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That's a rising trend and many men just starting to use it, that's why many stylists saying: hurry up!
Another sharp and edgy look can be opted by wearing these leather zipped folio with studded details. These travel cases are better to be worn while travelling or walking through city streets, as these are not meant for work or business meetings. If you can not find an appropriate model for yourself (and I agree with you), then try fold over leather clutch that will fit right with any style of your wardrobe.

Today's topic is menswear fashion evolution, that borrows fashion elements from women's and ladies wardrobe. Lots of fashion houses including Burberry Prorsum, Valentino, Jil Sander and Costume National tender men's clutch bags, saying these bags will suit any occasion and will look masculine as never before. You can finish your look with stunning alligator caps, studded boots, vibrant color shirts. We will talk about bags which firstly were meant for women and now many designers offer these accessories to men.

My personal advise: THINK TWICE before wearing this accessory with you, as for me it's too girlish, man has to be a man first of all.
Designers say that thanks to these "new" accessories many men will look sharp, polished and relevant (sound ridiculous to me).

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