since Obama received the Nobel for his anti-nuclear agenda, he has seen uneven progress and criticism over plans for a big, costly program to upgrade US nuclear stockpiles.
Another bomb survivor, Michiko Kimoto, 87, also had doubts that Obama’s visit would ever lead to a world without nuclear weapons. One of the two survivors who met directly with Obama, 91-year-old Sunao Tsuboi, was more optimistic.
Tsuboi, like some other survivors, thought Obama had spent too little time in Hiroshima to fully understand the extent of the tragedy.
DIGOS CITY—A retired Army sergeant was critically wounded after he was repeatedly shot by still unidentified suspects here on Friday evening. The police chief also said they were also investigating the retired soldier’s activities to find possible leads that could help solve the incident.
BACOLOD CITY—A soldier was killed while two others were wounded in a firefight with communist rebels in Barangay (village) Mabini, Escalante City, in Negros Occidental on Saturday.
Their names, however, had been withheld because their families had not been notified, said Roperos.
She said there were rebels who were also injured as seen by the civilians in the area.  Pursuit operations of the fleeing rebels were ongoing, she added. Two farmers were killed during an NPA raid on the bunk houses of agrarian reform beneficiaries on May 22 in Barangay Luna, Sagay City, Negros Occidental. The Roselyn Pelle Command of the NPA Northern Negros Guerilla Front has claimed  responsibility for the bunkhouse raid that killed Dionesio Ebanez, 44, and Jose Pios, 51, both agrarian reform beneficiaries. Private First Class Teddie Alcallaga, Reggie Taleon, and Ramel Perasol, all members of the 62nd Infantry Battalion. And Manny Pacquiao’s sticking with losing presidential bet Vice President Jejomar Binay until the end of the campaign was merely his obligation to honor his agreement with the defeated presidential candidate.
The boxer, who has been recently proclaimed as a winning senatorial candidate, revealed this on Saturday as he went to this city to meet with Duterte and express his support for the new administration which promises a total overhaul of the government system to supposedly improve the lives of Filipinos.
Before meeting with Duterte, the new Senator-elect challenged Duterte’s running mate Senator Alan Peter Cayetano to a friendly basketball match at the Almendras Gymnasium in Davao City. Saying that being called a political butterfly does not affect him, Pacquiao, who ran for Senator under the opposition party United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), explained why he decided to stay with the Binay party. The outgoing Sarangani lawmaker also recalled the time when Duterte was still hesitating to join the presidential derby last year. Pacquiao said he was one of those who fervently tried to convince the mayor to run for the highest post in the land. After Duterte decided not to file a certificate of candidacy before the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in October, Pacquiao said he then spoke with Binay and eventually agreed to join Binay’s senatorial slate.
Senator-elect Manny Pacquiao faces the media before playing a basketball game with the allies of presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte.
Pacquiao answered in the affirmative and added that even Binay is supportive of Duterte and the advocacies of his administration. It may be recalled that Binay was the last presidential candidate who conceded defeat to Duterte, who won the race by a landslide win.
While Pacquiao reiterated that he was originally affiliated with Duterte’s party PDP-Laban before joining Binay’s United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) party, he said that newly-elected officials should not focus on political parties anymore.
WASHINGTON—US President Barack Obama on Friday wrapped up a historic trip to Asia, where he sought to deepen US involvement by boosting ties to former adversaries in the region.
He paid tribute to victims of the first atomic bomb in Hiroshima on Friday, the first American leader to visit the city devastated by the bomb that helped end World War II.
He also took part in a G7 summit in Japan, where he raised concern over escalating tensions with North Korea following a series of nuclear tests by Pyongyang. Obama arrived there from Vietnam, where he formally reset the relationship with Washington’s former foe by lifting an arms embargo, four decades after the US withdrew its last troops from the country. Obama touched down at Andrews Air Force Base Friday evening before boarding helicopter Marine One to return to the White House.
BAGUIO CITY–One of the passengers of an Isuzu Elf truck died on Saturday afternoon (May 27) when the vehicle drove off a mountain road and fell 200 meters down a ravine in Benguet capital, La Trinidad, the Cordillera police said. The police have not yet identified three other passengers who were able to leap off the vehicle (with plate no. The state weather bureau on Saturday afternoon issued a thunderstorm advisory in the National Capital Region and surrounding areas. Thunderstorm is also expected over Pampanga, Bulacan, Zambales, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, and other areas of Metro Manila, Rizal, Quezon, Laguna, and Batangas in the next two hours. Pagasa advised the public to take precautionary measures against heavy rains, strong winds, lightning, and possible flash floods. Reacting to queries on presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s cussing on live interviews and press conferences, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) on Saturday clarified that it could not censor live media briefings and on-the-spot news reporting. Villareal said the agency “respect and supports” television networks’ duty to self-regulate regarding straight news, noting that the Kapisanan ng Brodkaster ng Pilipinas and broadcast networks have their own self-regulatory ethical guidelines. But Villareal clarified that MTRCB has jurisdiction over “public or current affairs” programs, which “analyze the news and express opinions,” as affirmed by a 2005 Supreme Court decision (MTRCB vs. In this image made from video, Attaporn Boonmakchuay gestures while talking to reporters, while lying in a hospital bed following a snake attack at his home in Chachoengsao, 90km east of the capital Bangkok, Wednesday, May 25, 2016. BANGKOK—A Thai man who fought off a three-meter (10-foot) python that bit his penis while he was squatting on the toilet is recovering, hospital staff said Saturday. Atthaporn Boonmakchuay was admitted after surviving the nightmare encounter with a snake hiding in the toilet plumbing at his home in Chachoengsao province east of Bangkok.
The 38-year-old was being treated with antibiotics and would likely be released in a few days, she added. In an interview from his hospital bedside after the incident Wednesday, a smiling Atthaporn told local TV channels the toilet appeared empty when he peaked in before taking a squat. In this image made from video, rescue workers attempt to remove a python from a toilet in a home in Chachoengsao, 90km east of the capital Bangkok, Wednesday, May 25, 2016. In this image made from video, rescue workers remove a python from a toilet outside a home in Chachoengsao, 90km east of the capital Bangkok, Wednesday, May 25, 2016. A rescue team later took a hammer to the toilet to free the serpent and release it into the wild, local media reported.
In this image made from video, rescue workers prepare to remove a python after they released it from a toilet outside a house in Chachoengsao, 90kms. The San Pedro bell has finally returned home to the church of Saints Peter and Paul in Bauang, La Union province since it was taken away in 1901 by the American soldiers.
The return of the San Pedro bell to the Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Bauang, La Union, is a stirring moment.
Early this week the San Pedro bell—part of the heritage of Bauang, which is one of the oldest towns in the province founded in 1587—rang again for the first time in 115 years. As narrated in a report by Inquirer Northern Luzon, American forces seized the San Pedro bell in 1899 and took it to the United States in 1902. The church in Bauang requested the return of the bell and the USMA agreed, at the prodding of a retired US captain, Dennis Wright.
Part of the importance of the return of the San Pedro bell is that it serves as stark reminder of what Filipinos are still sorely missing: the three bells of Balangiga in Samar, which were taken by US forces as war booty. The three church bells were subsequently seized and brought to the United States as spoils of war. The Philippine government has been unsuccessful in its attempts to retrieve the bells of Balangiga, although certain parties in the United States are part of the effort.
The return of the San Pedro bell indicates that the return of the bells of Balangiga can also be done. A few days before the May 9 elections, I met Carlos (Sonny) Dominguez, one of the closest economic advisers of presumptive President-elect Rody Duterte, at a board meeting of a conglomerate in which both of us are independent directors. I told Sonny that I was about to brief some business people on the country’s postelection economic prospects, and that it was difficult for me to be optimistic because his candidate had shocked members of the Makati Business Club with a rambling speech replete with expletives but with no content on the economic policy that he would follow if he were elected president.
With that advice, I recalled what members of the Davao Chamber of Commerce and Industry told me two weeks earlier, when I visited their city.
In fact, what I told the business audience that I briefed after my conversation with Sonny was that Duterte was in truth and in deed not a socialist but a social democrat along the lines of the social market economy of the Federal Republic of Germany.  After listening to the same Sonny Dominguez, the presumptive finance secretary under the incoming administration, announcing his principal’s eight-point economic agenda, I am even more convinced that Duterte is far from being a socialist.
He has no intention to nationalize strategic industries, distribute more private lands to small farmers, or increase both the fiscal deficit and national debt of the government, as did the most recent socialist leaders of Greece, Venezuela, Brazil and, up to recently, Argentina, bankrupting their nations and drastically increasing the number and the misery of the poor in their respective countries. Duterte, however, does not believe in the absolute monopoly of the market (to quote Pope Francis).
That is why Duterte wants to pursue a genuine agricultural development strategy that will depart from the simplistic approach of land redistribution.
Because of his genuine concern for the poorest of the poor, Duterte will not hesitate to continue a program that dates back to the Arroyo administration: the conditional cash transfer program, which he intends to expand and improve as an instrument to keep children, especially in the rural areas, longer in the school system.
As someone who “has been copying since he was in grade school” (to quote one of his many jokes during the election campaign), the presumptive President-elect is doing very well copying the examples of the tiger economies of the last century—i.e, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea.
As far as ideology is concerned, I would put Rody Duterte in the same class as Angela Merkel of Germany rather than Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. It may be a sign of dementia, or near-dementia, but “How do you solve a problem like Maria?”—the song from the movie “The Sound of Music”—kept running through my mind as I tried to figure out presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte—his midnight press conferences, his contradictory statements, his rages, his apologies, his blowing hot and cold. It’s not a one-to-one comparison (remove “moonbeam,” “cloud,” “darling,” “demon,” “lamb,” “girl,” etc.), but you get the picture.
Trillanes then upped the ante and claimed that the P200 million was only the tip of the iceberg and that R2D2 was actually a billionaire. Anyway, on May 2, or one week before Election Day, Duterte’s representative Sal Panelo and Trillanes appeared at the Julia Vargas branch of BPI for the showdown: the opening of the famous bank account. But the point is that given R2D2’s strong anticorruption stance, the issue must be resolved once and for all. And if R2D2 never had that money in the first place, it is only fair that Trillanes resign, as he promised to do. The rationale for the imposition of a specific time frame for elected office was best expressed by one of the members of the 1986 Constitutional Commission, Edmundo G. However, for all their noble intentions to improve political leadership in the country, triennial local elections have actually given rise to three major constraints on socioeconomic development planning that currently beset local leaders. First, the three important local planning bodies—the local chief executive, the local development council, and the sanggunian—cannot establish administrative continuity within the local government structure because of the frequent changes in political leadership.
Third, local officials very often yield to populist demands and avoid difficult but necessary reforms.
In sum, the local leadership paradigm has selfishly linked the mandate for development to the political burden of pleasing loyal followers. Furthermore, the political reality in our country illustrates that term limits have not curbed the appetite of politicians to acquire political power. Indeed, by employing a revolving door scheme among family members, politicians have not only found a way to beat the term limit but have also expanded the reach of their political power within the government.
The fact is political elites in the Philippines are so entrenched that they have become essentially insulated from political competition. Even worse, as local communities continue to suffer inept and corrupt dynastic leaders, those who can, and are willing to, push for reforms but do not have the inherited political advantage are effectively denied the right to run for public office because of the monarchical nature of local government. This situation has become a bane to local communities clamoring for socioeconomic progress. Indeed, the answer to our query here is also the most important realization in the discourse on the Bangsamoro Basic Law—that the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao is a failed experiment. Hence, it is definitely unwise to proceed with federalization, with the quality of local leadership still in an untenable state. It will serve the federation cause better if the incoming president, Rodrigo Duterte, rallies all his political capital behind reform measures aimed at improving the quality of local leadership in the country. He may be the patriarch of a local dynasty himself, but there can be no doubt that Duterte is presently the only national leader qualified to undertake this difficult task. In that terse statement, National Book Development Board (NBDB) deputy executive director Anna Katarina Rodriguez summed up an important facet of literacy in the country today.
Rodriguez was a panelist in a session with speakers from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam that provided updates on the state of publishing and readership in the participating countries. A word about the KLTCC fair: It features a consumers’ book fair much like the Manila International Book Fair held every September, and encourages participation by Asean countries by giving every booth exhibitor free air transport and hotel accommodations. This year, the KLTCC book fair was held on the sprawling campus of its agricultural school, which is quite a distance from the city. A comparison of public libraries in Metro Manila and in the Davao Region using figures from the PSA and the National Library of the Philippines shows that for Metro Manila’s 12.22-million population, there are 452 libraries, or one for every 27,035 persons. In terms of bookstore density, Metro Manila has 390 bookstores, or one for every 31,333 persons, and Davao has 63 bookstores, or one for every 74,761.
The NBDB has 195 registered authors, while the National Library records 9,480 international serial book numbers issued. As it is only in recent years that the NBDB has been strictly monitoring the number of authors, illustrators, publishers, the statistics do not seem very accurate as yet. Another book club is Flips Flipping Pages, which began as an online book discussion group but has since had personal meetings, and even book-themed social events.
There is also the Every Teacher a Reader community, which knows only too well that for students to discover the delights of reading, they need adult reading models. At the KLTCC fair, no further words needed to be spoken after a video clip was shown of a little boy in a bookstore turning hysterical after his mother told him that she could not buy him the book he wanted. The 4-point fall in national SRP from December to March was due to drops of 14 points in the Visayas, 7 points in the National Capital Region (NCR), and 2 points in the Balance of Luzon (BoL), combined with a 2-point rise in Mindanao.  The new SRP percentages are 37 in NCR, 55 in BoL, 68 in the Visayas, and 65 in Mindanao.
The reason that the proportion of poor families according to SRP is so much higher than the official proportion is, of course, this: The official poverty line is much lower than what the people themselves say they need to escape poverty.
For comparison, the official national poverty line for a family of five, in the first half of 2015, is only P9,140. On the other hand, the latest official subsistence incidence among Filipino families (usually referred to as the food-poor) is 9.2 percent, as of the first semester of 2015. The 2-point fall in national SRFP from December to March was mainly due to a large drop of 17 points in the Visayas, from 50 percent in December to 33 percent in March. The subjectivity of the SWS poverty measurement system is that of the people surveyed, not that of SWS.  Others using the same approach should get similar findings, just as different, politically-neutral, pollsters should get similar results about voter preferences for electoral candidates. Although the SWS poverty magnitudes are larger, their trends over time are consistent with—actually, they anticipate—the official poverty trends. Since the end of the elections, we have been treated to a cascade of new announcements directly from Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte himself, unfiltered and sans spokesperson: for examples, on the “hypocrisy of the Church,” on the “immediate” hero’s burial for Ferdinand Marcos, on his support for medical marijuana, family planning and K-to-12, on his preference for living in Davao instead of Manila, on possible Cabinet appointments proffered then turned down, on his love of durian, and many more. Every interview is liberally peppered with cuss words and jokes, and spoken in the Creole of the South—the mix of Bisaya, Tagalog and English. But P-Noy was utterly without street cred and widely perceived—fairly or unfairly—to be bereft of empathy. To privilege the provincial as a base of power is thus a way of setting yourself up in a state of exception. Of course, there are also similarities: Both P-Noy and Digong have chosen kabarkada and kaklase for their Cabinet appointments, for example. One of the new changes the presumptive president-elect vowed to introduce is limiting drinking hours in public places to until 1 a.m. It’s naive to believe that a liquor ban after a certain hour will allow a customer to drive home safely.
How about using at random breathalyzers and hundreds of policemen patrolling the roads and highways, and cameras installed in hundreds of black-spot intersections to take pictures of the license plates of cars that run red lights?
Booth points out that in 2013, over 10,000 people died in the United States as a direct result of DUI. There are many laws on DUI and wearing proper helmets by motorcycle-riders, but compliance with these laws is haphazard and enforcement is random or negligible. A year ago, while on my way to attend an early morning Mass, while I was slowly turning left, I was “T-boned” by a motorcyclist driving at high speed.
At the provincial hospital, there was another motorcyclist who also just arrived from an accident. A new president has been elected into office because he promised change, and voters believed he would deliver. There are many ways of limiting the damage done by drunk drivers, but limiting the “drinking hours” is not one of them. We congratulate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for obtaining a resounding leadership mandate from the Filipino voters.
Pilgrims for Peace is a multisectoral alliance of advocates for a just and lasting peace based on freedom, democracy and social justice. We encourage Duterte to place the GPH-NDF peace negotiations on firm footing by respecting previously signed agreements and continue to advance the substantive agenda outlined in The Hague Joint Declaration. With anticipation for what is to come, we are calling our network of peace advocates to contribute in the work of peace-building. The Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) is saddened by recent reports about the death of five concert attendees due to alleged drug-taking. As the country’s lead agency on drug prevention and control, the DDB will conscientiously monitor the investigation of this case, make responsible parties answer for any lapses in ensuring security and in the enforcement of laws, and review existing policies and programs to prevent more such incidents from happening. We would also like to remind the public, especially the youth, to be vigilant and wary especially now that our law enforcement agencies have recorded a rise in the incidence of abuse of new psychoactive substances.
Like what we always say in our campaigns, what these drugs and substances offer is false panacea. As we strengthen law enforcement efforts and intelligence operations to arrest drug syndicates and traffickers, we will also intensify our drug prevention and awareness programs to educate the people on the ill effects of drugs and to empower them to resist.
DAVAO CITY, Philippines—Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday urged local and foreign investors to consider putting up businesses in other areas of the country as he pledged to set up economic zones in the provinces.
Duterte said spreading economic opportunities to the rest of the country was aimed at countering the pressing effects of poverty. He said that if economic opportunities were readily available outside the country’s economic capital, the issue of overpopulation there would also be addressed. He said those who would be relocated to the new economic zones will be enjoying amenities such as hospitals, roads and markets.
In a report that would be submitted to Duterte, the World Bank said Mindanao alone will need 4.3 million jobs in the next seven years, as thousands of new graduates enter the workforce each year.
The Mindanao Jobs Report, which tells the story of Mindanao from the perspective of jobs, said the figure may be lower than the 10 million jobs that Luzon needs in the same period, but what makes the Mindanao jobs challenge more daunting is the large number of workers migrating out of the island-region to look for jobs. The WB report, a product of 15 months of research and interviews of 1,400 people conducted by 46 researchers, will be presented to the new administration to help chart the development of Mindanao in the next six years.
Chua, the leader of the team of WB researchers who drafted the report, also posed the question of whether there is a need for the government to give a preferential option for Mindanao—as far as budget and development projects are concerned—to free the island from the long drawn underdevelopment and conflicts that had hampered its growth for years. PLDT initially entered the then Lopez family-led Meralco in 2009 and figured prominently in a dramatic race for control for the country’s biggest electricity distributor against rival San Miguel Corp. Pangilinan’s group eventually gained effective control of Meralco that same year after affiliate Metro Pacific Investments Corp.
That was seven years ago and on Friday, Pangilinan said their investment has “ripened to the point that it is time for PLDT to consider divesting part, and eventually all of its stake in Meralco” in the near term. PLDT has hinted at raising funds before, as it noted that capital spending would remain elevated in the next two to three years. At the start of 2016, PLDT hit the “reset” button, both to realign its strategy in a digital era and to temper expectations. Pangilinan said proceeds from the sale of its Meralco stake, likely to companies within the group to maintain their control, would be used to pare down PLDT’s debts and to partly pay for capital spending. PLDT’s capital spending this year was projected at about P43 billion, mainly to improve data services. Under the agreement, a new joint venture company, AB Heineken Philippines Inc., will be formed, Asia Brewery’s parent firm LT Group Inc. The two breweries owned by Asia Brewery in Cabuyao and El Salvador will be upgraded so that these can brew Heineken brands.
In the meantime, Asia Brewery will start to distribute Heineken and Tiger in the Philippines. The “premiumization” strategy in beer production seeks to ride on the country’s increasing consumer affluence. Heineken is a leading global beer brewer with a portfolio of more than 250 international, regional, local and specialty beers and ciders.
The local venture is seen to implement Heineken’s global policies and approaches in relation to supplier code, local sourcing, water management, employee healthcare and human rights, community investment and responsible alcohol marketing. Frans Eusman, president of Heineken Asia Pacific, said: “This joint venture with Asia Brewery Inc. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and operations are expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2016. Businesses turned more bullish in the second quarter, which the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas said would reflect faster economic expansion than the 6.9 percent posted in the first quarter.
Guerrero noted that business confidence had a high correlation with real gross domestic product (GDP) growth, as businesses planned to proceed with their expansion plans while anticipating sustained economic growth. High-level business delegations from British Columbia and South Australia are currently in the Philippines not only to firm up their presence here and boost bilateral trade, but also to woo local companies to invest in their respective states. The province of British Columbia, led by Premier Christy Clark, was in the country to grace the opening in Manila of its first trade and investment representative office in the Asean region, while South Australia Minister for Investment and Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith is leading  its first business mission to the Philippines. Clark said BC chose the Philippines for its first trade office in the region as the country was one of the fastest growing economies in the Asean. With the opening of its trade office here, Clark expressed optimism that trade between the Philippines and the Canadian province could be doubled over the next several years. The BC Premier also witnessed the signing of several memoranda of understanding between BC-based companies and local firms.
The three projects are: The second 105-MW generating unit of the 210-MW baseload coal-fired power plant of Sarangani Energy Corp. When it reaches its full 210-MW capacity in 2018, SEC will be serving over six million people in key areas in Mindanao. The 105-MW SRPI plant is scheduled to begin operating in 2019 to serve Zamboanga City and other key areas in Mindanao.
By 2019, ACR-affiliated power facilities will have about 588 MW  in generating capacity, 25 percent of Mindanao’s projected peak power demand for that year. Ty-led conglomerate GT Capital Holdings agreed to unload 56-percent of Global Power in favor of Beacon Electric Asset Holdings Inc.—a venture between First Pacific-led infrastructure holding firm Metro Pacific Investments Corp. The deal allowed the First Pacific group to scale up its power generation portfolio in the Philippines while improving, instead of deteriorating, its balance sheet.
Jose Mourinho was expected to become Manchester United's new manager on Friday after reportedly agreeing a deal to take charge at Old Trafford. British media reports on Thursday claimed an agreement is now in place for the former Chelsea manager to fulfil his long-held ambition to manage the Premier League club. United was set to officially confirm the 53-year-old's appointment after the deal was delayed due to discussions over Mourinho's image rights. Mourinho is said to have been offered a three-year contract that will pay him between 5 and 10 million pounds ($14 million) per season. It was also reported Mourinho, back in management five months after being fired by Chelsea in December, is set to be given bonuses that will pay 5 million and 2.5 million pounds respectively if he leads United to the Champions League or Premier League title.
Talks between Mourinho's agent Jorge Mendes and United's executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward have resolved problems with Chelsea's control of his image rights, paving the way for the controversial and charismatic boss to fulfil his long-held dream of managing the Manchester giant. Mourinho was seen strolling back to his town house in the upmarket London district of Belgravia on Thursday, and soon after those images emerged it was reported he had agreed to the deal. Mourinho, always conscious of his public persona, was said to have spent part of Thursday crafting his message to United fans in a statement which will accompany the club's announcement.
The former Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Porto boss will take charge of United for the first time when the club face Borussia Dortmund in Shanghai on July 22 on the first leg of a two-game tour of China.
However, Mourinho should appear on the home bench at Old Trafford before then because he is due to take charge of an England XI in a charity game for Unicef against a Rest of the World XI on June 5. One of the main obstacles to Mourinho's pursuits of silverware with United will be found on the other side of Manchester where his old rival Pep Guardiola is due to start work as City manager next week after moving to Eastlands from Bayern Munich. Mourinho and Guardiola exchanged barbs throughout their time at Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively and the renewal of their bitter feud with both men in the same city promises to be one of the most fascinating aspects of the Premier League next season.
Although United legend Eric Cantona this week claimed Mourinho, renowned for his negative tactics, was not a good fit, the club's former defender Rio Ferdinand was quick to welcome his impending arrival.
United icon Cristiano Ronaldo, now at Real Madrid where he played under Mourinho, added: "I hope United get back to being what they were because it's an impressive club but in the last years they lacked an identity a bit. Mourinho is reported to already be lining up new signings as he seeks to bolster an unbalanced squad that limped to a fifth place finish in the Premier League before ending the unlamented Van Gaal era by beating Crystal Palace in the FA Cup final on Saturday. Even without the lure of Champions League action next season, Mourinho is hopeful of making several high-profile additions. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who worked with Mourinho at Inter Milan, is one target and on Thursday he hinted a move to Old Trafford could be in the cards. The Sweden striker has left Paris Saint Germain and, asked if there had been an offer from United, Ibrahimovic said with a smile: "I think it's a great move (by United) - you want action, you bring in Mourinho. Photographers scramble to get a shot of former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho outside his house in London on Thursday.
Ronaldo, a three-time world player of the year, has never scored a goal at San Siro stadium but has the chance to match and surpass his own record of 17 Champions League goals in a season. Two years after Real defender Sergio Ramos scored the tying goal in the dying seconds to inspire a stunning extra-time comeback and secure a 10th triumph in Lisbon, the Portuguese superstar said winning an 11th crown is far more important than who hits the net.
Victory would see Real Madrid embellish its reputation as the most successful club in Europe after winning the inaugural edition, the European Champions Clubs' Cup, in 1956 when Argentinian Hector Rial struck the winner in a 4-3 victory over French giant Stade Reims in Paris.

Atletico's achievements may pale in comparison, but the threat from Diego Simeone's men, who have restricted Real to only one win in their past 10 meetings since the 2014 final, is legitimate.
Before winning two Europa League titles in 2010 and 2012, the Rojiblancos' last continental trophy was the defunct European Cup Winners' Cup in 1962.
Yet only two years after Lisbon, Simeone's men are back, having stunned Barcelona in the quarterfinals, and ended the hopes of the Catalan giant's former coach Pep Guardiola when they ousted his Bayern Munich side on away goals in the semifinals. Real fans may have history on their side, but Zinedine Zindane's men have beaten Atletico only once in 10 meetings since their 4-1 victory in Lisbon two years ago.
Unsurprisingly, Simeone is bullish ahead of a clash that Ronaldo said will settle which side rules the roost in the Spanish capital. He believes the key to beating Real will be breaking down a solid defence and making sure his players remain vigilant at set pieces.
Two years ago, Atletico was a whisker away from aven-ging its European Cup final loss to Bayern Munich in 1974 (4-0) after Diego Godin gave Simeone's men a 36th minute opener.
Ramos' 93rd minute equalizer, however, pushed the match into extra time and, with the fresh momentum, Gareth Bale, Marcelo and Ronaldo, from the spot, struck to compound Atletico's misery.
Now, it is Ronaldo, Bale and French striker Karim Benzema who could have their work cut out, while Ramos and Pepe, Zidane's preferred centerback partnership, will be wary of a repeat of recent history.
Atletico has recorded 35 shutouts in 56 games this season, including at home to Barcelona and Bayern Munich when the German giant was dumped out of the competition.
Atletico also managed a 1-0 triumph at Real's Santiago Bernabeu stadium to inflict Zidane's squad with his only La Liga loss in four months when the sides last met in February.
Ronaldo, who has battled back from an injury scare in recent days, admitted: "Atletico always plays the same way.
After becoming the first Chinese and youngest ever rider to compete in three-day eventing at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Hua Tian said the intervening years have increased his commitment to success in representing his country on the international stage. Son of a Chinese father and British mother, Hua Tian failed to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics but two years later he became the first Chinese equestrian to win an individual medal at the Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea, when he took silver in eventing. Hua Tian will embark on his second Olympic odyssey when he represents China at the Rio Olympics in August. He has proved to be an outstanding ambassador for his nation and his sport, carrying China's colors at iconic European events in Fontainebleau, Badminton, Burghley, Saumur, Blenheim and Chatsworth. In 2014, he qualified for three major championships and was the only Asian rider at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy. Hua Tian had a highly successful Olympic qualification campaign in 2015, winning one qualifier and placing second in another.
Equine sports rank as one of the fastest growing activities among China's affluent classes and will continue to expand. No, his Golden State Warriors are going back to Oklahoma City, after keeping their title reign and the winningest season in NBA history alive for at least one more game. Curry scored 31 points, raising his arms in the early moments to awaken Golden State's raucous crowd, and the defending champions staved off elimination with a 120-111 victory over the Thunder on Thursday night in Game 5 of the Western Conference final. For all the speculation about the current state of Curry's beat-up body - that troublesome ankle, sore knee or tender elbow - he did it all. The MVP made a snazzy layup late and dished out six assists, while Klay Thompson added 27 points as Golden State sent the best-of-seven series back to Oklahoma City for Game 6 on Saturday night.
The Warriors trail 3-2 and are trying to become just the 10th team to rally from a 3-1 series deficit. Kevin Durant scored 40 points and Russell Westbrook added 31 points, eight assists, seven rebounds and five steals for the Thunder, trying for the fifth NBA Finals appearance in franchise history and chasing just the second championship after the 1978-79 Seattle SuperSonics won it all. The record-setting, 73-win Warriors, coming off their first back-to-back losses all season, were blown out at Oklahoma City by a combined 52 points. Durant's 3-pointer with 4:34 left got the Thunder within 103-98, then Curry answered with a three-point play.
Curry scored seven points in a 58-second stretch of the second quarter, but the Thunder didn't go away easily. Curry shot 9 for 20 and also had five steals, while Thompson had his 11th 20-point game for the second straight postseason despite shooting 2 for 9 from 3-point range. Kerr figured his Warriors might have an edge against the percentages of teams having trailed 3-1 because they're the defending champs and were playing at home, where they have been nearly unbeatable. Kerr called for center Andrew Bogut to do more and the 7-footer delivered with a playoff career-high 15 points and 14 rebounds for his second double-double this postseason and seventh of his career.
Marreese Speights had a pair of three-point plays on follow shots and a 3 in the second quarter to give Golden State a nice lift off the bench. He had nine points in four minutes during that stretch and 14 points overall for his fifth double-digit scoring game this postseason.
With his 1,248th career postseason point in the third, Curry passed Wilt Chamberlain (1,246) for second place on the franchise's playoff scoring list. Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry drives to the basket against Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder during the second half of Thursday's Game 5 of the Western Conference final in Oakland, California. The 24-year-old from Pontiac, Michigan, who began training camp hoping just to make the team scored both of Pittsburgh's goals in Thursday's 2-1 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference final. Pittsburgh will host the Western Conference champion San Jose Sharks in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final on Monday night. In a building littered with stars, it was the relentlessness of Rust and the steadiness of 22-year-old Canadian goaltender Matt Murray that provided the difference as the Penguins reached the final for the first time since 2009.
In disarray in December when Sullivan took over for Mike Johnston, the Penguins sprinted through April and May and will head into June with a chance to win the franchise's fourth Cup, one that would serve as a bookend to its last triumph seven years ago, when stars Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin were still in their early 20s. Yet here they are after dispatching the New York Rangers in five games, the Presidents' Trophy-winning Washington Capitals in six and the defending Eastern Conference champion Lightning in seven. Jonathan Drouin scored his fifth goal of the playoffs for the Lightning and Andrei Vasilevskiy made 37 saves, but it wasn't enough to send Tampa Bay back to the final for a second straight year.
Captain Steven Stamkos had two shots in 11:55 in his return from a two-month layoff while dealing with blood clots. That group includes Rust, who forced his way onto the roster thanks to feverish skating and a self-confidence that belies his 5-foot-11 frame. That effort - or "desperation level" as Crosby calls it - provided the Penguins with the boost they needed to overcome history. Pittsburgh had dropped five straight Game 7s at home, including a 1-0 loss to Tampa Bay in a 2011 series in which both Crosby and Evgeni Malkin missed due to injury.
That loss had become symbolic of the Penguins' postseason shortcomings following their gritty run to the Cup in 2009. When injury forced the 2008 Beijing gold medalist to withdraw from the 2012 London Games, he described it as "one of the saddest moments of my career".
No wonder he finds it baffling the likes of American John Isner, Australian Bernard Tomic, rising Austrian Dominic Thiem and fellow Spaniard Feliciano Lopez have chosen to skip Rio in August. Isner blamed his decision on a crammed tennis calendar, with the US Open taking place shortly after the Rio Games and the Davis Cup quarterfinals just after Wimbledon.
But the lack of ranking points at this year's Olympics was also a major factor for the American. World 1 Novak Djokovic had some sympathy for players such as Isner and thought ranking points should have been awarded in Rio like they had been in London, where up to 750 points were on offer.
But points or no points, Nadal thought those who choose to skip the Games will end up regretting their decisions. It is the kind of punishment her younger sister, world No 1 Serena, metes out on a regular basis. Since reaching the last 16 here in 2010, Venus has made it to at least the quarterfinals at the three other Grand Slams. But after being diagnosed with the debilitating Sjogren's syndrome in 2011, playing on the slow red clay has proved to be a particularly difficult challenge for the 35-year-old. LeBron James scored 23 points then sat for the fourth quarter and Kevin Love scored 25 as Cleveland unleashed tenacious defense against Toronto to regain control of the Eastern Conference final with a 116-78 rout in Game 5 on Wednesday night. On their home court in front of 20,000-plus screaming fans following two straight losses in Canada, the Cavs opened a 34-point lead in the first half and never slowed en route to taking a 3-2 series lead. They can clinch their second straight conference title and a trip to the NBA Finals with a win in Game 6 on Friday night in Toronto. The Raptors, who came in with momentum and confidence after winning Games 3 and 4, left Quicken Loans Arena shaken and one loss from having their deepest playoff run stopped.
James had eight assists and six rebounds in 31 minutes before checking out late in the third quarter with the Cavs up by 37. Kyrie Irving added 23 points and he, James and Love outscored the Raptors 43-34 in the first half.
DeMar DeRozan scored 14 points and Kyle Lowry had 13 for the Raptors, who were overwhelmed from the start.
The only positive for Toronto was center Jonas Valanciunas, who returned after missing eight straight games with a sprained right ankle. Playing defense as if every possession was the game's last, Cleveland held Toronto to 34 points in the opening half while building a 31-point halftime lead - the largest in conference finals history.
Since their expansion arrival in 1993, the Raptors had never been down by 30 at halftime in any game - regular season or playoffs - but they have rarely seen a defense like this either. Love found his shooting touch after it went missing during the lost weekend in Toronto, where he went just 5 of 23 and was benched for the fourth quarter of Game 4. He finished 8 of 10 from the field - a confidence-boosting performance that should temporarily quiet his critics. The Cavs made a point of getting Love the ball right away and he responded by making all four field goal attempts, dropping a 3 late in the first quarter that pushed the Cavs to a 37-19 lead.
Cleveland's onslaught continued in the second quarter, and when James got free for an easy two-handed dunk, Cavs fans could relax and begin making TV viewing plans for Friday. These looked more like the Cavaliers who opened the postseason with 10 straight wins, obliterated the Raptors by a combined 50 points in Games 1 and 2 and given a chance to beat whomever survived in the West. Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James talks with teammate Kevin Love during the second quarter of Wednesday's Game 5 of the NBA's Eastern Conference final against the Toronto Raptors at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. Olympic qualifying for golf ends in seven weeks, at which time players will have to determine if medals outweigh mosquitoes. For now, there is only concern - and Rory McIlroy is the latest player to say Zika is on his mind.
In an interview with the BBC after his Irish Open victory, McIlroy said he has been reading up on the mosquito-borne virus, which has been linked to serious birth defects.
McIlroy is engaged, and indicated he and his fiancee might be starting a family in the next few years.
Willett's wife, Nicole, had their first child just 11 days before he slipped on the green jacket. The International Golf Federation posted a two-page update on its website last month, and is passing along Zika-related material from the International Olympic Committee and the World Health Organization to tours and player liaisons. Andy Levinson, executive director of USA Golf, said on Tuesday updates from WHO and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are posted in the weekly bulletins left in lockers and on the Players Links website, where PGA Tour players get other pertinent information they don't want to miss - like tee times, and FedEx Cup points, and where to leave their courtesy cars. Two weeks ago at The Players Championship, the PGA Tour's doctor took part in one-on-ones with players about Zika. Vijay Singh made a passing reference to Zika last month when the 53-year-old Fijian decided not to play.
The other players to pull out - Adam Scott, Louis Oosthuizen, Charl Schwartzel - cited a busy schedule or family priorities. Ask a player a question, and there's bound to be an answer, even if it's not entirely informed.
IGF executive director Antony Scanlon said he was in Rio de Janeiro a few weeks ago for meetings and saw workers spraying "an unbelievable amount of anti-mosquito" repellant around the various venues. He also repeated the timing - August is the tail end of winter in Brazil, and mosquitoes are not expected to be as prevalent. It could be another example that the Olympics mean more to the women, who rarely get a stage as large as this and have a stronger tradition of competing for country in what was the first truly global tour. Various headlines made it sound as though McIlroy and Willett might skip the Olympics because of Zika, and while their answers allowed some wiggle room, the context of their statements suggested nothing has changed. This much is clear - golfers currently eligible for the Olympics are having to study more than hole locations and wind direction.
Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy tracks a tee shot under the watchful eye of England's Danny Willett during the final round of the Irish Open at The K Club, County Kildare, Ireland last Sunday.
Just over six months ago, Knox got in as an alternate for his first World Golf Championship, scrambled to secure a Chinese visa and wound up winning the HSBC Champions in Shanghai.
Knox had a one-shot lead with three holes to play in the Irish Open until Rory McIlroy hit two shots with a fairway metal that will be talked about in Ireland for years - onto the 16th green for a two-putt birdie (and a two-shot swing for the lead) and to three feet on No 18 for an eagle. It was his third runner-up finish since Shanghai - he went straight from China to Mexico and lost in a playoff to Graeme McDowell - and moved Knox to a career-best No 23 in the world. Since missing the cut in his Masters debut, Knox has a pair of runner-up finishes and a performance at The Players Championship that brought him just as much attention for how he handled misfortune with humor and honesty. He was contending at the TPC Sawgrass when his tee shot on the island-green 17th came up a yard short. He called it an "epic fail." He said he would be "terrified" hitting that shot the next day (he hit the green and three-putted for his only bogey in a final round of 66). Knox, who has lived in Florida since playing college golf at Jacksonville University, took up European Tour membership after winning the HSBC. But he faces a big stretch now - Wentworth, the Memorial, US Open, Bridgestone Invitational, Scottish Open, British Open over the next eight weeks, all of them with plenty of Ryder Cup world points available. The Symetra Tour is not even a third into its season, but Madelene Sagstrom already is in the record book. The Swede's runner-up finish last week in the Gosling's Dark & Stormy Classic was worth $9,467 and pushed her season earnings to $103,181, breaking the money record that Cindy LaCrosse set in 15 tournaments in 2010.
Some of the purses have increased to help Sagstrom become the first to break the $100,000 mark on the LPGA Tour's development circuit. Then again, she did in just under half the tournaments as LaCrosse, and the Swede even missed a cut. She has won twice, was runner-up twice and, except for that missed cut, hasn't finished out of the top five.
She has earned more money than the next three players behind her on the money list combined.
As Bryson DeChambeau resumes his pursuit of a PGA Tour card, this much is clear: There are perks for winning the US Amateur. Colonial will be his fifth PGA Tour event since turning pro, but he has used only three of the seven sponsor exemptions he is allowed as a non-tour member.
DeChambeau was one of the two players chosen by former Colonial champions (the other was Kramer Hickok). The Texas Open didn't count against his seven sponsor exemptions because he got in as a top 10 from the previous week (he tied for fourth at Hilton Head). Depending on how the rest of the year goes, it's possible DeChambeau could reach the limit of 12 before he uses all seven sponsor exemptions.
Meanwhile, he has the equivalent of 123 points in the FedEx Cup, and would need 361 points (150th place last year) to get unlimited exemptions the rest of the season. The Canadian team would have been Mike Weir and Stephen Ames, while Geoff Ogilvy and Robert Allenby would have represented Australia. Last week: Ariya Jutanugarn won the Kingsmill Championship for her second straight LPGA victory.
Last week: Rory McIlroy won the Irish Open by three shots over Russell Knox and Bradley Dredge. Notes: Four of the top 10 players in the world are members of the European Tour, but three of them are not playing the tour's flagship event - Rory McIlroy, Henrik Stenson and Justin Rose, who withdrew last week with a mild back injury. So far, 17th-ranked John Isner of the United States, Austrian 15th seed Dominic Thiem, world No 22 Bernard Tomic of Australia and Spanish veteran Feliciano Lopez, No 23 in the rankings, have all announced they are giving the Olympics in Rio in August a pass.
Isner said that as well as a packed summer schedule, the absence of ranking points was a major factor. The Olympics is often referred to as a fifth Grand Slam, but the four majors all offer 2,000 world ranking points to their champions.
Djokovic, an 11-time Grand Slam winner, will be looking to improve on a dismal Olympic record when the Games open in Rio in August. He won a bronze in Beijing in 2008 and lost to Andy Murray in the semifinals in London in 2012 before dropping the bronze-medal playoff against Juan Martin del Potro.
Isner is one of four top 25 players in the world taking a pass on the Games, which fall in the middle of the North American hardcourt season and in the build-up to the US Open. Meanwhile, Djokovic said he hopes his "great passion for tennis" will finally earn him the one trophy he craves more than any other - the French Open. Twelve months after surprise champion Stan Wawrinka used his wondrous backhand to knife Djokovic's Roland Garros dreams, the Serbian was hoping he would be able to mend his broken heart by becoming the first man in almost 50 years to hold all four Grand Slam titles at the same time. Looking to achieve a feat that was last accomplished by Australian legend Rod Laver in 1969, Djokovic began his pursuit of the only major title missing from his collection with a no-nonsense 6-4 6-1 6-1 win over Taiwan's Lu Yen-hsun in the first round on Tuesday.
In 2012, the world No 1 also had a chance to emulate Laver but was thwarted by a rampaging Rafael Nadal in the final. Last year it appeared as if the stars had finally aligned for Djokovic when he safely navigated past Nadal and Murray to reach the final to face an opponent barely anyone thought would win. But it was not to be and Djokovic was left in tears after Wawrinka dominated him at every turn. He certainly did that on Tuesday when he appeared to be a in a hurry to escape the cold and dank confines of Philippe Chatrier Court. In fact, facing an opponent who had not played a top-tier match since last October, Djokovic's only blip was when he dropped serve in the eighth game of the opening set. But after battling back to square the set at 4-4, the wheels came off for Lu and the 32-year-old only won two more games before Djokovic safely secured a second-round clash with Belgian Steve Darcis. Four of the hottest prospects in the men's game clashed at the French Open on Tuesday, with Croatian trailblazer Borna Coric and French teenager Quentin Halys reaching the second round.
Nineteen-year-old Coric, already a seasoned Tour professional ranked No 47 in the world, had the unusual experience of playing someone younger than himself in 18-year-old Taylor Fritz of the US.
While Fritz has the more powerful game and has risen from 821 to 67 in the rankings in less than a year, he is a novice on the European clay and was no match for Coric, losing 6-3, 6-1, 6-3. Coric will take on 23-year-old Australian star Bernard Tomic, seeded 20th at Roland Garros, for a place in the last 32. Halys, 19, was one of five Frenchmen to progress on Tuesday, beating South Korea's 20-year-old Chung Hyeon 6-1, 6-4, 6-4. Already tipped as a future French No 1, Halys preferred just to concentrate on his second round against tough Uruguayan Pablo Cuevas. As if surviving a five-set thriller against wily Czech Radek Stepanek in the first round of the French Open was not exhausting enough, the British second seed was then quizzed on why he ended his two-year partnership with Mauresmo.
A sequence of interviews by the two Grand Slam champions seemed to suggest things had turned frosty between the duo before they parted ways.
Murray won seven trophies under Mauresmo's guidance, including his first two titles on clay.
However, the Frenchwoman has not been regularly on the circuit with Murray since giving birth to her son Aaron last August.
Mauresmo had indicated that the union ended because she felt she could not "take things further anymore" with Murray before adding: "Andy is complex.
Responding to Mauresmo's observation that he was a complex character, Murray admitted there are still things he needs to work on to curb his tendency to shout at his entourage when things are not going his way.
Andy Murray reacts during a break in his 3-6, 3-6, 6-0, 6-3, 7-5 first-round victory against Radek Stepanek at Roland Garros stadium in Paris on Tuesday. Russell Westbrook had 36 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists as the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Warriors 118-94 on Tuesday night to take a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference final.
Golden State, which won a league record 73 games in the regular season, lost consecutive games for the first time this season and must win Game 5 on Thursday in Oakland to stay alive.
Klay Thompson led Golden State with 26 points, but two-time league MVP Stephen Curry was limited to 19 points on 6-for-20 shooting.
The Warriors lost consecutive playoff games by at least 20 points for the first time since Games 2 and 3 of the 1972 Western Conference semifinals against the Milwaukee Bucks. Golden State's Draymond Green, who was fined for kicking Steven Adams in the groin in Game 3, finished with six points, 11 rebounds and six turnovers.
Kevin Durant added 26 points and 11 rebounds and Serge Ibaka added 17 points and seven rebounds.
As for Westbrook, it was his first triple-double of the playoffs after posting 18 in the regular season. In the most unlikely of connections, Adams threw a bullet pass to Roberson near the basket for a dunk that gave the Thunder a 56-43 lead with just over four minutes left in the first half.
Westbrook had 21 points, nine assists and five rebounds in the first half, and Durant had 18 points and six boards.
Thompson tried to keep the Warriors in it, scoring 19 points in just over seven minutes to start the third quarter. Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder dunks against Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors during the first half of Tuesday's Game 4 of the NBA's Western Conference finals at Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City.
Chinese boxing fans got a chance to shake the hand that shook the world when Mike Tyson visited Beijing this week. And, as befits a guy renowned for his legendary capacity to stand and deliver, the former undisputed heavyweight king and "baddest man on the planet" came through like a champ.
On Tuesday afternoon, less than a day after an exhausting 15-hour journey to the Chinese capital, Tyson charmed a massive throng of fans and media at the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall, site of the official weigh-in for Wednesday night's International Boxing Federation flyweight title rematch between champion Amnat Ruenroeng of Thailand and No 1-ranked Johnriel Casimero of the Philippines.
Tyson was ringside for the bout at Diamond Stadium in National Olympic Park as a guest of the IBF, which is holding its annual convention in Beijing this week.
In a chat with China Daily, the 49-year-old Tyson said his first visit to the historic site was an eye-opener. Between posing for photos and signing countless autographs, the youngest heavyweight champion in history (Tyson was 20 years and five months old when he dethroned Trevor Berbick in 1986) inquired about the health of Canadian ring icon George Chuvalo before expounding on Olympic boxing and the decision by the International Amateur Boxing Association to eliminate headgear.
Tyson hung up his gloves in 2005 with a record of 50-6, including 44 spectacular knockouts. The International Boxing Federation sees a big future for the sweet science in China, and is backing it up with a five-year strategic partnership with LeSport. Under terms of the agreement, IBF China, LeSport and Chinese promoter Rejoy Group will facilitate webcasting of upwards of 100 IBF pro tournaments throughout the nation, aimed at solidifying the Chinese fan base. Liu said a recent independent survey indicated China has more than 80 million dedicated boxing fans, which underlines the business value of the new agreement. One luminary who doesn't need convincing is legendary ring announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr., who was mobbed by fans at the weigh-in for Wednesday night's world flyweight title rematch between Amnat Ruenroeng of Thailand and No 1-ranked Johnriel Casimero of the Philippines at Beijing's Diamond Stadium.
The Pittsburgh Penguins made good on Evgeni Malkin's pledge to force Game 7 in the NHL's Eastern Conference final. Captain Sidney Crosby had a goal and an assist, and Phil Kessel, Kris Letang, Bryan Rust and Nick Bonino also scored in Tuesday night's 5-2 victory that squared the best-of-seven series with the Tampa Bay Lightning 3-3. Game 7 is on Thursday night, with the Penguins hoping to reach the Stanley Cup final for the first time since 2009 and the Lightning looking to advance for the second straight year. Crosby stepped up with his third game-winning goal of the series when he skated around Tampa Bay defenseman Anton Stralman before snapping a wrist shot between goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy's legs for a 3-0 lead in the final minute of the second period. Rookie goaltender Matt Murray returned to the lineup after being replaced as the starter for Game 5 by Marc-Andre Fleury, but his 10th playoff victory did not come without a bit of suspense.
Brian Boyle scored twice in the third period for Tampa Bay, with one of the goals bouncing off Kessel before getting past Murray, who finished with 28 saves. Instead of flinching, the young goalie who turns 22 on Wednesday retained his composure down the stretch to help the Penguins avoid relinquishing a third-period lead for the second straight game. Tampa scored the first goal of the game midway through the opening period, but the call was reversed when a video review revealed an offside at the blueline.
Jose Mourinho is on the verge of fulfilling his dream of managing Manchester United after Louis van Gaal's troubled two-year reign at Old Trafford came to a bitter end. Van Gaal said he was "very disappointed" to be sacked on Monday just 48 hours after leading United to victory in the FA Cup final against Crystal Palace. Missing out on a lucrative Champions League place proved the final straw for the club's United States-based owners, the Glazer family, and they didn't let United's first piece of silverware since the 2013 retirement of legendary boss Alex Ferguson stop them from wielding the axe. Mourinho was sacked by Chelsea in December after a miserable campaign marred by a series of rifts with the club's star players that eventually became intolerable to owner Roman Abramovich as the team, champion just months earlier, languished near the relegation zone.
Now the 53-year-old will hope to restore his reputation by restoring the sparkle to United's own tarnished image.
Mourinho's agent Jorge Mendes is said to be arriving in Manchester on Tuesday to tie up a deal that has been widely reported in the British media, setting the stage for one of the sport's most intriguing characters to at last manage United after a glittering career that so far features 21 major trophies, including three Premier League crowns and two Champions League titles. Former United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel believes Mourinho is the right man to get the club back on track.
From the moment, Mourinho danced a jubilant jig down the Old Trafford touchline after a late goal from Costinha gave his Porto side the draw it needed to eliminate Alex Ferguson's men from the 2004 Champions League, the colorful and controversial Portuguese has seemed destined to manage United. He thought his time had come when Ferguson retired, but concerns over his volatile nature prompted United to turn to the more conservative David Moyes instead. But with that move proving a disaster and van Gaal faring little better, United's powerbrokers have decided to take a chance on Mourinho.
Pictured strolling with his former Chelsea assistant Rui Faria while movers took boxes away from his London home on Monday, Mourinho appeared the picture of contentment. But he is a far less convivial figure once the battle lines are drawn, both with opponents and even his own players.
Having famously locked horns with the likes of Arsene Wenger and Rafael Benitez during his two spells with Chelsea, Mourinho will arrive at United just in time to resume hostilities with Pep Guardiola, who is about to leave Bayern Munich for his first taste of the Premier League as Manchester City boss. Mourinho, then in charge of Real Madrid, never wasted a chance to take a swipe at Barcelona manager Guardiola during their time in Spain. But it was Guardiola who had the better of it, with Mourinho winning just three of their 16 meetings. The duo will go head-to-head for the first time when United faces City in the pre-season International Champions Cup in Beijing on July 25. By then, Mourinho will hope to have significantly improved an unbalanced and often lackluster United squad. Paris Saint Germain forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sporting Lisbon midfielder Joao Mario, Everton defender John Stones, Chelsea midfielder Nemanja Matic and Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann are reportedly among the names on his wanted list. But Mourinho, expected to bring Faria and goalkeeping coach Silvino Louro with him to Old Trafford, might also have to deal with scepticism from the United squad after a report that some senior players have already expressed concern the tactically conversative coach might prove too similar to van Gaal. Van Gaal's dull tactics frustrated United fans, while the players were reportedly infuriated by his habit of staging video review sessions in which he would criticize their mistakes in front of the team.
If he can rebuild the confidence of his squad and make United champion for the first time since 2013, Mourinho may regard it as his finest achievement yet.
It didn't count for much in the end - within an hour of the final whistle, it was being widely reported that Van Gaal would soon be out of a job - but the victory at Wembley Stadium at least gave him something tangible to take from his reign, and is his undoubted high point.
A commanding 3-0 win against Sunderland last September saw United climb the summit for the first time in two years. A fourth-place finish in the 2014-15 season saw United return to the Champions League after a one-year absence.
And everything pointed to a successful season in 2015-16 when United surged to an easy two-legged win over Club Bruges in the Champions League playoff in August, with new signing Memphis Depay demonstrating his full range of skills and Wayne Rooney scoring a hat trick in the second leg to end a goal drought of more than nine games. He appeared ready to embark on a relentless scoring run but instead, he managed only four more goals until January.

A failure to guide United into next season's Champions League badly damaged Van Gaal's stock.
As it was, a second season in three years away from the European elite, missing out on the prestige and vast riches, and playing on Thursday nights in the Europa League just wasn't good enough for the Old Trafford hierarchy. When United was pitted in a group with PSV Eindhoven, Wolfsburg and CSKA Moscow, the draw was viewed as favorable for Van Gaal. Failure to reach the Champions League under David Moyes, Van Gaal's predecessor, meant United entered the League Cup in the second round for the first time in 19 years. United was drawn to play third-tier MK Dons on the back of encouraging news, having confirmed the signing of playmaker Angel di Maria from Real Madrid in a 59.7 million pound ($84 million) deal - a British transfer record. Kattner's downfall topples another member of ex-president Sepp Blatter's inner circle at soccer's world body. Kattner, a 45-year-old German-Swiss national, had been acting general secretary after previous general secretary Jerome Valcke was also dismissed for irregularities. The source said the money came from bonuses under a contract whose terms were kept secret from FIFA's audit committees. The internal FIFA inquiry, carried out by the Quinn Emanuel law firm, "covers the period from 2008 to 2014," the source said.
According to another source familiar with the workings of FIFA, these bonuses would have been approved by the world body's financial committee, who decided how much the president, general secretary and deputy general secretary were paid.
The president of this committee was former FIFA finance chief Julio Grondona, an Argentine and close ally of Blatter.
The Swiss justice ministry, meanwhile, told AFP that "as of today, Mr M Kattner is not under investigation" by prosecutors.
Swiss prosecutors are already investigating Blatter, who is serving a six-year ban imposed by FIFA, and Valcke. Valcke was sacked and suspended from soccer activities for 12 years after being linked to the sale of black market World Cup tickets. Vardy scored 24 goals from a central role to fire Leicester to Premier League glory this season, only to find himself lining up on the left flank in a 4-3-3 formation in Sunday's Euro 2016 warmup match at Manchester City's Etihad Stadium. But after being moved into the center, he won a second-half penalty, which strike partner Harry Kane squandered, before netting a close-range winner in the 83rd minute to take his tally to three goals in three England games. Bruce Beresford Redman will remain jailed in California after losing a bid to have his case dismissed.
They just don’t usually come directly from the leader of the country that dropped the bomb on them in the first place. 6, 1945, bombing to a museum that tells the stories of some of those dead, about 200 meters (yards) away. April Mark Young, the city police chief, said Francisco Rosales, 56, suffered multiple gunshot wounds when motorcycle-riding suspects peppered him with bullets as he was cooking food inside his rented house on Luna Ext. Pinakita ko lang sa kanila ‘yung pagiging firm ko sa desisyon ko, na kapag nag-desisyon ka panindigan mo (Then I should have changed allegiances then? Up to the last minute, isa ako sa mga nagencourage na tumakbo pero hindi siya tumakbo,” he said.
President Barack Obama, right, and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe speak with the Atomic Bomb Dome seen at rear at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, western Japan, Friday, May 27, 2016. 1986, MTRCB chair Eugenio Villareal said the agency’s jurisdiction does not cover “newsreels, i.e. Our networks will always have to balance freedom of the press—and many times together with the individual freedom of expression of the subject of the news, on the one hand, with constitutionally accepted limitations such as danger to national security or the right to privacy, on the other,” Villareal said.
Thus, pursuant to its developmental mandate, the MTRCB has regularly endeavored to help networks by lending academic or expert resources for talks and conferences, and increasing public awareness on the matter through the agency’s Matalinong Panonood campaign,” he added.
Boonmakchuay is recovering from a bloody encounter with a 3-meter (10-foot) python that slithered through the plumbing of his home and latched its jaws onto his penis as he was using a squat toilet. A Thai man is recovering from a bloody encounter with a 3-meter (10-foot) python that slithered through the plumbing of his home and latched its jaws onto his penis as he was using a squat toilet. What was taken by the enemy during the Philippine-American War has been given back—not only a gesture of peace but also a form of restitution for the loss of something priceless. It is where, in September 1901, Filipinos resisting the yoke of the invading US forces heeded the signal of a church bell and killed more than half the number of American soldiers stationed there. Two are at the FE Warren Air Base in Wyoming and the last, supposedly the one that signaled the attack, is said to be in a military museum at Camp Red Cloud in South Korea. Dennis Wright is, in fact, part of a group of American veterans working for the bells’ return. Sonny said I should tell my friends in the business community to focus on Duterte’s accomplishments when he was mayor of Davao City for some 20 years. Davao entrepreneurs were literally waxing lyrical about how business-friendly their mayor had been.
On the contrary, he wants to continue and maintain the very prudent macroeconomic policies of the Aquino administration, which leftists refer to derisively as “neoliberal.” He wants to remove the restrictive economic provisions in the 1987 Constitution in order to attract more foreign direct investments.
Very faithful to the principles of a social market economy, he firmly believes that the government has to be strongly interventionist in areas where markets fail.
He wants to focus on providing support services to the small farmers who have been the beneficiaries of the first phase of agrarian reform. He acknowledges that the best service the government can give to the poorest of the poor is to provide their children with free access to quality basic education and to tertiary education that is relevant to private employers’ needs. The GDPs of these economies grew at 12 percent annually for more than a decade because they allowed market forces to operate side by side with strong government intervention. There is the still-unresolved case of the account of R2D2 in the Julia Vargas branch of the Bank of the Philippine Islands, which treated the public to a lot of saber-rattling on the part of Sen. He also said he would resign if his allegations were not proven correct—that’s how sure he was. Because, if R2D2 really wanted to open that bank account to public scrutiny, all  he had to do was go to any BPI branch, even one in Davao City, produce his ID, and ask for a copy of the transactions concerning the bank account.
The corresponding administration turnover rate has made any form of long-term development planning practically impossible. Strategic development formulation is grossly limited by a benefits-now paradigm, such that undertakings requiring an extended time frame, even if it will produce more socioeconomic benefits for the community, almost always never see the light of day. And in conjunction with the inclination to come up with development ideas with instantaneous effect, these very same ideas are often dictated by the need to be reelected. This electoral arrangement has grown to the extent that urgent and critical reforms that will benefit the public at large are ignored if they will cause discomfort and displeasure to the majority of voters. Unfortunately, Garcia and his colleagues in the Con-Com probably did not foresee that the imposition of term limits would actually push politicians to use family members to circumvent this rule. By some ironic twist, they have also arrived at a legal and democratic way to firmly entrench their families in local politics.
Father is governor, mother is congresswoman, brother is mayor, son is councilor, niece is SK (Sangguniang Kabataan), cousin is barangay captain, kinakapatid is vice mayor, and so forth. Indeed, Filipinos who are more qualified, passionate and patriotic, including many from the youth ranks, are deprived of the opportunity to establish clean and effective local governance. Numerous studies have shown that standards of living, lower human development, and higher levels of deprivation and inequality persist in the districts governed by local leaders who are dynasts.
The lesson is that increasing the autonomy of local levels of government ultimately amounts to nothing if local leaders are incompetent and incapable of properly utilizing the expanded powers and resources. It is certainly justified to be concerned that federalizing with political dynasties still lording it over local communities would make socioeconomic development more inequitable than it currently stands. Legislation regulating local dynasties, establishing a genuine political party system, and ensuring transparency and accountability in local governments are just some of the steps that can drastically improve the governance mindset of our local officials. For he is, in fact, living proof that effective leadership is an indispensable requirement of local development. Yusingco, a practicing lawyer, is the author of the book “Rethinking the Bangsamoro Perspective.” He conducts research on current issues in state-building, decentralization and constitutionalism. The session was held during the recent Kuala Lumpur Trade and Copyright Centre (KLTCC) fair, which coincided with the Asean Book Publishers Association executive meeting to which the NBDB was formally invited for the first time. The organizers were concerned that it may not draw the crowd that the former downtown venue did. The Philippines’ archipelagic geography, with our 7,100 islands, makes the transport of books costly.
From the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), family expenditure in 2015 for books was P69 per person. For instance, what about the many writers who self-publish and do not bother to acquire an ISBN, as many DIY (do it yourself) publications go? Who cares about publishers not being open to their writings when there is Wattpad, which is open to all? The most active and the most visible is ReaderCon, which has been convening bloggers, book lovers, writers, and reading advocates for its one-day Filipino Reader Conference since 2011. In the SWS first-quarter survey, done on March 30-April 2, only 46 percent of household heads nationwide considered themselves poor (mahirap), and only 31 percent considered their food as poor. It is defined as the income considered sufficient to purchase minimum food needs, plus a fixed allowance of P31 for nonfoods for every P69 needed for food.
The new Self-Rated Food Poverty (SRFP) figure is 2 points below the 33 percent of last December and 4 points below the 35-percent average for 2015 as a whole.  It ties the record-low 31 percent of March 2010 for the entire SRFP survey series.
This is the proportion whose income is not sufficient to meet the official food threshold of P6,365 per month.
There was also a 2-point drop in Mindanao, a 1-point rise in NCR, and a 3-point rise in BoL. Unedited, improvised, erratic, informal, his discourse is no less commanding, like that of a patriarch at the head of the table regaling his family with endless stories.
Paradoxically, his distance was the guarantee of his consistency: What you saw was what you got. But the sense one gets is that his seeming approachability and much vaunted “authenticity” (which is open to interpretation) are as much an asset as a drawback.
They have their own complex operations designed to shield themselves from outside intrusion. By privileging local rules and methods of power, it tends to hold itself apart from national and international standards.
You are sovereign in your own way, and the usual rules don’t apply to you because in your province, you are king with the right to decide on who will live and who will die. But throughout this transition period, what we have seen so far is a dramatic contrast in rhetorical styles—storytelling for Digong, carefully worded press releases and speeches from P-Noy.
These laws would be obeyed more conscientiously if enforcement were strict, swift and certain, and the punishment severe enough, and the compensation for the victims’ families just, appropriate and fast. By the grace and mercy of God, I survived with only cuts and bruises and a dislocated shoulder; my helmet saved me from worse injury. He was OK, but his tandem rider suffered head injuries because she had no helmet on when the accident happened. Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will start well by keeping drugged and intoxicated drivers off the roads. If Duterte can do this within six months after his inauguration, it would be a wonderful Christmas present not just to his more than 16 million supporters but also to every Filipino.
His commitment to address the roots of armed conflicts in our nation through peace negotiations and to correct the historical injustices committed against the Moro people is commendable. Pilgrims for Peace appreciates that in his campaign platform Duterte prioritized peace, in general, as well as explicitly outlined his openness to take concrete steps in moving the Philippine government (GPH)-National Democratic Front (NDF) peace negotiations forward. Not only do we affirm the value of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law in our justice, peace and human rights advocacy, we, peace advocates, have been preparing ourselves to support the crafting of the Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-Economic Reforms and look forward to its fruition. Even during his campaign, we noted that his administration would review their status and release those necessary to the NDF negotiating panel; we affirm that such action will be greatly beneficial, if not essential, to successful peace negotiations. Our people understand the need to address the roots of armed conflicts in building a just and enduring peace. They offer nothing but a fleeting high that exposes users to risks that could lead to their death. It would also be easier to relocate people living below the poverty line outside Metro Manila, he said. I have to relocate them, but before I can do that I have to establish an economic activity,”? he said. Karl Kendrick Chua presented the report before members of the Mindanao Coalition of Development NGO Networks (Mincode) in April, less than two weeks before the May 9 elections. It should already be on the president’s table on July 1, on his first day in Malacanang,” Chua said. That means PLDT’s Meralco stake was worth about P60 billion based on the electricity retailer’s latest share price of P301.80 apiece. It said competition in the telecommunications sector would stay      fierce with the potential entry of new players and as consumers demand better Internet services.
It is poised to post its third straight year of decline in profits, with core earnings for 2016 seen at P28 billion, below last year’s P35.2 billion.
It operates 167 breweries, malteries, cider plants and other production facilities in more than 70 countries.
This means more businesses are optimistic about the prospects during the current quarter than in the first three months. Guerrero, director at the BSP’s department of economic statistics, told a press conference. Guinigundo said second-quarter growth would likely be faster following the better-than-expected expansion in the first quarter.
Esguerra said it was possible to hit a 7-percent GDP growth in the second quarter, especially as election-related spending went on full swing in the days leading to the May 9 polls. She said the country offered huge opportunities for growth in agrifood, clean energy, healthcare, infrastructure, forestry, information technology, services and international education. The first unit began operating in April 2016, providing 105 MW of much-needed additional baseload power to more than three million residents of Sarangani province, General Santos City, and other key areas in Mindanao. The $570-million SEC power plant is the single largest investment in Sarangani province and the entire Region 12.
Pangilinan struck a formidable alliance with tycoon George Ty that allowed it to take over majority control of Visayas’ leading power generation firm Global Business Power for $475 million while raising $171 million in fresh capital by taking in the Tys as a strategic investor. Westbrook's 3-pointer with 6:06 left in the third put the Thunder ahead 68-67 for their first lead of the night. His best chance came on a breakaway in the second period that deflected off Murray and trickled wide. It's part of what Sullivan calls "playing the right way," a way abetted by the influx of speed brought in by GM Jim Rutherford. The Olympics is the most important event in the world of sport," the nine-time French Open champion said on Thursday.
At this stage in my life, in my career, it's like you don't want to lose early," the seven-time Grand Slam champion said after walloping fellow American Louisa Chirico 6-2, 6-1 on Thursday.
But after matching Serena's winning second-round scoreline, Venus was eager to cherish her moment in the sun. I think with every year that passes and every moment that I play, I'm grateful for this experience and blessed. Asked about it on Tuesday at the BMW PGA Championship, the 28-year-old from England said he was keeping on top of it. There's going to be millions of people watching the Olympics, and you have 11,000 athletes right in the heart of where it's at," Willett said. He said five or six players have asked him about Zika, though none has said it would keep her from Rio.
Both men are closely monitoring the Zika situation in Brazil as the Olympic Games draw closer. Knox is No 3 in the Olympic ranking for the UK, though he most likely would have to get into the top 15 to earn a trip to Rio. He gets in the Memorial and Quicken Loans as the US Amateur champion, which has a provision that it doesn't matter if he turns pro. Based on the world ranking that week, the American team would have been Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Steve Stricker and Kenny Perry. Rahm, a Spaniard who is No 1 in the world amateur ranking, won the award as the outstanding college player over two over highly ranked players, Maverick McNealy of Stanford and Beau Hossler of Texas. We have the best players in the world participating in arguably the fifth Grand Slam," said Djokovic.
That's the main source of drive and motivation," Djokovic said after beginning his 46th consecutive appearance at a Grand Slam event.
And the last two days I was supposedly hitting back at Amelie's comments and disagreeing with everything that she said and that we had a really tough breakup," said Murray.
Andre Roberson, a player the Warriors have ignored at times during the series, scored a career-high 17 points and grabbed 12 rebounds. The Thunder matched the most points they have scored in a first half in playoff history, a mark they set the previous game against the Warriors.
But the Thunder maintained their composure, led 94-82 at the end of the period and remained in control in the fourth.
Westbrook had 36 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists for the Thunder, who can advance to the NBA Finals with a win in Oakland on Thursday. Pros are in the spotlight all the time; the Olympics should be reserved for pure amateurs who are fighting to make a name for themselves. He was a first-ballot inductee into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2011, and for millions of Chinese he remains the most recognizable face in the sport. With this partnership, LeSport will enjoy the rights of live webcasting of all IBF China events and we intend to deliver the most excellent online viewing experience possible. It's a great opportunity These are the type of circumstances where you have an opportunity to write your own story," said Pittsburgh coach Mike Sullivan. It got United back among the trophies after a three-year gap and gave the club a record-equaling 12th FA Cup title. A finish in the top four, coupled with winning the FA Cup, and Van Gaal might have limped on.
United was eliminated at the group stage after losing 3-2 to Wolfsburg on Dec 8 in a match United headed into knowing victory was essential. But the doomed European campaign was symptomatic of United under his guidance - the team appeared focused on defensive organization and lacked the attacking flair and creativity to break down stubborn opponents.
Grondona died aged 82 in 2014 and has been largely implicated in the scandal that has embroiled FIFA over the past year. People stood patiently, inching forward and waiting for their chance to take pictures of the wreath Obama had left behind. I just proved to them that I was firm with my decision, that I was going to stand by my decision),” he said. When Attaporn Boonmakchuay squatted in his toilet early Wednesday morning he probably didn’t think that a snake would surface through the plumbing and latch its fangs onto his dangling penis, the 38-year-old then fought for the 30 minutes with the aid of his wife and neighbor to free his manhood from the jaws of a three-meter (10 foot long) python. Church bells were “so integral … in the colonial Philippines that people lived bajo la campana—literally under the bell, but actually within hearing distance of the church bells,” wrote historian and Inquirer columnist Ambeth Ocampo. It was when Wright was doing research on the bells of Balangiga that he discovered the existence of the San Pedro bell and that it was being held at West Point. He not only transformed one of the most violence-torn cities in the country to a very peaceful community with a low crime rate; he also significantly improved the business climate by shortening the time for securing all types of business permits, getting rid of corruption in the city’s offices, and significantly improving its infrastructures. He wants to involve more private participation in the construction of infrastructure projects by addressing bottlenecks in the implementation of the public-private partnership program. Actually, he is just reminding all of us of what Adam Smith, the father of free enterprise, pointed out more than 200 years ago: that the state has some indispensable roles to play in society. Consider that his friend of 30 years, self-appointed “Son of God” Apollo Quiboloy, cannot seem to get a handle on him either—at least not since he became President-in-waiting. Although it is about a young girl rather than the older fellow that Duterte is, there is a connection; I can relate.
Antonio Trillanes IV and R2D2.  But the issue seems to have been forgotten in the elections. Alan Peter Cayetano, earlier (on March 11, 2016) claimed to have signed waivers that purportedly allowed the opening of their bank accounts to public scrutiny, in the interest of transparency, and dared the other contenders to do the same (no one took the challenge).
So we know whether he will be a credible corruption fighter, especially since he proclaimed that the first corrupt person he would go after is Vice President Jojo Binay. A more alarming development is that the “fattest” dynasties—those with the most family members in office—are ensconced in the poorest parts of the country. But with the provision of convenient shuttles to the new site—as well as concrete plans to open a train station for it—it was not surprising that faithful book lovers and buyers were present.
The limited number of libraries makes public access to books a challenge, especially since libraries are more likely to be found in urban areas. Consider the Better Living Through Xeroxography (BLTX) small press expo that encourages self-publication either through handmade booklets or photocopied saddle-stitched magazines. Wattpad reports that in 2015, 10 million out of 40 million users are Filipinos, and 13 million out of 150 million uploaded stories are from Filipinos. The day is devoted to talking books and even voting for favorite choices in different genres.
The other new SRFP rates are 22 percent in NCR, 29 percent in BoL, and 37 percent in Mindanao. He infuriates and compels, attracts and repels, drawing you into an imaginary circle of intimacy only to subject you to his intimidating presence.
In an odd sort of way, P-Noy’s seeming inaccessibility underwrote his claims to transparency: His was the rule of objectivity, where charts and statistics conveyed the empirical truth, government websites charted spending, and even the scandal of the DAP (Disbursement Acceleration Program) and PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund), or the unevenness of relief efforts for “Yolanda,” the investigations of the Mamasapano fiasco, and so on, showed his administration’s willingness to bare (and bear), rather than hide, its operations and the spread of its influence. He seems to disdain the trappings of power: He said he doesn’t want any inaugural hoopla and will take his oath in his office, that he won’t live in the Palace, and prefers to conduct business from Davao rather than Manila since there are more than 34 flights to and from the two cities. And by looking at their respective ways of speaking, we also get a sense of their distinct styles of governing—for Digong, the local is the national, the provincial is the world; for P-Noy, the local is subsumed by the national, and the national is connected to a larger world.
I wondered how people who can afford a late-model motorcycle and helmet can’t buy a helmet for his wife, child, mother, girlfriend or passenger.
This he can do with enough number of highway patrolmen and breathalyzers and, maybe, have “designated drivers” to take the wheel, literally, from the inebriated or the doped. Addressing the situation of different communities, Moro, Christian, non-Christian and lumad—especially as the lumad suffer forcible displacement and urgently clamor for an end to militarization and the disbanding of paramilitary groups in their ancestral lands—is imperative. Duterte’s appointment of Jesus Dureza as peace adviser and Silvestre Bello as chief negotiator with the NDF underscores his resolve. This can also bring to good order and reoperationalize the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees. We hope that with Duterte’s presidency, we can also contribute to creating and focusing energy around the peace talks. Meralco lost more than 4.5 percent Friday after Metro Pacific announced an alliance with the Ty family’s GT Capital Holdings and a deal to acquire 56 percent of the latter’s power business. We have a lot of defense companies in South Australia that want to do business in the Philippines. The company also plans to develop other run-of-river hydropower projects with total potential capacity of 185 MW in different places in Mindanao and Negros Occidental. However, GT Capital will enter as a strategic investor in MPIC by acquiring a 15.6-percent stake, becoming the second-largest shareholder of MPIC, which will still be 55 percent-controlled by Pangilinan-led First Pacific. But Golden State led 81-77 going into the fourth and began the final period with an 8-0 burst. And undaunted by a series of postseason failures that made it seem the window on their primes was closing. His wife nearly died last year of toxic shock syndrome and her immune system remains weakened. It also matched the most points Golden State has allowed in a half this season for the second straight game. Ang ginagawa ko, pinapakita ko na kapag committed ka na sa isang tao, committed ka na, ‘wag ka nang lumipat,” Pacquiao explained.
Wright, Director and President of US-Philippine Society Peregine, along with Bauang Mayor Eulogio Clarence Martin de Guzman III (right) and diocesan Bishop Rodolfo F. Bells called townsfolk to worship, announced marriages, births and deaths, and warned of fire, typhoon and pirate attack.
Berry, who had served in the Philippines and became the 27th superintendent of West Point, also known as the US Military Academy (USMA), worked to install the bell in the West Point Catholic Chapel in 1915.
These are all market-friendly policies that have made the leftists (especially the National Democratic Front leaders) literally see red! The state must be responsible for keeping peace and order, administering justice, constructing public works, and delivering social services especially to the poor.
I interpret this as a desire to enable small farmers to either lease their farms or even sell them outright to those who can make more productive use of them (whether corporations or cooperatives). But I just can’t get the song out of my head when I think of R2D2 (my name for Duterte, at least until he assumes the presidency). BPI said it had to scrutinize the wording of the waiver, and it would take it one week to do so. There is a high percentage of content creators, yet only a few of them get the chance to be published.
His disciplined and decorous discourse was his trademark, but in times of crisis, it was his downfall. Prospects for peace throughout the nation are rising and we are excited and energized by Duterte’s very positive pronouncements on resuming peace talks. Even more, releasing political prisoners on humanitarian grounds would surely go a long way as a confidence-building measure.
Also, Panelo said something about an affidavit that Trillanes should have signed but did not.
I did it once, only recently, with a bank account that was over five years old, and was given a copy within five minutes.
His Filipino, like his English, was elegant but ponderous to the point of being pedantic, so that his attempts at humor usually fell flat. It means claiming the right of the oppressed and exacting your revenge: molested by an American Jesuit and condemned by the bishops, Digong can now position himself as the aggrieved victim calling out the abuses of the Church.
It's just life choices," said the 35-year-old American, who owns four Olympic golds across singles and doubles. Jackie Chulya of Thailand, a junior at Columbia University, has been awarded the Dinah Shore Trophy that honors excellence in school and on the course. I read this as a plan to lower the taxes for the most harassed taxpayers, the middle class, or those who are earning less than P200,000 annually. He was “decente” and easily legible to the upper reaches of society and the international community. Sergio Garcia became the second player this year to win a PGA Tour event despite hitting two shots in the water in the final round. The course also hosted the US Open in 1941, the US Women's Open in 1991 and the second edition of The Players Championship in 1975.

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