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The fastest half marathon in Central Texas offers participants more than just a great chance at a PR on a net downhill, point-to-point route.
The 3M Half Marathon has always been known to feature one of the better participant packets, taking advantage of the direct product placement to thousands of runners. Product Information: Indicate which products you need price or information for, please include the Part# and the quantity. This year 8,000 runners will receive a bevy of 3M products for the race’s namesake, chock full of items you always need around your house or at your office.

Creating immediate brand awareness – especially in so many items one would never guess was made by the company or included their technology.
When it comes to race shirts the little things tend to count the most – like fitting true to size which the event has made happen. When IBM sold their annual 10K to Luke’s Locker it left the north Austin-located 3M as the only major race remaining in the region produced by a corporation. I’ve run in the event a number of times over the past ten years but never have I seen the race bag stuffed this full.

When the kind folks from the event offered us the opportunity to preview the bag it was too good to turn down.

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