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Rhodium Plating is a Durable White Metal that you can get Plated over your Gold Jewelry (Mainly Yellow Gold is the Worst). Often these are White Metals like Steel, and Titanium, but you can also find Yellow Gold Versions if you Prefer Yellow Gold.
There are a Couple of Great Products that Amazon Sells Here, that you simply Apply to your Jewelry and Rings (Apply just like Finger Nail Polish, which some People will also use), that Coats a Layer of Lacquer or Silicone (An Invisible Shield that can be Removed with Nail Polish Remover), and Prevents your from coming in Contact with the Nickel. One Bottle will Allow you to Detect any Traces of Nickel in your Jewelry (Tests them to see if there is Nickel Present Before you Wear them), and once Detected, the other Bottle (The Solution) Protects the Ring and Forms a Mask that is Satisfaction Guaranteed.

It’s Good to Note that this Solution also Works on Eye Glasses (Frames Often Contain Nickel), Belt Buckles, Rivets on Jeans, and Yes, the Keys you put in your Pocket!
If you Suffer from Allergies Due to Nickel (Usually in 10kt and 14kt Gold), then you Owe it to yourself to Detect, Prevent, and Protect Yourself and your Jewelry!
Let it Dry for 6-12 Hours, and you can Finally Wear your Rings, and your Sensitive Skin will LOVE it! When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated.

Then (for Best Results) Apply a Second Coat to them, just to make Sure the Entire Item is Covered, and Covered Well!

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