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We hold stock of most items, once we receive your confirmed order we will advise you of the expected delivery time. The brooch is currently undergoing an extravagant resurgence in the world of fashion; with a variety of uses to suit all, this retro fashion accessory is proving to be well and truly back on the map. Designers such as Oscar de la Renta have also highlighted the amazing versatility of one of the fashion world’s most resilient items, and how it can be used in correlation to today’s multiple trends.
With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee fast approaching this year, what better way to join Her Majesty in celebrating the timeless appeal of the brooch, than with the combined timeless appeal of the pearl. Mikimoto has a range of sublime pearl brooches only available in our London store on Bond Street.

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These beautiful pearl & diamond drop earrings are from the Mikimoto Vintage Collection and are made from 18ct white gold. Handbags, hats, scarves, boots – the brooch’s multifaceted nature appears to be the key to its continued success. Over those years one of the chief ambassadors of the classic brooch has been Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who has regularly donned a variety of stunning brooches in her public appearances during her years on the throne.
Combining sophistication and contemporary design, these perfect examples are a truly exceptional way to celebrate one of fashion’s most iconic of accessories.

Featuring a 6.75mm cultured Akoya pearls handing from diamond set vintage design drop earrings. This stunning piece of jewellery combines timeless elegance with sophisticated and modern design.

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