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These magnetic earrings - CZ studs- are perfect if you have non-pierced ears but are tired of clip and screw earrings!
Round cut 2 carats CZ center stones have a rhodium electroplated sterling silver prong setting. Product may appear smaller or larger on pictures, please check the actual measurements below Name: Guys Magnetic Swarovski crystal, not-pierced earring - Exclusive Pierced-look - Perfect for young men (or young men at heart Description: Exclusive! Product may appear smaller or larger on pictures, please check the actual measurements below Name: No Ears Piercing Needed! This fashion conscious faux ear taper features a trendy checkered front with encrusted crystals around it's side.

Orders sent to different address than credit card address can cause delay due to credit card verification requirements. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer including promotions, gift certificates, coupon codes or contest redemptions. Place the crystal at the front of your ear lobe and the spike directly on the back of your ear lobe.
The magnetic strength is very high if you leave it on for a long time it will begin to sting.
The magnets are strong and hold well once in place, care must be taken when putting or taking the earring off to avoid loosing a piece.

Your purchase includes a single earring, with one extra back replacement and a single cushion.
They hold good if you are taking it easy but if you are hugging people or something where your ears will be touched, they come off pretty easy, fyi.

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