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This is why magnetic piercings come in handy, to give you an idea of how that stud you have been itching to get looks before you make the commitment.
To try on a magnetic lip piercing before you step into the piercing parlor, simply insert the gold-plated metal backing on the inside of your lip and place the stud on the outside.
These powerful magnets keep your style secure all day, so you can find exactly the right spot for your new piercing.

For even more options, the vast inventory on eBay includes sets of seven different colored gems to suit your mood on any given day. Fun magnetic ear piercing designs such as owls, the ying and yang symbol, or a Spider-Man motif on lightweight acrylic allow you to fake a gauged-ear look without the uncomfortable, lengthy, and often irreversible process.
With so many different options for magnetic piercings, you may even find that you prefer having a lip piercing one day and one in your nose the next, and forget undergoing the needle altogether.

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