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Super relaxing Reflexology, includes a consultation..Find out the many benefits and what reflexology can do for you! Indian Head Massage..Wonderfully relaxing and especially good for headaches or tension build up!
Thermal Auricular Therapy (hopi ear candling)..improves Sinus,Tinnitus and may relieve cold and headaches symptoms!!

Dry body brushing,  exfoliation and moisturising massage..Fabulous for keeping the circulation going,getting rid of dull dead skin, leaves the skin polished,hydrated and healthier looking! Trigger Point Therapy Massage..Brilliant for treatment of muscular pain, sciatica and relieving tension within the muscles!
Exfoliation and Manual Application (Xen-Tan) Only exposing the area being tanned so leaves you to relax and chill for a while!

A more intensive facial, incorporating a collagen face mask,deep cleanse, exfoliation and a moisturise.

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