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Normally I do not go in for the body modification stuff but this lace-up back number is absolutely yummy!! A mom and wife, Connie blogs about entertainment, travel, living green, products, technology, DIY home remodeling and decor, and more.
Find out more about Connie and all the bloggers here at Baby to Boomer Lifestyle on our About Us page.
An ear scaffold is a metal bar fixed between two piercings at the top of an ear.Remmie, a student from Oldham, Greater Manchester, was forced to remove hers just six months after having it secured due to a severe reaction.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Although I’ve done some self-branding, I would probably never get a tattoo, unless it was for some ritualistic purpose.
For instance, I think almost all the breasts in this cosmetic surgeon’s folio were more attractive before the surgery.
And even when referring to less fashion-oriented body-modding like self-cutting, it seems to have a positive side.

If you’re interested in a little DIY modding of your own, check out this Instructables Guide To Elf Ears, or 8 awesome things you can implant into your body.

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