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I see a touch of me in her and it's a great feeling to see your daughter follow you in the same field.
Villeroy & Boch, the world renowned brand for fine table and dinnerware presents ‘Aureus’ a modern classic collection characterised by authenticity and elaborate styling.
With the wedding season around the corner, Lladro unveils its exquisite wedding collection centered on timeless classical porcelain sculptures evoking the feeling of everlasting love. The new, irresistible Fendi clutch available in delicate ivory, pale blue and light pink, is a combination of the classic and contemporary.
As a symbol of power, passion and love, jewellery has always been considered one of the most beautiful artistic expressions. Taj Lands End, a member of The Leading Hotels of the World further reinstates its leadership position in North Mumbai with the introduction of its 125 new rooms, increasing the luxe inventory to 493 rooms. Bapalal Keshavlal is widely recognised as a leading international luxury jewellery brand from India.
A multi-designer fashion store located in the heart of Breach Candy in Mumbai, this one houses a range of ensembles from traditional fashion to edgy and quirky signature pieces. The opulence of the new tableware series pattern is highlighted by the very choice of its name derived from the word aurum, Latin for gold.
LV’s iconic canvas is embroidered with beautiful light-reflecting sequins to create an unmissable effect.

Innovatively shaped like a newspaper to casually slip under the arm, this piece is adorned with the famous double 'F' buckles. This VU invention has the ability to run the popular Microsoft Windows operating system on the TV itself without connecting any exterior devices. A private space of relaxing retreat combined with clinically-proven music, mood lighting and massages to deliver a revolutionary trio of multi- sensory stimulations.
Combining contemporary elegance with traditional references, Taj Lands End is poised to offer its discerning business clientele an experience that can best be defined as unparalleled. For the past 20 years, it has been a top supplier to the world’s most elite retail stores in the US, the Caribbean, Spain, Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore and Brazil.
From its leading collection of bridal couture it also offers to specially customise and cater to specific requirements. Reflecting oriental influences through gold decoration, these pieces add a sophisticated and cultured touch to home decor. So go ahead and gift your dear ones a Lladro piece to mark their special day with a timeless symbol of love. Standing out with its key inspired zip puller and comfortable flat leather handle with handmade leather knots and a graphic eyelet, this signature piece is layered with a calfskin leather trim.
From silk to ultra-soft nappa to leather and cracle suede, the most eccentric and precious versions of it are embroidered with silk threads for a fur-like effect or adorned with sequins on a quilted base.

VU has put everything you enjoyed on a small screen onto a large A+ grade LCD Panel with the familiar Windows format within the TV.
Born out of a natural union of scientific studies, innovative technology and cutting edge design, the OSIM uSpace redefines personal wellness and promises nothing less than a complete renewal of your body, mind and soul. Designed by renowned artist David Winter, these rooms were inspired by the need to provide simplicity, modern elegance and functionality for the elite business traveller. This piece is the epitome of artistic brilliance set in black enamel with round brilliant cut diamonds studded in 18K white gold. The range of clothing is complemented by a wide variety of accessories like shoes, bags and jewellery also available at the store. A brown, grey and white diamond bracelet in the form of a hippopotamus or a highly jewelled ruby butterfly cuff bracelet with diamonds and spinels are just some of the intricate creations they have to offer. Each piece in this collection draws its inspiration from the ever-sophisticated Indian woman and her diverse emotions. With an excellent blend of ethnic and western clothing, RE is the new shopping destination.

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