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Lifehacks Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people looking to bypass life's everyday problems with simple tricks. Is it because your helmet pinching the cord against your skin, and when your head or helmet moves a bit, your earphones get pulled off? A quick fix that wouldn't take up more room in your helmet could be to wrap a rubber band around your head at ear level, pushing the speakers into the lug in your ear.
Having proper fitting headphones is really going to be the least aggravating in my experience. In terms of wearing earphones with a helmet, When I used to wear headphones in a helmet, I found that they came out when I put on my helmet because the helmet would pull the cord down. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged headphones or ask your own question. You could try getting some of those expanding foam ear plugs, punch a hole down the middle of them and use them instead of the rubber buds.
Wierd, I've never, ever, had a problem with mine coming out on their own, even when really hot and sweaty, it's getting them out in a hurry I struggle with, they fit so tight.
Getting them in is sometimes a hassle, I usually just moisten them to get them to slide into place, but once in, that's it. I am the only person I know that has so much grief with getting earphones to stay put, I must have unusually shaped ear holes (I believe that is the technical term).
Shures are the best sound quality but don't stay put long enough to be properly practical, close but not quite.
Sennheiser wrap around ones are decent enough sound quality but a little uncomfortable for extended use.
Sony and Sennheiser clip on ones are both uncomfortable and have weak sound as they sit awkwardly. The old style and new style apple earbuds won't even stay put for 30 seconds if I'm sat dead still. Ive used the type that loop over the ear while they do stay put never found them particularly comfortable. Dunno what the OP is like on the furry ear front but I'm bald as a coot in the ear department, no trimming required here.
I've got these: Sennheiser cx400, come with a multitude of earbuds to suit every shape under the sun and sound quality is outstanding. I'm not sure I'd bother with custom tips for normal phones, they're almost as expensive as some custom iems. Another option is to buy something cheap, like soundmagic e10 or something and get some comply foam tips. Sound Design Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for sound engineers, producers, editors, and enthusiasts.

Ever since then I've made sure I wear earplugs on flights, and it really does make a difference. I hate to think what SPL movies must be played back at over cheap airline headphones, to be heard over the engine noise! As James & NoiseJockey say, the mix of air-pressure changes and expose to loud SPL aren't a superb combination, although I'd think it's more to do with the change of altitude than the loudness.
I've spent a big part of my life with sinus issues, and I've felt my ear drums and sinuses on the verge of imploding many times! As an emergency, I also got an ENT to prescribe me some mega-hardcore decongestion nose sprays that I keep in my travel bag. Etymotic EB-15 earplugs are even better, as they protect your ears from constant high SPL while still allowing you to hear normally. If it's just an exposure-to-high-SPL issue, though, a pair of Etymotics or similar high-quality earplugs, as James has suggested, is probably a wise investment.
Consider, too, if it's physiologically connected to your sinuses or other pressure building in Ye Olde Skull due to the pressure differentials involved in flying.
Like Andrew, I've been prescribed a cortico-steroid nasal spray for daily use, but my doctor recommended 24-hour non-drip Afrin as an over-the-counter thing to take additionally on air travel days.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged plane ear-protection or ask your own question.
But in the event you want to be warmer, can squeeze a few millimeters in your helmet, and keep earbuds secure, check out the 360 earmuffs.
That said in the mean time you can try to pad your existing earbuds with the cloth covers you mentioned, to see if that makes a better fit. They were supplied with my Shure SE215's, and my MEE M6 Sports, and you can buy them separately too. In fact, my Shure ones have taken on the shape of my inner ear, almost like custom fit ones. I just had a quick count up and I currently have 8 different pairs of earphones none of which I would consider perfect. Now have some bose in ear they stay put perfectly and sound great for in ears type headphones. Not the cheapest option, to be sure, (see what I did there?), but you'll have the advantage of great sound, replacable cables, and eartips that will genuinely fit your ears, irrespective of shape, funny or not. And if so, is there a trick or tip you can give me for how I can alleviate this because I usually walk off a plane and have to get to mixing within a few hours afterwards.
It's crazy to think that we take care to avoid damaging sound levels at gigs and during mixing, and then sit in such a loud environment for hours on end without thinking about it! They are in-ears, but provide substantial noise protection, even when you are not listening to something.

They also include an option to boost quieter sounds, which is great for reducing the constant drone of the plane while allowing you to have a normal conversation with the person next to you.
Personally though, I think it is a justified expense, comparable to a singer insuring their voice. I've had a number of horrifically painful, week-long ear infections from plane travel in the winter, when I am fighting off colds, and using it the day I travel has been great. I use a headband when running, I run the cable through the top and out the bottom of the headband so if something tugs on the wires the earphones don't get pulled out of my ears. You can also try wrapping the cord over and behind your ear, so its harder for them to be pulled out when you put on your helmet. There are lots of other types available though, I've tried a lot in a bid to find the perfect model. You just have to make sure that the hole in the eartip will fit over the audio tube on the earphone; MEE eartips fit large diameter tubes, and the Shure ones fit small diameter earphones, like Etymotics. On the turbo trainer they'll not stay put for more than a couple of minutes and once I get a proper sweat on there's really no point trying to put them back in. Having the cables designed to go over the top of my ears means the phones dont get yanked out of my ear'oles if the cable gats snagged.
I'm trying to work out how I can have a day or two to get settled in and used to the time change, but this is not always the case. The big benefit is that they come with an adapter that allows you to plug them into the headphone jacks on the plane and use them instead of the junk the airlines provide. However, the air pressure regulating earplugs recommended by Andrew look like a really good cost-effective compromise. Be aware that over-the-counter nasal sprays are not supposed to be used for more than three days in a row, so be careful. I've got a set of the top ones that GrahamS posted above but the angle of the earpiece makes them uncomfortable for me when worn for extended periods they do have a reasonably good sound quality though. Apart from custom fit eartips, triple-flange ones are the only sort I've ever found that will fit into my ears properly and stay there. Andrew found around 89db I think, and I've seen similar and even higher figures quoted elsewhere.
They don't attenuate sound, they just prevent fast shifts in air pressure to push against your drum quicker than you're naturally able to decompress. As well as a couple of pairs similar to the GrahamS's bottom picture, by Sony and Sennheisser.

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