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A growing number of clinics worldwide are treating tinnitus, hearing loss and Meniere’s disease with low intensity laser light as a primary therapy. Almost anyone with hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo or other disorders related to the ear according to Dr. Laser therapy has biostimulative and regenerative effects which has been documented to improve hearing loss, tinnitus,  Meniere’s disease and vertigo thought to originate within the ear.
Tinnitus, the perception of sound without an external cause, is an emergency signal by cells in the inner ear according to Dr.
In our modern society background noise is omnipresent, often at high levels, and our sense of hearing has been universally challenged.
Laser therapy has properties to promote biological function and regenerate tissue which may help re-establish normal transmission of nerve impulses. Visit Laser Research in Ear Disorders (Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, Meniere’s to see what researchers have reported in their own words. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is another energy based treatment which has been reported to have positive effects in tinnitus and hearing loss and which may complement laser treatment. Laser therapy may be administered via twin laser diodes directly into each ear while one is lying comfortably in a darkened room. To learn more about how laser and bio-electromagnetic therapies have been applied in ear disorders, click on Laser Therapy in Ear Disorders by David Rindge published in Acupuncture Today.
1 Wilden, Lutz Report on more than eight years of low level laser therapy of chronic inner ear diseases. Xianzai women de xuduo kehu shi zongbu she zai xianggang, xinjiapo, malaixiya he zhongguo, bing women jingchang chaxun shou ditu zai zhongguo de keyongxing.
Many of our customers are now based in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and China and we often get queries about the availability of Hand Maps in Chinese. Take one of the two patches supplied and connect the wiring loom to the back of the patch using the push-on connector. Turn your Aculife Unit on and set the power level at a setting which is comfortable for you.
To detect problems in the body, run the blue pointing device over your left hand, taking note of where the strongest sensations are felt.
To relieve pain and to treat any conditions that you may be suffering from, refer to the hand maps in the Aculife Hand Acupuncture Booklet and stimulate the indicated points for 5 minutes at a time. The second way to use the patch system is to place the patch directly on the area where pain is being felt. Most people become curious when they learn that it is possible to treat themselves for a large number of medical problems by simply stimulating acupoints on their hand.
It seems hard to believe but it is possible to detect problems in your body and to effectively treat many ailments by simply stimulating your left hand.
All of the body’s organs, muscles and systems are mapped out on your hand and any deficiency in one or more of these can be detected by sending a small electromagnetic current into your hand. As with all things in life, Aculife works really well for pain management in some patients and less well for others. Click on the link below to find out more about hand acupoints and hand acupuncture in this short YouTube video presentation.
The initial test in Singapore had correctly identified deep damage in a thigh muscle that had prevented me kicking a ball with my right leg for any distance.
I have successfully treated with the Aculife (in as much as I feel better) shoulder injuries, lower and upper back pain, headaches, toothache and general stiffness. On the ‘Detect’ level, I have found over hundreds of demonstrations that there are very few people indeed who ever try it and who fail to be astounded by the accuracy of identification.

I am only sad that I was unable to devote as much time as was needed to make it work for me in the UK. My husband was in an industrial accident 20 years ago and had his left arm mangled in a machine. Used Aculife on hand points for hemorrhoids for about 20 minutes per day for several weeks. I actually got a loan of an Aculife machine from my brother-in-law because I was suffering from a painful knee problem due to a sports injury. Sp151 Sound Oasis Sleep Therapy Pillow With Volume Control SpeakersThe sound oasis sleep therapy pillow sp-151 allows users to enjoy their favorite music or sounds in optimal relaxation and comfort. Sound Oasis Sleep Therapy Pillow With Volume Control SpeakersThe Sound Oasis Sleep Therapy Pillow allows users to enjoy their favorite music or sounds in optimal relaxation and comfort. Sound Oasis Sleep Therapy Pillow Speakers With Volume ControlTurn any pillow into a Sleep Therapy Pillow with our ultra-thin stereo speakers-now with inline volume control. Sound Oasis Cab103 Ear Therapy Sound CardSound Oasis CAB103, The Sound Oasis Ear Therapy Sound Card (#CAB103) provides advanced sound therapy to help tinnitus sufferers mask their tinnitus at home or work.
As well as making therapy resources free to everyone Psychology Tools also publishes books for therapists.
Nearly one person in every four will experience a panic attack at some point in their lives. Swedish Massage, also known as Classical Massage, uses manipulation of the soft tissue and  joints to create a physiological and psychological effect on the client's condition. TMJ Massage is a treatment used to reduce jaw pain, popping, cracking, grinding, tinnitus, dizziness, and headaches .
Combined Decongestive Therapy is a treatment program consisting of Lymphatic Massage, exercises and compression bandaging. Lutz Wilden, virtually everyone responded positively, and average hearing capacity increased by nearly 21%. Wilden believes that tinnitus, hearing loss, vertigo, and altered sensation within the ear are often the result of what he describes as “biological exhaustion of the inner ear”, and this may be due to acute or chronic exposure to sound, antibiotics, other drugs and many other stressors. Acoustic or other trauma, including drugs and even the aging process, may damage delicate cells within the cochlea, an important sound processing structure in the inner ear, resulting in hearing loss.
The IXX Annual Meeting of The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Chu yu zhege yuanyin, women yijing chubanle liang ben shou xuewei tu zai zhongguo de yuyan. For this reason, we have published two Hand Maps showing Acupuncture points in Chinese language.
Do try and keep the plastic backing dust free as you will want to put the patch back on it once you have completed each treatment.
This is usually at 2 or 3 bars in Detect Mode for most people.  In Relieve Mode, this will be at 4 or 5 bars for most people.
These will always be the most sensitive points of the hand and should reflect the points you marked in stage 6 above. The feedback generated by the Aculife medical device can identify what the underlying problem may be with a high degree of accuracy, and thus allow you to inform your physician of an underlying problem requiring treatment if one exists.
Nevertheless, from a detection point of view, it is almost unique in its uncanny ability to discover problems in the body – many of which the user had zero knowledge about. I finally had to stop playing rugby seriously as a result and the former life as a semi professional footballer became an impossible dream. Researching it has opened my eyes to whole new areas of health and attitudes which are in themselves of massive benefit.

In fact, when I went for planned surgery to correct the condition I was told that I no longer had a problem in this area.
Several of my friends and neighbours have bought them following my recommendation, including a neighbour in his 80’s who finds it very beneficial.
The first in the Self-help tools series is Self-help tools for panic a cbt workbook for overcoming panic attacks. Drawing upon the evidence base Self-help tools for panic takes a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approach to this common anxiety problem. CBT has been demonstrated to be effective when delivered face-to-face or as self-help. The book comes in multiple formats and can be printed or viewed on tablets and e-readers.Buyers of this version are also free to print copies of the whole book to give to clients they are treating.
She was very good demonstrating and giving everyone full attention with any help given when needed.
The goal of this treatment program is to decrease the limb size and increase it's health enough to enhance daily living and be fitted for a compression garment. Just as placing pressure on the eyes with a finger causes one to see stars, so tinnitus may be the result of stress to the cells responsible for our sense of hearing in the inner ear. Tinnitus is another frequent consequence in which nerves are stimulated to send impulses to the brain perceived as sound but which has no external cause. If the pain point is on the left side of the body, the user should stimulate the left hand on the most sensitive points as described in point 7 above. We have put together a collection of handmaps that show the correct treatment points for about 50 different conditions in a PDF document which can be downloaded from the link below. For minor ailments and the treatment of pain, you can use the Aculife to do the treatment yourself at home. After using the Aculife to ease the injury, I have built up to a point where I can once again kick a ball 30-40m and can play football and rugby with my sons. In fact, I was invited to go on National television in Ireland to talk about it and was happy to do so. As well as being an excellent self-help guide therapists will find it helpful as a treatment manual. This workbook will guide you through all the information and practical exercises necessary to overcome anxiety and reclaim your life.
Laser therapy may also reduce middle and inner ear inflammation and even help to reverse ankylosis, fusion of the tiny bones within the ear.
The longer and more severe the problem, the greater the time and laser energy which may be necessary. If the pain point is on the right side of the body, the user should stimulate the right hand on the most sensitive points. You don’t need any training other than the simple instructions that come with the device.
Your purchase of Psychology Tools books supports the development of the site and ensures that it will continue as a free resource for therapists around the world. It is a valuable resource for individuals who panic, but equally helpful to therapists as a treatment manual.

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