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Successful Meniere’s disease treatment is invaluable if you or a loved one sufferers from these ailments. NUCCA and Atlas Orthogonal (AO) chiropractic care are great options for Meniere’s disease relief.
If you looking for an effective solution for Meniere’s disease and vertigo symptoms, NUCCA & AO chiropractic care may be it!
We are excited to help people who haven’t found a successful Meniere’s disease treatment elsewhere.
Get in TouchNo Risk To See If We Can Help: If we find that we cannot help you we will tell you, and there will be NO CHARGE for your appointment.

Generally, medical options currently available are medicines that treat the symptoms of the episodes – but unfortunately can do very little to prevent the episodes. We seek to identify the root cause of the episodes and give you relief by decreasing the frequency, severity, and duration of your Meniere’s episodes. At Dallas Spinal Care, we can tell you if this would be a viable option for Meniere’s disease treatment. We will perform specific chiropractic tests to diagnose nerve impingement and then set up a plan to correct it. We will explain to you exactly what the process is so you can make the best decision and find relief!

Sadly, your life has to stop in its tracks until the symptoms pass – which can take 20 minutes to 24 hours! Small misalignment of the skull and upper neck bones can irritate the delicate nerves connected to the inner ear balance centers. By restoring the proper alignment of the bones, and healing the ‘chafed’ nerves, you may finally find your Meniere’s disease relief!

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