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The warm neutral tone of pale Wild Swan and dark Phantom are the melody and countermelody that holds the rest of this trend in balance. Sparkle, shine and light play set the tone for this dazzling trend--if you remember to pair it with richly colored gemstones. Let light and reflection be the prelude your designs follow with shapes that are both modern and organic. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated.

The curved concrete ''shell'' shapes of the Sydney Opera House are an ideal canvas for the play of light from multiple surfaces. The saturated tones of Opera Gloves brings depth to the brightness of designs while the cool grace note of Sydney Mist adds an invigorating freshness.
Swarovski pearls, dark amethyst and the deep greens of kambaba jasper build the bassline for this trend while Swarovski crystal beads and silver-lined seed beads create an aria of reflected light. Grandiose elegance--fit for attending the evening show--duets with rich depths of color for a medley of glorious future jewelry lines.

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