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Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) is hearing loss due to cochlear (sensory) or VIIIth nerve (neural) auditory dysfunction.
Conductive hearing loss occurs when there is a problem conducting sound waves easily through the outer ear canal, tympanic membrane, or middle ear (ossicles). The configuration, or shape, of the hearing loss refers to the degree and pattern of hearing loss across frequencies (tones), as illustrated in a graph called an audiogram. In addition, hearing loss may be bilateral or unilateral, symmetrical (degree and configuration of hearing loss are the same in each ear) or asymmetrical, progressive or sudden in onset, and fluctuating or stable. Note: The scope of this content is limited to the diagnosis and management of hearing loss for individuals ages 5 years and older from an audiological perspective. The ASHA Action Center welcomes questions and requests for information from members and non-members. Hear in Maine is an Alpha One program addressing hearing aid need and acquisition within Maine. Audiologist is a person who holds a mater’s or doctorate degree in the field of Audiology. Hearing Aid Specialists are people who have been sponsored and trained by someone in the field of hearing aid distribution. The purpose of a hearing exam is to quantify and qualify hearing in terms of the degree of hearing loss, the type of hearing loss and the configuration of the hearing loss. The type of hearing loss is information that suggests the point in the auditory system where the loss is occurring. An Audiogram is a report that is generated by hearing tests which graph out a chart of your hearing loss. Hearing exams are generally covered by insurances, but you should always check before making an appointment to be sure. More than 75 percent of all hearing aid repairs are due to moisture and earwax accumulating in the hearing aid. Hearing aid batteries normally last 7-14 days when the hearing aid is used 16 hours per day.
The sizes of hearing aid batteries are listed below along with their standard number and color codes.
For equipment needs such as amplified phones, large button phones, door bell alert system, alarm clock alert, flashing fire alarms, etc. A man in his 20's presented to the clinic with a 1 month history of dizziness, imbalance, and a hearing disturbance.
On examination (at about 1 month post onset), there was a low amplitude left-beating spontaneous nystagmus. The one week delay in onset of hearing symptoms suggests that there was progression of the disease process in this case over a week. In audiology and psychoacoustics the concept of critical bands, introduced by Harvey Fletcher in 1933[1] and refined in 1940,[2] describes the frequency bandwidth of the "auditory filter" created by the cochlea, the sense organ of hearing within the inner ear. Psychophysiologically, beating and auditory roughness sensations can be linked to the inability of the auditory frequency-analysis mechanism to resolve inputs whose frequency difference is smaller than the critical bandwidth and to the resulting irregular "tickling"[3] of the mechanical system (basilar membrane) that resonates in response to such inputs. Filters are used in many aspects of audiology and psychoacoustics including the peripheral auditory system. A Band-pass filter showing the centre frequency(Fc), the lower(F1) and upper(F2) cut off frequencies and the bandwidth.
The shape and organization of the basilar membrane means that different frequencies resonate particularly strongly at different points along the membrance. Another concept associated with the auditory filter is the equivalent rectangular bandwidth (ERB). To get a true representation of the auditory filters in one subject, many psychoacoustic tuning curves need to be calculated with the signal at different frequencies. When low-frequency travelling waves pass through the cochlea, the wave increases in amplitude gradually, then decays almost immediately. The basilar membrane supports the organ of Corti, which sits within the scala media.[4] The organ of Corti comprises both outer and inner hair cells.
Auditory filters are closely associated with masking in the way they are measured and also the way they work in the auditory system. These two properties of the auditory filter are thought to contribute to the upward spread of masking, that is low frequencies mask high frequencies better than the reverse. The auditory filter can reduce the effects of a masker when listening to a signal in background noise using off-frequency listening. The first diagram above shows the auditory filter centred on the signal and how some of the masker falls within that filter. Individuals with hearing loss are sometimes described as deaf or hard of hearing based on the type, degree, and configuration of hearing impairment.

For example, a hearing loss that affects only the high tones would be described as a high-frequency loss. When going to places like restaurants, theaters, or traveling in a car, is it difficult to hear speech?
The training for an Audiologist consists of not only hearing aid selection and fitting, but also detailed study of the ear and its function. In Maine, a Hearing Aid Specialist is required to pass a written and oral exam in order to receive their dispensing license.
The loss may be conductive (a temporary or permanent hearing loss typically due to abnormal conditions), sensorineural (typically a permanent hearing loss due to disease, trauma, or inherited conditions), mixed (a combination of conductive and sensorineural components), or a central auditory processing disorder (a condition where the brain has difficulty processing auditory signals that are heard).
Performance will vary depending on the style and type of hearing aid technology you are using.
The unusual aspects are the cochlear enhancement on the MRI, and the one-week delay in onset of hearing symptoms.
This is not usual in either labyrinthitis or vestibular neuritis, but might occur due to spread of the infection, or other pathologic mechanisms such as poor circulation to the inner ear. Roughly, the critical band is the band of audio frequencies within which a second tone will interfere with the perception of the first tone by auditory masking. Critical bands are also closely related to auditory masking phenomena a€“ reduced audibility of a sound signal when in the presence of a second signal of higher intensity within the same critical band.
The upper and lower cut-off frequencies are defined as the point where the amplitude falls to 3dB below the peak amplitude. The ERB shows the relationship between the auditory filter, frequency, and the critical bandwidth.
It provides a simple linear filter, which is therefore easy to implement, but cannot by itself account for nonlinear aspects of the auditory system; it is nevertheless used in a variety of models of the auditory system. This form of measurement can take a considerable amount of time and can take around 30 minutes to find each masked threshold.[10] In the notched-noise method the subject is presented with a notched noise as the masker and a sinusoid (pure tone) as the signal. The placement of vibration on the cochlea depends upon the frequency of the presented stimuli. There are approximately between 15,000 and 16,000 of these hair cells in one ear.[11] Outer hair cells have stereocilia projecting towards the tectorial membrane, which sits above the organ of Corti.
As described previously the critical bandwidth of the filter increases in size with increasing frequency, along with this the filter becomes more asymmetrical with increasing level.
The diagram shows the increasing asymmetry of the auditory filter with increasing input level.
As increasing the level makes the low frequency slope shallower, by increasing its amplitude, low frequencies mask high frequencies more than at a lower input level.
This is possible when the centre frequency of the masker is different from that of the signal. Diagram A shows the auditory filter centred on the signal and how some of the masker falls within that filter, resulting in a low SNR. In general this model relies on the auditory system containing the array of auditory filters and choosing the filter with the signal at its centre or with the best SNR. At the base of the basilar membrane it is narrow and stiff and is most responsive to high frequencies. This is because the frequency selectivity and the tuning of the basilar membrane is reduced as the outer hair cells are damaged. Presbycusis is a sensorineural hearing loss that occurs gradually, later in life, affecting hearing in both ears over time. Its configuration would show good hearing in the low tones and poor hearing in the high tones.
See the permanent childhood hearing loss page for information on hearing loss for children from infancy through age 5.
It is recommended to get a copy of your Audiogram so that you can bring this with you to compare other brands, vendors, and services.
Most insurances will not help with the cost of hearing aids, but there are a few exceptions, so again it is always better to check to be sure.
It is extremely important to clean the entire hearing aid every time it is removed from your ear by wiping and brushing it. You can buy them at most general retail stores (drug stores, grocery stores) and also via the internet. If your audiologist started you off with hearing aid batteries color coded orange, you can buy any brand of battery with the same color coding. One week later, hearing deteriorated on the right side, accompanied by tinnitus, a headache and ear pain. While there is a general agreement that MRI is useful to exclude the presence of tumors in persons with unilateral hearing loss, a careful consideration of the cost-benefit ratio in persons with sudden hearing loss (such as is the case in labyrinthitis), to our knowledge, has not been done.

Masking phenomena have wide implications, ranging from a complex relationship between loudness (perceptual frame of reference) and intensity (physical frame of reference) to sound compression algorithms.
The bandwidth is the distance between the upper and lower cut-off frequencies, and is the range of frequencies passed by the filter. If a signal and masker are presented simultaneously then only the masker frequencies falling within the critical bandwidth contribute to masking of the signal. Notched noise is used as a masker to prevent the subject hearing beats that occur if a sinusoidal masker is used.[7] The notched noise is noise with a notch around the frequency of the signal the subject is trying to detect, and contains noise within a certain bandwidth. To reduce the amount of time needed, the ascending method can be used when finding the masked thresholds.
The cochlea is a snail-shaped formation that enables sound transmission via a sensorineural route, rather than through a conductive pathway.[11] The cochlea is a complex structure, consisting of three layers of fluid. This wave is referred to as a 'travelling wave'; this term means that the basilar membrane does not simply vibrate as one unit from the base towards the apex.
For example, lower frequencies mostly stimulate the apex, in comparison to higher frequencies, which stimulate the base of the cochlea. Stereocilia respond to movement of the tectorial membrane when a sound causes vibration through the cochlea. In most situations the listener chooses to listen a€?througha€™ the auditory filter that is centred on the signal however if there is a masker present this may not be appropriate. Diagram B shows a filter further along the basilar membrane, which is not centered on the signal but contains a substantial amount of that signal and less masker. The second diagram shows the next filter along the basilar membrane, which is not centred on the signal but contains a substantial amount of that signal and less masker. However, at the apex the membrane is wide and flexible and is most responsive to low frequencies.
When only the outer hair cells are damaged the filter is broader on the low frequency side. On the other hand, if only the low frequencies were affected, the configuration would show poorer hearing for low tones and better hearing for high tones.
They also have desiccants to absorb moisture and fans to circulate air around the internal components of the hearing aid.
Batteries cost about one dollar each so on average, if you wear 2 hearing aids, expect to spend about $4 per month. OAE's may be present when the hearing loss is being simulated or exaggerated, or when there is an auditory neuropathy causing the hearing loss. In our practice in Chicago Illinois, we commonly do obtain a 3T MRI with contrast in any person with an unexplained substantial, sensorineural hearing loss. The larger the critical bandwidth the lower the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and the more the signal is masked. The bandwidth of the noise changes and the masked thresholds for the sinusoid are measured. If the ascending method is used to calculate the threshold the time needed to calculate the shape of the filter is reduced dramatically, as it takes around two minutes to calculate the threshold.[10] This is because the threshold is recorded when the subject first hears the tone, instead of when they respond to a certain stimulus level a certain percentage of the time. When this occurs, the stereocilia separate and a channel is formed that allows chemical processes to take place. The auditory filter centred on the signal may also contain a large amount of masker causing the SNR of the filter to be low and decreasing the listeners ability to detect the signal.
Therefore, different sections of the basilar membrane vibrate depending on the frequency of the sound and give a maximum response at that particular frequency. Some hearing loss configurations are flat, indicating the same amount of hearing loss for low and high tones.
Get in the habit of cleaning the hearing aid after each use and keeping the hearing aid in the dry-aid kit at night. We prefer the higher resolution study (3T) compared to the lower and more usual resolution of 1.5 T, as the cochlea is a very small structure and small changes can be hard to see even on a very good MRI scan.
The masked thresholds are calculated through simultaneous masking when the signal is played to the subject at the same time as the masker and not after. If you answered yes to any of these questions, maybe it is time to get your hearing tested.

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