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The Sony MDR-RF865RK Wireless Headphones are a great looking set of closed type headphones, that provide up to 100m reception range and noise cancelling technology. With a wireless range of up to 100 metres, you have the freedom to stroll around your home whilst listening to great quality sound from your music collection. This great set of headphones have a frequency response of 10Hz-22kHz and a 40mm driver unit that will deliver clean audio reproduction that is sure to impress.

They are also a very easy to use set of headphones with built in easy volume adjustment, and easy re-charging via the stand that is included, the built-in rechargeable batteries will provide up to 25 hours use, so plenty of music listening pleasure before needing to re-charge. You can rely on Sony for great quality audio visual equipment, and you certainly won’t be disappointed with this superb value for money set of Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones, perfect for listing to music or watching movies without the hassle of tangling wires. These headphones also include an automatic tuning feature that ensures you always have the best quality signal.

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