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OK, so the tennis dress, designed by Nike, is a celebration of New York in functional fashion form. Sharapova described the dress as simple and classy, which suits her taste since she doesn't like things that are "tacky." I am not sure I am convinced on the crystals and the color though. I certainly can't blame shoppers for snatching up cute clothes for one of the most fashionable sports. Some of the tennis outfits nowadays, epecially those by the Williams Sisters and Maria Sharapova, are really impractical.

The bright red-flame color represents the Big Apple and the 600 Swarovski crystals are reminiscent of the Manhattan skyline. If you play tennis, or even if you don't, you're in luck, because there's more choice now than ever.
If it's functional and it won't get in her way or distract anyone why not show fashion on the court? Ticket sales are up for the US Open, and participation in the sport increased 18.7 percent last year.

Nike and Adidas are churning out especially stylish styles lately; right now I'm eying this Nike Paris Tennis Dress ($100).
In the US, tennis apparel rung up $294.6 million in sales last year; Reebok's US tennis revenue alone is up 62 percent!

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