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Warning: You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer - many features on this site may not work properly. Pretty light blue dyed jade bead earrings, dangle from handmade niobium spiral teardrop posts. Perfect for your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, on either side of your fireplace or anywhere that antique look is needed. Stylish and functional ceiling lights which, like all our fixtures, can be custom designed to your specs. Elegant designs for your formal dining room, kitchen living room, study or anywhere you need that classy look. Please read through a few to gain a feel of what you can expect when you purchase from CLF.
Personally, I am quite proud that you are not importing cheaper light fixtures from the Eastern Hemisphere and that you manufacture all your products here in the USA. We would recommend your company because your lived up to all our expectations of quality, service and price.
I especially love my kitchen lights and would highly recommend to any one considering a purchase, to go ahead with it. Before we found your wonderful website, we were hesitant to purchase anything online, even books and cd's.
My husband and I recently moved my family back here from Europe and needed to decorate our new Colonial Style House.
Also, the pictures on your website, as clear as they are, do not do your lighting fixtures justice. The electrician finally came and installed the lighting fixtures we purchased from Custom Lighting Fixtures. All I wanted was an old hanging electrified gas lighting fixture or reproduction of such, for the ceiling of my 100 year old Richmond home’s new kitchen.
The thing that sold me over all the other place’s I found, was the choice of metal colors and finishes and of course thousands of possible configuration options.
After many days of printing pictures of the fixtures off of CLF's well designed web site, laying them all out on my dinning room table, checking into the history of the company I was about to send my hard earned money to, I had FINALLY made my choice!!! When I received my light it was very well packaged and was more than I had expected!!!!!!!!!!!
The time Seth and I had put into designing this fixture was really crazy, but hey, it was exactly what I wanted and I was not about to compromise on my light.

I want to thank you for your help in finding the right lighting fixture for our kitchen remodel. The wall lamps that I purchased from Home lighting are more beautiful and more elegant than depicted on the website.
Side Laying Breaded Cat Post EarringsSterling Silver Diamond Cut Side Laying Breaded (When A Cat Looks Like A Loaf Of Bread) Cat Post Earrings. Filigree Cat Dangle EarringsSterling Silver Backview Of A Cat With Filigree Back And Curly Tail Dangle Earrings On French Wires. Moveable Happy Cat Post EarringsSterling Silver Moveable Happy Cat Post Earrings (Nickel Free).
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They speak honestly about our integrity and dilligence when it comes to serving our customers. We were very impressed with the details of the picture and it was exactly what we were looking for.
The fixtures are excellent quality, just like the photos on the website portray them to be.
We searched in the department stores and found nothing which compared to your fine quality. I found tons of just that on line but with prices that sometimes exceeded more than my new kitchen!
He was very helpful, answered all my questions, and after about an hour I had made my choice of fixture and the color, pewter with several brass components as highlights.
Any time I had a question or concern he was always there to answer them and he would return my calls the same day. Living in Alaska limits our choice of selections--we just can't drive down to the next showroom. If you continue to irritate your nickel allergy, your allergic reaction will become more severe over time.
When we saw your Model S129, no other lights would do for us, though they were higher than our budget had allowed. We are simply stunned at the level of possible customizations and the quality and craftsmanship that you puts into every fixture.

The era of our 150 year old Victorian home seems so much more alive now and we are so very pleased. Your reproductions rival the antiques we have seen over the past 20 years we have spent abroad. When we went shopping for suitable lighting fixtures to install after a major restoration, yours seemed like the only ones that really fit - and boy did they ever!
The globes for my fixture were larger I thought and more beautiful than I would have ever expected. Your extra personal attention, quality of your products and reasonable shipping arrangements are much appreciated.
Your jewelry will arrive in a satin pouch or small box, suitable for gift giving or safe-keeping. Nickel allergies can appear at any age and last a lifetime, so everyone can benefit from choosing nickel-free jewelry. Not to mention that all of your lighting fixtures are made from solid brass and not brass plated white metal - which seems to be what everyone else is selling. Cheap this, thin that, plated scrap metal and more plastic than could be found at your local Tupperware party. I had even considering not using the tin because I could not find a complementing light fixture. We were so impressed that we will be ordering a bathroom fixture from your site in the near future.
The light sockets were actually CERAMIC, something I saw very little of in my search for the perfect light. As I promised Seth (who was extremely helpful), I am enclosing a picture so you can see how beautifully they complement the room. They were the perfect touch, and as we continue to remodel our home, your products will be our first choice.

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