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A rather chilly relationship: It's a picture that spoke volumes about the frostiness between Kate and Fergie's girls. Simple: Sam wore a plain black suit with a black and white-checked shirt, complete with sockless shoes - one of his more signature styles Finally, something festive! From big stars, to night skies, to tiny little strings of stars fluttering down the wrist, there is a star tattoo out there for everyone. There are many different types of stars and they can be very simple tattoos or very complex depending on the style and artist. Lisa Snowdon delivers a repeat red carpet performance - with a more stylish look Looking good: With the exception of a lacking jacket, the 42 year-old star was perfectly attired in a pair of sparkly black trousers and vest top She's a LEG-end!
They are also a great way of remembering someone you have lost in your life.WristThe wrist is one of the most common places for people to get stars tattooed. Traditionally the wrist star would align with the thumb and be symbolic of carrying you forward in life.Finger StarsIf you look closely you will noticed these five pointed stars differ from your traditional ones as they have rounded points.

Such is the subtleties between different types of star designs, making them a very versatile choice to adapt to your own liking.CrescentThe star is often paired with a crescent moon.
Similar to the Turkish flag this design is also a great one for people to get who love the night sky.LoveHere is a great example of a more detailed star. On the hand at the base of the thumb and index finger.Close upA close up of a wrist design. Very cool shaped stars and really great placement.Behind the earA close up of someones 7 star tattoos that they have behind the ear. Some times people will get a different star for each person they want to commemorate in their lives such as 7 family members.Face StarsWhilst not for everyone, face tattoos can look great if you choose the right design.
Often simple ones work best.Toe StarsSome cool looking stars that wrap around this persons feet. We also really like that pink coloured daisy flower on the persons big toe.Neck StarWhat a beautiful design a star hanging from a thread that looks like its a hair coming from her head.

On the back of the neck is a great location, particularly for people with long hair to get tattooed as they can easily hide it if need be.Thigh StarsAnother popular spot for young females to get tattooed is the back of the thighs.
Sometimes it can look really cool not having your designs all symmetrical.Back StarA star with angel wings is representative of a guardian angel looking over you in life. From a simple dot that represents how we may see a star in the night sky to a slightly more details asterisk and then to a more traditional five pointed star.
This person has a great range of different sized and styled stars and they form a beautiful tattoo design that runs down the thumb.Rib StarsAs we mentioned earlier the ribs is a very popular and beautiful spot for females to get tattooed. Hopefully some of them have given you some inspiration for your very own star tattoo design.

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