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Posted on March 5, 2013 by Raymond Lee Jewelers Diamonds Boca Raton and tagged Academy Award, Body piercing, Diamond stud, Earring, Jewellery, Jewelry, Male, Shopping. Men wearing stud earrings may seem all the rage today but it certainly is not a new phenomenon by any means. In the early 1920’s, sailors re-established the male earring tradition by donning studs of silver or gold as a status symbol for having sailed across the globe or as payment for burial in the event their bodies were washed ashore after having been lost at sea.
However, male earring usage among those who were mainstream had its debut in the late 1980s when Lou Gossett Jr.
Today, men of all ages, backgrounds, nationalities and cultures can be seen wearing earrings.
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The debate on men’s earrings revolves around trend and sexuality in modern days though the trend has been followed by humans since 3000 B.C. Today earrings for men has taken up a style privilege and most men think it adds on to their personality and style, well that’s in fact true though there are other misconceptions that piercing ears denotes sexual preferences in men.
We would love to see the dazzling earrings on Women’s ears dangling in beauty and singing in perfect tune with their attires.
From ancient time, long ear lobes were considered as a sense of spirituality and men followed the reigns of their ancestors and wore earrings to elongate their lobes.
Though boys are made to remove their earrings unlike girls in most families, they grow up and find these custom too fascinating and perhaps add much too their beauty and personality and get to have the best  diamond earrings for men and get them pierced with a beautiful stud just to enhance their popularity among peers. Wearing earrings also improves their hidden strengths and showcases them as powerful adults in college and of course helps them to impress the other sex among peers.  Most guys started to select diamond earrings for men to adorn their lobes and to enhance their beauty, forcing a tough competition for diamond studs. Some doctors choose diamond earrings for men as the acupuncture centre for vision lies in the centre of the ear lobe. The tradition of wearing earrings dates back to many civilization, and ancient hunters pierced their ears with some sharp stone or bones, to symbolize his spoke of power and his ability to conquer dangerous endeavours.
Use of horns and teeth to pierce ears symbolized his difficult path in finding a survival and his ability to mate, hunt and to lead his group. The concept of finding diamond earrings for men has evolved to be a comfortable way of expressing their style sense and their wealth, perhaps to steal positive looks from peers of the opposite sex.

To have the top diamond earrings for men, one has to concentrate mostly as Round cut diamond studs with a silver basket or background to it, that are just of 0.25 Ct.
Though illusion tunnel stainless steel earrings and men unisex huggie stainless steel earrings are also on the hit list, most people prefer to select diamond earring for men, as it not just looks decent and stylish, and also imparts a social status of the bearer. Typical users of these diamond studs are in the hip-hop and rap industry, from where we should say the tradition actually spread among young boys.
Before opting to choose diamond earrings for men, it is wise to analyze if his profession allows him to wear such studs as these are not allowed in some corporate.
Type of metal of the earring is also to be considered, as bright yellow metal are considered feminine and most boys prefer earrings made from platinum, diamonds, silver and steel  as they also yield a certain amount of ruggedness.
For those who fear the pain of piercing ears, magnetic earrings have also evolved and more recently with precious gem stones to prevent teens from pain and allergies. And never forget the 4 Cs when you find diamond earrings for men, which includes inspecting the cut, clarity, color and the carat weight, and of course the GIA certification for pure diamonds.
Once you choose diamond earring for men, there are some common mistakes you should never commit to avoid running the risk of spoiling the entire concept of wearing studs. Though these diamond earrings add a spark to your entire appearance, never try to wear them while playing sports, to avoid getting them dirty and damaged. Match your attires in perfect tune with your earrings and try wearing them with a pair of jean and t-shirt to enhance your looks and your style. When it comes to diamond studs, try to wear a simple stone with a round or diamond cut, for that itself has a tendency to sparkle and stand out a little more. It’s high time for all guys to complete their looks with men’s diamond earrings and to choose from hundredths of styles and designs to enhance their looks and it’s time for girls to start gifting back their guys and get the best diamond earrings for men as their heart pleasing special day gifts. This entry was posted in Diamond Earrings and tagged diamond earrings, Diamond Earrings for men, diamond jewelry, Earrings for men by Diamond Jewelry.
A brief study of history clearly reveals that men wore earrings way before today’s contemporary styles. During the hippie era of the late 60’s and early 70’s, male studs emerged once more as the latest hippie fad and it quickly caught on with prominent male celebrities and athletes who took the trend even further for their day.
Classic studs remain a popular type, but gauged earrings currently lead the male earring trend to include such designs as plugs and flesh tunnels so commonly used among the male youth of today. Currently, male studs and other earring types are being widely accepted in modern times as an acceptable means of expressing one’s uniqueness and individuality.

Monthly interest payments act as renewals, extending the loan 30 days when a full interest payment is made. Modern times ponder much hindrance to choose diamond earrings for men, as the old customs have almost been forgotten.
A lot of business revolves around girl’s earrings for their passion for the same and no doubt numerous designs and patterns with different metals are available in market in recent days. The concept though was not accepted by the modern society for decades, has broken all obstacles and has emerged as a well-accepted fact of today. Karnaveda or ear piercing is the ceremony followed in Hindu religion to pierce ears for both sexes at an early age of life.
Modern people’s ability to choose diamond studs for men rooted from here and has got moulded to be defined as specific style statements for them as civilisation improved. As most men do not prefer dangling and chandelier type of earrings, studs are mostly preferred and manufactured for the male population.
It is equally important to analyze if our culture and tradition allows us to pierce our ears. Though most guys prefer simple studs with square or dice cut, symbols depicting US dollars also is popular as it symbolizes power and wealth.
And refrain from wearing hoops and large diamond earrings to refrain from being criticized feminine.
In fact, stud earrings for men date back thousands of years to primitive Indian times where the jewelry was traditionally worn for religious or cultural rituals.
This opened the door for a male ear piercing explosion that continues to this day, embracing such professions as actors, athletes, musicians, businessmen, politicians and other prominent figures of our time. Princess cut square diamond unisex stud earrings are also on the hit list for those who choose diamond earrings for men. Made from high grade stainless steel these earrings will look & feel great in your ear.

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