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As this type of  jewellery is very common in wedding so I am sharing some more beautiful designs.
We often choose gold necklace designs that are not pocket friendly and some times we choose budgeted gold jewellery that fail to give us the desired look. It was designed by my grand mother and was worn by my maa on her wedding day, we call this Angur Lata Haar (Grape vine motif gold necklace).
These necklaces were very popular in 50s and 60s but now these Sita haar necklaces are again in fashion.

In the past few weeks (as because it is wedding season) I have received alot of requests from my readers to share some budgeted, trendy and traditional Bengali wedding necklace designs, which have classy and elegant look and are also pocket friendly. So here I am sharing some gold necklace designs from my personal collection and some are googled. And I have also conveyed your compliment to my husband, he seems to be very happy and said thnks to you.
I will surely try to write some more on jewellery, but it would be even better if you let me know your choice, like what kind of jewellery you like the most, then I can try to write on them too and it's really good to hear that you love my blog, I am so glad you liked it.

Good to hear that my article proved to be helpful for you, I will surely try to write some more on jeweleries soon.

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