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Or maybe its the connection hoses for the hot cold water fill that might be clog or needs to be replace or clean because sometime depending on the age of the washer they say that every 5 years it is recommended to replace the connection hose of the washer? In the first 6 months I had this washer, it pumped water out all over the floor, twice in less than a month.
Jun-Vicky Prudencio: Just replaced magnetron AND transformer on GE spacesaver ($700+) microwave oven.
It would have been plug and play, but the donor microwave held its magnetron in a slightly different stamped steel bracket. It makes me think of a barber's electric hair clipper thingy that they use to give you a haircut with.
I had to transplant it into the stamped bracket from this unit - that was sort of a pain because the brackets are definitely not meant to be disassembled.Tom Nash: how difficult was it swapping the magnetron?

Water was behind the washer, under it, in front on it, behind the dryer, in front of the dryer and basically all over the laundry room floor.
Any suggestion is greatly appreciatedi»?Horacio Stoessel: on mine i replaced the entire control pannel. My older siblings have taken to drugs and the local brew to drown their hopelessness, but I aspire to be a Maradona or Beckham and go to school.
I just happened to have a cheapo GE microwave from our previous house that used the same magnetron, so it was a straight swap.
Unfortunately, I didn't find out until after swapping the maggie that the transformer buzzed loudly under load.
A Easy and cheap fixi»?jack williamson (firealarmguy114): Ours did the same thing except it started to burn and we fought the kitchen on firei»?Sweetchocolate322: I purchase this microwave over less than a year ago, and its no longer heating my food, is anyone else experimenting similar problems?

I do not know how much the parts cost since it was under warranty.Drew Dayton: I have this exact model (it came with the house I bought) did getting your parts replaced stop the buzzing? You can short the cap with a screwdriver (wear gloves and glasses, you might get a spark) or make a discharge jumper wire with a small 3+ watt inline resistor.Tom Nash: Did you discharge the capacitor? I was looking to replace the magnetron and came across some instructions that said to be sure do discharge the microwave because even unplugged it holds a charge.

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