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Rubies have everything precious gems should have: magnificent colour, excellent hardness and outstanding brilliance. The ruby and its close relative the sapphire are the hardest stones in nature, second only to the diamond. Any of Grant's sapphire jewellery could also be set with fiery ruby and many of his other designs too.
The eternity ring here was designed specifically to fit around and compliment an engagement and wedding ring set.
If you would like any further details on these pieces of Grant Logan jewellery, his other designs, or a commission enquiry please contact us. Slight traces of elements, mainly chromium, are responsible for the vivacious colour of this corundum.

This red colour has sometimes led to an association with the sun, and the connection with power and the heat of the sun led to a legend that a ruby dropped in water would cause it to boil. A ring set with a precious ruby confirms that passionate and unrestrained love that lovers can feel for each other. That is one of the many advantages in having jewellery made specifically for you by Grant, rather than off the conveyor belt of 'what you see is what you get'. If you are fortunate enough to find perfect love, then why not confirm it with some ruby jewellery by Grant Logan. It is the chromium which is a major factor in rubies being so rare and of more limited size than their cousins, sapphires. Inclusions do not impair the quality of a ruby unless they decrease the transparency of the stone or are located right in the centre of its table.

In fact, inclusions within a ruby could be said to be its 'fingerprint', a statement of its individuality and, proof of its genuineness and natural origin. The cut is essential, and only a perfect cut will underline the beauty of this valuable and precious stone in a way deserving of this king of the gemstones.
Alchemists adopted the "perfect ruby" as a symbol of the philosopher's stone or elixir of life.

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