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Listen up: A pill is being developed that could reverse loss of hearing caused by loud noise Scientists have formulated a pill that could prevent or even reverse hearing loss caused by loud noise. Overexposure: More people are getting hearing problems due to listening to loud music with headphones regularly Participants include young adults exposed to moderately loud music from personal stereos, factory employees working with loud machinery, soldiers exposed to loud gunfire, and Nato airbase workers who are surrounded by aircraft noise.
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About the Author More ArticlesAbout Leah BroukhimLeah Broukhim is a junior at Beverly Hills High School. In a normally working system, sound first is collected by the pinna, which is the cartilage portion of the ear that is visible on the outside.
When the vibrations sent to the inner ear are too strong it can damage the eardrum, ossicles, or cochlea. If you would like to speak with one of our physicians regarding this issue or another ear, nose, throat problem; or have other questions or concerns, please complete the contact form below or call us at 310-657-0123. Noise-induced hearing loss is the result of being exposed to excessively loud sound over a long period of time—such as working in a factory, using a chainsaw for hours, or riding a motorcycle or snowmobile, all without hearing protection.
Hearing loss from noise exposure can be instantaneous, such as from gunshots, firecrackers and other impulse noises.
An easy rule of thumb that can be used to assess whether the continuous noise in an area could potentially cause hearing loss is to determine if you have to raise your voice in order to be heard when speaking to someone three feet away. The most important thing to note is that noise-induced hearing loss is totally preventable!
If you are trying to protect your hearing from loud music, then consider custom Musician’s Earplugs.
Custom earplugs can also be made for dentists, flight attendants, pilots, bartenders, motor sports enthusiasts, DJs, band members, etc.
If you believe you may be losing your hearing due to noise, regular audiometric testing can provide early detection.
Remember that it is always better to hear with your own good hearing than to rely on hearing aids!

Clinical trials of the pill are about to start, but early research suggests it can reverse the damage up to three days after it occurs.
She is a member of the Science Olympiad Team, tutors elementary students, and volunteers at Sunrise Senior Living. It is designed to provide reliable medical information in a format that is easy to understand. Turn down the volume when listening to music if possible, especially if you are using an iPod or other similar device via earbuds. Traditional hearing protection typically decreases higher frequency sounds disproportionately.
Why go through all the effort to wear hearing protection when it does not provide adequate attenuation?
If your hearing continues to decrease, you are in a great position to take more aggressive steps to prevent additional loss. The 'real' pill will contain three antioxidants - betacarotene and vitamins C and E - and the mineral magnesium.
The vibrations are sent to three smaller bones (ossicles) within the ear called the malleus, incus, and stapes.
As Chief of Medical Resources, I hold an undergraduate degree in Neuroscience from the University of California, Los Angeles and a graduate degree in Medical Science from the University of Southern California.
Such hearing loss is insidious, gradually robbing the exposed person of high frequency sounds, such as the s, th, ch.
Have some type of hearing protection easily available in your garage when you are picking up that weed-whacker or hopping onto your riding lawnmower.
When deciding between the various pre-packaged hearing protection, look for an NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) value or ask your audiologist.
It has been estimated that 15 per cent of those between the ages of 20 and 60 have hearing loss caused by personal stereos, rock concerts or factory machinery.
The antioxidants will tackle the damaging free radicals, while the mineral magnesium boosts blood supply.
These smaller bones send the vibrations to the cochlea (a snail shaped sac of fluid), causing tiny hair cells in the cochlea to bend.

So it becomes difficult to differentiate “ace” from “eight” and “fifty-six” from “sixty-six.” Women’s and children’s voices will also be more difficult to understand. Put spare earplugs in the glove box of your car and bring them into the movie theater or to that concert you are attending.
The higher the number, typically the better the effectiveness, assuming the earplugs fit well and are used appropriately. Musician’s earplugs have a filter that reduces the sound equally across the frequency range. The damage can be caused by a single exposure to a very loud noise, such as an explosion, but more often it is caused by continuous or chronic exposure to loud sounds over time. Research has shown that in people exposed to loud noise, blood flow into the ear falls because of free radical formation. These hair cells are attached to nerves and when they bend, it produces an electrical signal which is carried to the brain. Noise-related hearing loss is a growing problem - two months ago the European Union's scientific committee on emerging health risks warned that more than a million Britons could go deaf through listening to their MP3 players at a high volume for too long. She researched and wrote this article as part of the Student Mentorship Program through Osborne Head and Neck Foundation.
Dr Ralph Holme, of the Royal National Institute for Deaf People, said: 'This is an exciting clinical trial.
It will shed light on whether taking antioxidants as a dietary supplement can help prevent this type of hearing loss. Then if the pill is shown to work in larger trials, it could be produced quickly and easily for general use because the ingredients are already widely available. But research at Michigan University has shown that when the antioxidants were given up to three days after noise exposure, hearing loss was significantly reduced.

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