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I've had this sound in my ear since last November and it's really starting to drive me nuts! I then started vomiting and came up in a rash so I resorted back to paracetamol and saw the doctor.
From Megan: I recorded this after realizing others could hear it if they put a stethoscope up against my ear. GP has been a rather great support in trying to find a diagnosis and am now of to a neurologist in a couple of weeks.
She underwent a procedure to treat it and now she is a cured whoosher!  Read her story HERE! External and middle ear diseases: Radiological diagnosis based on clinical signs and symptoms.

Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging of pathologic conditions of the middle ear. Temporal bone imaging is challenging and involves deep understanding of the anatomy, especially in relation to High Resolution Computed Tomography (HRCT) imaging. Cross-sectional imaging has evolved rapidly and has surpassed the radiography and plain film tomography.
Middle ear disease can present as ear pain, otorrohea, hearing impairment and other symptoms. In certain cases, routine and contrast-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scores over HRCT in the evaluation of middle ear soft tissue; however, in most instances, it acts as a next step for confirmation and further characterization.
Features are consistent with cholesteatomaClick here to viewFigure 4 (A, B): Coronal image of the left temporal bone shows soft tissue opacification in the middle ear, sclerosis of mastoid, non-visualization of the ossicles, erosion of the facial nerve canal, tegmen (white arrows in A and B), lateral mastoid wall, and extension into the inner ear (black arrow).

The imaging appearance of facial nerve schwannoma has been described as an enhancing tubular mass (using T1-enhanced MR) within an enlarged facial nerve canal (using CT).
The aberrant carotid artery may be dehiscent or may be covered by cortical bone so that the otoscopic examination can sometimes be normal. A jugular bulb is considered "high riding" if it extends above the level of the floor of the internal auditory canal (IAC).
It is always important to make a note about the extent of the disease, anatomical variants, and possible complications.

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