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2) Screw earrings onto buttons. This hack is perfect for you if you keep losing one earring out of a pair. Another way to do this is to wear a thick pair of socks , slip for foot inside the shoe and blowdry them to know the next amount you’d want to expand the shoe! I wanted to share some of my favorite life hacks which solved so many petty problems which I’m sure we all face! Necklaces getting tangled very easily and it can be extremely annoying to detangle them when you’re in a hurry.
Loop your rings on a bracelet while traveling. This is one travel hack that I swear by while traveling! Some of them might already be well known but they definitely do work and couldn’t stop my self from including them from this full proof list! This hack is definitely helpful to those who really love their rings( statement and midi) but don’t have the patience to look around for them in a jewelry pouch before getting ready.

I keep buying sunglasses and often lose their cases and so this tip really works well for me.
It can then be transferred perfectly onto another plate and you will be left with the egg white.
If you all like this post, I’ll go ahead and makes this a series and do regular posts like these.
Looping all my rings into one bracelet makes it much easier to choose what to wear as well. We all have have that one pair which we outgrew long , long ago but cant seem to part with it.
I hate having all the wires for various gadgets lying all over the place and hence stacking them in shoe box makes for easy storage but also helps in them not getting mysteriously tangled.
Hanging them also keeps them all stored in one place making them readily available while picking out an outfit.

I also left some empty space for my camera charger which couldn’t fit into the little compartments. All you need to do is stuff your shoes with atleast two pairs of socks (each) and blow dry  the area where you want them to expand. Since I have a broad foot, I like to blowdry all across the front so that they open up a bit!

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