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Hearing loss is a significant disability in and out of the workplace.[1]  Recent independent research studies suggest gene therapy and surgical treatment may one day be available to reverse the effects of occupational, noise-induced, sensorineural hearing loss. The ear is a complex system of membrane, tiny bones, a fluid-filled spiral tunnel, and microscopic hair cells.
Movement of cochlear fluid causes vibration of tiny hair cells on the corti, the sensory organ inside the cochlea, and sends signals to the auditory nerve, which transmits the signals to the brain. Loud noise increases pressure within the ear and produces violent movement of the membrane, tiny bones, and cochlear fluid, which can damage the hair cells and limit or prevent signals to the auditory nerve.
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If an opponent can not resist Taking Damage from The jutsu their inner ear is severely Stunned.
Granted you'd have to make the cd longer so you couldn't just loop the jutsu and stack debuffs.

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