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With the growing population and the equal number of growing medical prescriptions, it’s understandable that medication errors will occur at times.
In recent times, depressed by the number of reported medication errors in healthcare centers, awareness campaigns and regulatory medicine schedules have sprung up in treatment settings. Doctors can do their bit to reduce medication errors as well, since prescription illegibility is one of the main reasons why mix-ups happen at pharmacies.
Guest Writer : John own an online medical uniform store where you can shop for branded scrubs for nurses, lab coats, scrub sets and lots more. Part of the problem with medication errors is the multiple steps needed to administer a drug in a traditional hospital setting.
E-prescription systems allow healthcare providers to log prescription medication into a computer, which is then sent to a pharmacy, and administered.
The use of e-prescriptions is in the rise, according to a report by Cal eConnect, which shows a jump from 3% to 25% between 2007 and 2011.
This is the main define statement for the page for english when no template defined file exists. Now that you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, what are you going to do about it? While side effects usually appear quickly, more severe consequences may take years to develop. Pin up your doctor’s prescription next to your bed and read it each time you take your medications. Note the expiry dates of medications; if a medication is nearing expiry, mark a huge red X on it.
If your pharmacy issues expired medications to you by mistake, bring this to your health provider’s notice.
Understand the drug directions; how many times a day, and how many hours apart are you supposed to take a drug?
When you give medication to your kids, read the drug name, dosage and prescription each time.

Make sure only one member of your family is in charge of dispensing medications to your children. Use compliance aids such as medicine containers with dosage based sections for daily doses. Report all medications you are currently taking including OTC drugs, diet supplements, and herbs and so on. Your doctor and your pharmacy should know about y our medication allergies and any unpleasant drug reactions. Doctors must ensure that their prescriptions are legible and clear so that no mix-ups happen at pharmacies or at hospitals. Implement SureScript Systems e-prescribing software that enables a two-way link between pharmacists and hospital doctors. Crosscheck drug bar codes on the prescription information coded in patients’ wristbands before administering the drug. Prescriptions that are wired in or telephoned to a pharmacist are sometimes interpreted wrongly, and the wrong medication or dosage is given to the patient, causing many avoidable errors. Use a computerized order entry system that allows doctors to enter their prescriptions to avoid the errors that arise from legibility problems. Clarify spelling of the drug name if the order is verbal and make the doctor spell out the dosage and the type of medication. Reorganize shelves and separate medications that bear similar names so that there’s no confusion during disbursement.
Check with the doctor if you find that the prescription is illegible or if information is missing. Expand the units and do not write U to abbreviate units as this can be misunderstood as zero, causing over dosage. Apart from the main prescription, provide a few specific directions to ensure correct use of the drug and dosage check. In the inpatient setting, a doctor writes the prescription order for the patient's chart, a nurse transfers the order to the pharmacy, the pharmacy reviews it, sends it back, and the nurse finally administers the medication.

Many of the aforementioned points of error are eliminated, and doctors have better access to menus regarding dosing options, routes of administration, patient medical history, possible drug allergies, etc. Coupled with the latest developments of an iPhone-connected smartpill, advances in e-prescribing for the administering of e-drugs might all but eliminate preventable adverse elements in the future.
Vitapharmica's products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Some of the medications you’re taking might reduce the effect of a prescription medication. Using this link, prescription information can be exchanged, helping to prevent a great number of medication errors. These bar codes help verify that the right patient is receiving the right drug, apart from alerting the system if the medication is wrong, late, or of the wrong dosage.
Elderly people and infants require lower dosages and the weight indication will prevent errors and potential disasters. One major contributor to PAEs is patient medication errors, and the implementation of e-prescription systems can cut down on these mistakes, according to Patexia. Mistakes can be made at the many points of this process - handwriting can be illegible, drug allergies or drug interactions can be missed, etc. A recent Australian study reports that the use of e-prescriptions cut down on medication errors by about 60%, and reduced serious drug related errors by 44%. TIW is read as thrice a day and HS is taken as bedtime, which is the Latin abbreviation, instead of Half Strength.

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