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Any powered external speakers I connect to my laptop make a buzzing noise when my laptop is plugged in. The buzzing is louder if my display brightness is low, and especially loud if the display is turned off.
The buzzing happens with any power outlet: I've tested it in several buildings in two different cities. The volume of the buzzing does not change if I adjust the volume on either my computer or my speakers. The peak just to the right of the 100 Hz line is centered at 120 Hz, which is double the frequency of the AC power here. I'm betting your PC is sending extra power to them when it can spare it, and it translates as buzzing.
The odd thing about the power supply hash explanation is that it's heard only with amplified devices.
I've had it in the past, (Dell and Sony laptops), where I had to use an adapter that prevents ground from connecting on the laptop power supply cable, and the noise stopped. Not saying that this is the solution to your problem, but it has completely eliminated the issue for me a few years back. I am not sure but most likely reason for buzzing is that your electrical outlet(s) is not grounded. I have no idea if that is the case here as you seems to have strange results with different outputs. I had a similar problem with an external speaker being plugged into the USB port on my laptop, with the aux cable jack directly next to it.
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I mentioned this as on my old system I also had trouble getting my sound to work through HDMI from the GPU.
I frequently use Skype to talk online and over the past 3 or 4 months I have had a bit of a struggle using it. On Windows there is also a setting in the sound control panel to try to fix some humming issues.
The following picture shows how the microphone had a green bar level stuck at 2 or 3, which was associated with that hum noise.
I thought the problem was that the headset was old & broken, so that was the first thing I replaced.
Before buying a new headset, a good way to isolate the issue is to try your headset on another computer or laptop. Reading many online reviews it appears that a common cause for the background static noise is the computer having an issue with not being grounded.

If your computer is a laptop, you can test unplugging the power cord from the laptop while talking to see if that makes the buzz sounds go away. To fix the floating current problem I plugged the computer into a 3-prong outlet in the wall. I use a universal power supply which may be introducing the floating currency issue & I could try to remove that from the equation by not using a UPS, but then my computer work won't be saved if power goes out.
The best solution I was able to come up with was to move away from using a 3.5mm microphone and headphones combo to instead use a USB powered headset. If you have a limited number of USB ports on your computer then a USB splitter can be had for under $10. I hope the above post helped you fix any problems you have with noises running through your mic. Once you set up your free account you can comment on our blog, and you are eligible to receive our search engine success SEO newsletter.
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I have also tried plugging the speakers into a separate outlet from the laptop (one connected to a different circuit breaker), but the buzzing persists.

For example, if I run two instances of yes (one for each CPU core), I don't hear anything out of the speakers. In a computer's power supply, a constant voltage is maintained by a component that switches the power to a storage capacitor on and off very rapidly. Nothing has been wrong with Skype, but sometimes when I plug in headphones and a microphone I hear a loud humming or buzzing noise.
The problem was the only grounded outlet in my room was the one for the air conditioner & it had a specialized fitting.
Gaming headsets are quite comfortable and affordable & can plug into your USB outlet, allowing you to turn off your core microphone outlet and still be able to hear clearly.
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Assuming you're running Windows, download and run Lenovo's ThinkVantage System Update utility and install any available audio driver updates. The one that doesn't cause the buzzing is the 65 W supply shipped with a ThinkPad T520i. I had to buy a converter to allow a regular power strip to plug into the grounded outlet & then run the air conditioner and computer off of it.
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