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Not only has NOTHING weird happened in Beach City this week, but now there?s some ANNOYING noise-wave concert happening on the beach!
Samsung’s EHS71 is a high-contrast stereo headset (earphones) with an in-line mic created for the high-end market where listeners are particularly finicky about their audio.
Samsung’s EHS71 is a high-contrast stereo headset (earphones) with an in-line mic created for the high-end market where listeners are particularly finicky about their audio. The EHS71 has an interesting design on the box and it definitely makes use of the space to create that appearance that something expensive is in here. The headphones have a simple yet refined look to them making good use of brushed aircraft-grade aluminum and high grade wires that are tangle resistant. When it was attached to the HTC Arrive, the headset and mic worked beautifully for mobile use.
It just seems like nowadays companies craft product lines with specific models for specific consumers: “Accuracy” for the audiophiles, bass boost for the music lovers, treble boost for crazy people. The Samsung EHS71 is a clean-looking, beautifully built in-ear headphone (with mic which works beautifully on mobile talk), but the admirable design elements don’t offset its mediocre sound.
About LAZYTECHGUYSLazyTechGuys' is an online tech site that brings fresh and irreverent perspective to the ever changing landscape of technology. I know she clenched her fists as if she saw something bad but I think that was her struggling to keep her cool together.

I own the Sony XBA-4, Pradigm Shoft E3M, Klipsch Image S4A Headphones and (may the Sound God have mercy on me) the Bose OE2 headphones.
All tracks are laden with heavy, intricate percussion, and rich synthesizers of various colors and tones.
I, however, tend to appreciate a company whose designs share a family resemblance from the top to the bottom of a line.
He has worked the corporate ladder for many years as a user interface designer, DBA, web developer and business analyst. Our original content is formatted in conversational media and provides answers to those who've been spiritually crippled by the crashing of their favorite devices or the burden of providing information to the technically challenged. The package comes with a velvet case, extra silicone ear cushions to accommodate a variety of ear sizes and a clip to keep the mic in place for mobile talk.
The EHS71 was percussive and provided tight bass, but seemed dead at both extremes of the audioband: Low-end slam was more like a low-midrangey lump, and synthesized bells and cymbal pings lacked top-end sparkle. Unfortunately, the EHS71 covers only two of these three things and, sadly, it doesn’t include the audiophile group. Even with all the wind and ambient noise from all the traffic and construction work, everyone seemed to have heard me fine. The tonal balance was certainly forward, instruments pushed towards the front at a relatively narrow soundstage.

Headphones like these are hard to find accuracy in audio when fitment plays a large part in sound quality. In my personal longtime experience with these types of headphones, I doubt any of these models could stay in your ear during a constant run around the neighborhood.
She did claim to hear a bit of rustling from the clothing but that’s definitely not a deal breaker. Listening to variety of music on both the iPhone 4S and HTC Arrive seemed to be average at best. From the bass heavy tracks of satirical group known as The Lonely Island to the more subtle guitar sounds of Gotye, the EHS71 sounded like it got a chink in its armor. For a whole day, I spent my time trying to refine the audio settings for both the iPhone and WP-based Arrive. Bass levels seem weak and that was after adjusting the headphones tight enough to fit into my ear comfortably to make sure I get good fidelity.
To really see this through its paces, I needed to do some more focused personal listening to move past those first impressions.

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