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View DetailsItem has been tested and cleaned and is in working order but is missing the plate on the side. Samson unites its experience in professional acoustic design with the latest ambient noise filtration technology to introduce the new RTE X Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. We are not responsible for typographical errors in pricing or product specificationinaccuracies in our catalog or web site. The precise structured filter reduces and weakens background noise and high frequency noise attenuation, thereby keeping useful music and speech signals suitable for musicians, percussionists, drummers, concerts, clubbing and more!
For this reason, I purchased this pair of Euphonic Ear Plugs for musicians, concerts, clubbing and more. It is terrible that Euphonic is making Amazon customers their guinea pigs rather than doing all the proper testing they are legally required to do before selling the earplug.***As an audiophile who frequents concerts and gigs quite often, I am a long time user of earplugs and am always open to trying out new earplugs on the market. Featuring a lightweight, over-ear design with ultra-soft cushioning, the RTE X headphones are ideal for enjoying powerful, studio-quality audio with superior sonic clarity in loud environments and extended travel settings.RTE X features premium 40mm drivers with rare earth neodymium magnets. Forget about the ringing of ears after a night of clubbing, or after attending a rock concert, or even after a jamming session with friends, because HearSafe earplugs are here to protect your ears from hearing loss without compromising on quality of sound.

As a person who suffers from moderate hearing loss, I find that very high quality ear plugs help to make me more comfortable in many situations.
After receiving these earplugs at a discount for my honest review, I find they are quite low on my approval level compared to what I've used in the past. Upon activation, the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology enables the headphone drivers to create 18dB (95%) of external noise reduction.
My type of hearing loss makes certain sounds louder while other frequencies are completely unheard. Every earplug I've used in the past clearly is labeled with the earplug's Noise Reduction Rating, or NRR. As a result, you’ll hear all the nuances of your music as sound engineers and producers originally intended.When necessary interruptions arise, the RTE X headphones are equipped with a specialized 1-touch Monitor feature.
There is nothing worse than hearing noises that are loud enough to hear but not loud enough to understand, like really loud music, for instance. I can lip read fairly well, so recently while I was at a wedding and sitting directly by the speakers I was so overwhelmed by the cacophany of sound that I popped in a pair of ear plugs. Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure earplugs are legally required to have an NRR rating label on them.

Regardless, every other earplug I've ever purchased has such a label (a quick look around other earplugs on Amazon shows all of them contain the NRR label), so I'm already sketched out by this brand.
I understand this product might just be getting its start on Amazon, but Euphonic really should look into getting that NRR label on there because it's important for consumers to know what kind of earplug they are buying and what sort of noise reduction they can expect. Hearing aids made it even worse, because they amplify sound without making it clearer and more audible.
Nonetheless, I decided to give it a shot and use them and I did not find them very comfortable.
They did not fit in my ear very well and I consistently had to adjust them while wearing them at a local bar. Another place that I like to use these ear plugs is on an airplane, or anywhere with a lot of background noises because they irritate me so much.

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