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TELL YOUR DAD TO MEET ME IN MY OFFICE TOMORROW AND BE READY WITH AN EXPLANATION FOR THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR.”Sounds familiar! As much as we hate it, all of us have experienced it at some or the other point in our lives and there is nothing better than school to teach us the cycle of punishments and rewards. I'm a writer, artist, and book editor interested in myth, folklore, fairy tales, and the ways they are used in contemporary arts. Myth & Moor is a daily journal for musings about art, myth, books, village life, and the world-wide community of folks who create and love Mythic Arts.
The 37th International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts: I'm delighted to be Guest of Honor in 2016 along with writer Holly Black and fairy tale scholar Cristina Bacchilega. A Midsummer Night's Faery Tale:This is the first book in the Old Oak Wood series for children, deeply rooted in the landscape and folklore of Dartmoor.
Snow White, Blood Red:The first of six anthologies containing fairy tale inspired stories for adult readers. A Wolf at the Door:The first of three anthologies containing fairy tale inspired stories for 8-to-12 year old readers.
Queen Victoria's Book of Spells:Brand new works of "Gaslamp Fantasy" (stories set in magical version of the 19th century) for adult readers.

The Armless Maiden: And Other Tales for Childhood's SurvivorsAdult stories inspired by fairy tales, exploring childhood trauma and the healing journey.
I was the fantasy editor for these annual volumes for sixteen years; Ellen Datlow was the horror editor. Please note that these books are linked to Amazon because it's the only book linking system that Typepad (this blogging service) has,but I urge you to please support your local bookstore if you plan to purchase any of the books mentioned on this blog. The Endicott StudioThe nonprofit organization for Mythic Arts that I ran for 22 years (starting in 1986), co-directed with author & folklorist Midori Snyder. Interstitial ArtsEllen Kushner, Delia Sherman, & other good folk look at writing and art in the interstices between genres. Punishments last long; they generate an indelible impression on our lives and help us in differentiating right from wrong.
It is often precisely from what is hard that our best work grows, our ideas deepen, and our spirits mature. Who am I during these long, quiet days when I can't write, or draw, or even think properly? If you prefer an online book service and your local shop doesn't have one, I recommend BetterWorld Books U.S.

The organization is currently on hiatus (while we catch our breaths and make a living), but a great deal of material from our Journal of Mythic Arts archive remains online. However, nobody in this world can match up to your school teacher in devising new techniques to punish you. Ironically, the very beyondness of the idea is often the touch of presence that renders the work luminous. The beauty of the ideal awakens a passion and urgency that brings out the best in the person and calls forth the dream of excellence. They have the caliber to conceive of dramatic ways to punish you which you couldn’t have imagined in the wildest of your dreams.
I try to joke around and shit but for some reason against scrubs I get so tryhard.The dude's friend smelled too, which was really annoying because he poorly played Merfolk and my friend sent him over to me to give him some pointers since I play the deck too.
Most modern decks are M13 standard decks with some current standard cards, meaning my BW tokens is one of the top tier decks there.Just ignore it.

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