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The earpieces themselves might seem big, and while they are a little bit bulky, they are not at all heavy or annoying to wear. As mentioned, they come with seven different sized eartips so you can find a set that fits your ears the best. I’m not an audiophile by any means, I simply like to have audio equipment that sounds good in my ears. Sony claims that it will reduce ambient noise up to 98.4% and it will automatically select what it believes is the best NC MODE.
Do you remember how much more awesome movies became when you replaced your old TV with a new HD flatscreen? Because of the rather high price tag on Sony MDR-NC300D, the overall size and a missing button to disable the Noise Canceling feature and use them as normal earbuds, I’m rating them 4 out of 5 apples.
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Perhaps not the most appealing name and probably also not an easy name to relay to older family members when you tell them what you would like for your birthday. However, it’s a nice looking box in black, with a transparent front where the unit is presented nicely.
The reason for their funny looking design, is the microphone at the back of each earpiece, picking up ambient noise in order to filter it out. This is where the battery goes and where you can adjust the volume and a few other options. Starting left to right, is “Sound Mode”, this is for switching between Movie Mode, Bass and Normal.

I already own a seat of passive noise canceling headphones, so they don’t have a microphone to pick up ambient noise like the Sony earbuds do. The latter is to simply wrap the cord up a bit so it’s not its full length, as I don’t need it to be that long. Just don’t forget to leave the unit ON overnight, as this will also drain the battery somewhat. These Sony earbuds does the same to your music when replacing the default earbuds that came with your mobile phone, MP3 player or iPod. Now I just have to find a way to lose my Apple in-ear earphones, so I have an excuse to buy myself a set of Sony MDR-NC300D. If you like what you see, why not connect via Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to the RSS feed and always receive up-to-date information about new articles on this topic. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). While most other in-ear headphones use passive noise canceling technology, these use active noise technology to eliminate outside noise with inverse audio signals. When I tried the Sony earbuds for the first time, I was amazed at how well these small things managed to block my air-condition unit and the soccer game on the telly.
I found that it didn’t get the situation right all the times at first, but eventually it would make a good pretty good guess as to where I was.
The shirt clip attaches to the back of the “control center” and provides both a “stand” for the unit it while it’s on a table (not that you need it, you probably don’t look that much at the display anyway) but the shirt clip also makes it easy to attach to your shirt or other places that might come in handy.
I did exactly that, a few times, and unfortunately it doesn’t automatically turn off even though no music passes through for an extended period of time.

With just one click on the “monitor” button, the noise cancelling system stops and the microphone instead relays the ambient sounds directly to your ears.
And the last button is of course the “Power” button which also has a “Hold”-feature, kinda like a keyboard lock on cellphones. Then comes the real test – wearing them on a commute or where ever you intend to use them, and feel how your ear canal is, afterwards.
If you’re not satisfied with what it’s doing, simply click the “NC OPTIMIZE” button at the back and you can modify it with the volume rocker, depending on what kind of tones are getting through (high or low).
I just put them in the leather case (and had a spare AA battery with me, too), and then in my pocket.
The Noise Canceling technology works best with more “static” sounds like on a train, airplane, an air-condition, computers humming and such. If they become annoying after extended use, try a different a set of tips (or mix two sets) and go on another commute, until you find the best combination. Given the fact that these go straight into your ears, and normal headphones only cover them, also adds positively to the whole “block ambient noise”-thing. Sometimes it takes just a few tries and you’re all set, other times it’s a bit more complicated, but in the end it pays to have the best fit possible. While I don’t watch that many video podcasts with explosions and such (none), I would never disable “movie mode” again after having tried it just once and I wish that my TV surround speaker set had a “movie mode” too (and so does my neighbor, I’m sure).

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