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Recently I came across a natural hair loss treatment plan called as rebuild hair program that claims to help you to regrow your hair in a matter of just 4 weeks. I was a bit skeptical about this program because one month appeared to be too short a period for reversing hair loss and that’s why I decided to check out this product. In this review I am going to provide you more details about this program and what is the exact basis used in this program to provide a natural hair loss solution.
I am also going to list some of the pros and cons of the rebuild hair program so that you have all the required facts in front of you. This is actually an information eBook written by Jared Gates which provides you a natural way to regrow hair. Jared Gates initially tried Rogaine and other alternatives like Minioxidil and Propecia but none of products gave the kind of results he was looking for. It seems these medicines also resulted in side effects like redness of the skin, itching, burning in the eyes and unwanted hair growth elsewhere on the body. Also another important thing that Jared mentions is that all these topical medicines had to be used continuously to maintain hair growth. With none of the medicines working well for him, Jared Gates decided to do extensive research about hair loss problem. After reading several books, browsing many websites and reading many research study papers he was able to find out that the real cause for hair loss in both women and men has nothing to do with age, genes or any such thing.
He found out that a Hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestoterone) produced by the human body was responsible for blocking the growth of new hair. The Rebuild hair program by Jared Gates helps you with the information to slow down the production of DHT. Jared Gates also found during his research process that an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase (5 AR) was actually responsible for production of DHT from testosterone in the human body.
Jared Gates hair loss protocol eBook provides you the steps and details of food items, minerals, vitamins and herbs that help in stopping the excess production of 5 alpha reductase (5 AR) and DHT. You will not only come to know the details of food items, minerals and herbs but you will also get the details of proportion of these items to be used in your daily diet and the best way to include these items in your diet. It seems by following the diet plans both men and women will be able to reverse the loss of hair, baldness and thinning of hair in just 4 weeks. The method provided in this eBook can be used by anyone who is looking to grow hair back naturally. The treatment plan given in this guide not only helps to grow back hair but it also helps in prevention of prostate enlargement caused due to DHT in the case of men . According to Gates and Dr Blount a large amount of time and effort has been put in order to find out this scientifically proven method for hair growth.
Since the eBook gives you a natural hair restoration method therefore you can be sure that you will not experience any side effects like etching and redness of the scalp. Even in case you are allergic to certain foods, there are sufficient alternatives provided in the eBook so that your interest is taken care of. There is no use of drugs, medicines or surgical intervention involved and therefore this is an inexpensive method where all the items required for treatment may not even cost you 100 dollars.
This eBook is written in simple English language so that a layman can read it and follow the provided information. For male members this PDF book offers additional information for preventing the development of prostate cancer.  There is sufficient scientific information that indicates the link between DHT and prostate cancer. Jared Gates provides a 60 days, 100% money back guarantee for this product and therefore you can try the method in the eBook without any risk at all. The author of rebuild hair program, Jared Gates claims that it would only take you 4 weeks to grow your hair back. To get the best results from this program you will have to make some basic changes to your diet and lifestyle. However hair loss is a complex issue and therefore not every individual is going to get the same results by following the natural remedies mentioned in this guide.
Instead of guessing and predicting outcomes, it would be better to try out this program first hand and see if the method works for you.
The stress, strain and embarrassment of baldness drove him to find a solution for this problem. This DHT enters the blood stream and produces several reactions and one of them is the clogging of part of hair follicle that is responsible for growth of new hair. And because of DHT the growth of new hair is prevented and this results in hair loss and thinning of hair. According to Jared Gates this method is inexpensive when you compare it with the cost of of hair transplant and other such methods. Blount, who is a qualified doctor and who has co-authored this eBook along with Jared Gates.
Blount was convinced only after he tested this hair loss protocol with many clients who were suffering from baldness, hair loss and hair thinning.
By following the protocol women will be able to restore hormonal balance in the body so that problems like mood disorders and hot flashes are minimized. All the remedies and treatment plans proposed in this hair loss protocol are backed by research and scientific evidence. Therefore the information provided to control DHT in the PDF guide should be beneficial for prevention of this male prostate disease also. You will have to read the eBook, understand the steps and implement the steps with dedication and effort for the next few weeks. Blount have managed to come out with an eBook that has comprehensive information about hair loss and how to reverse the same using scientifically proven natural remedies. Wherever certain steps have to followed in a methodical way, those have been specified correctly. The eBook provides details of vegetables, herbs, vitamins, minerals and supplements along with the quantity and proportion to be consumed.

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