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Several manufacturers have produced earbuds which are capable of reducing ambient noise in order to achieve a better listening experience.
These utilize a technology which samples the ambience and then generates a sounds which is opposite of the noise.
Overall these units have received very favorable ratings with most reviews in the 4 or 5 star raange.
You can purchase these models from Sony for under $100 and you’ll get a unit which provides for excellent performance and much greater enjoyment in what would otherwise be lousy environments.
Click here to browse through all the latest Sony Noise Canceling Earbuds ~ something I’m sure for all ears..
Sony MDRNC13 and SONY XBA-4 seem to look almost the same as other earbuds except that the inside the Sony MDRNC13 housing, there are a circuitry to receive and invert wave from microphones which pick up the ambient sounds. ANC earbuds (in ear headphones) work effectively on the sounds that constantly produced like air-conditioners or jet engines. Literally they can’t since it relies on the working ranges of the noise-cancelling components, which is the range of frequencies that the ANC circuitry can generate.
Not all noise-cancelling earbuds are comfortable to wear, effectively reduce noise and have long battery life.
Additionally, the noise-cancelling feature requires battery to run its function, which can be internal or removable and the longer battery life the better, and the Bose QC 20 offers the longest up to 16 hour with integrated battery. However, the battery box can be weighty that may tug earbuds out of ears.
AKG K391 NC has the integrated battery that can last for up to 40 hours for streaming music with ANC function switched on. Technology gives us a lot of awesome things, but it can also add up the problems, like the noise-cancelling if they malfunction or it was not cared much by the manufacturer ( they add this functions to advertise the earbuds on the market) you coud hear the intense background noise.

If you travel alot on train or flight, this clever sound cancelling technology could make you happier and more relaxed audio experience.
Hi, I guess you haven’t yet tried the AKG K391 NC the reason their battery lasts so long is that it doesn’t appear to cancel out any noise, it just makes the music louder !! What a difference can’t believe there is a better product on the market at the moment. Enter the Sony MDRNC7 Noise Canceling Headphones Giveaway for a chance to win a pair of Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones worth $149.99. Sony MDR-NC8 Noise Cancelling Headphones FeaturesThese noise cancelling headphones by Sony are designed to reduce ambient noise by up to 90%, letting you groove to your tunes with vivid audio provided by 30mm drivers. By signing-up, you agree that EXPANSYS PLC and their respective group of companies can contact you from time to time by email, phone, post, SMS or MMS with information on products, services and offers.
By signing-up, you agree that EXPANSYS PLC and our respective group of companies can contact you from time to time by email with information on products, services and offers.
Sony noise canceling earbuds are an excellent choice for high quality and performance with effective reduction.
Sony is known for their high performance products at reasonable prices and these exemplify this. The inverted wave is created from earbud speakers will cancell out the wave from environment–destructive interference, resulting in users hearing less of the outside world. It can only work perfectly with certain frequency ranges from car or airplane engines, air conditioners but human voice like baby crying, shouting are not reduced significanlty. It’s just great with a good set that you can enjoy music even on the long flight without disturbing from noise of jet engine while still feel comfortably.

The sound, which can be screaming kids, dogs barking, yelling just about all sounds, is primarily isolated by earbud tips that come with different sizes. Perfect for travellers, they have a folding design for convenient transport, are lightweight, comfortable and powerful. People listening to music or other files on a pair of these headphones will not have their enjoyment ruined by the sound of a car engine or any other annoying external sound. This greatly reduces the effect of the disturbance and enables the user to achieve a much better listening experience. I had mine for a fortnight and returned them and paid the difference for the Bose 21i’s. Bespoke earbuds have been designed for maximum comfort and wearers can don them for hours at a time. So choose a pair of earbud tips you feel the most comfortable and and give best fit to your ears. Clear highs right down to deep bass guarantees that listeners, no matter what the music genre, will enjoy their sounds to the utmost.
When used with the maker's Xperia Z2 android devices, this headset is great for hands-free calling.

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