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The Sony MDR-RF865RK Wireless Headphones are a great looking set of closed type headphones, that provide up to 100m reception range and noise cancelling technology. With a wireless range of up to 100 metres, you have the freedom to stroll around your home whilst listening to great quality sound from your music collection. This great set of headphones have a frequency response of 10Hz-22kHz and a 40mm driver unit that will deliver clean audio reproduction that is sure to impress.
They are also a very easy to use set of headphones with built in easy volume adjustment, and easy re-charging via the stand that is included, the built-in rechargeable batteries will provide up to 25 hours use, so plenty of music listening pleasure before needing to re-charge. You can rely on Sony for great quality audio visual equipment, and you certainly won’t be disappointed with this superb value for money set of Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones, perfect for listing to music or watching movies without the hassle of tangling wires. Sound conditioning technology has its roots in the buttons on over-specified stereos that allow you to switch between concert hall, jazz club or cathedral. Contemporary music-making really equates to music-production, to the collating and curating of people, references, sounds, and effects. The audio experience is stunning: The stronger the sense of silence, the more concentrated the audio experience. Changes in the technology of how we listen to music have transformed the kind of music that we make.
He is Professor of Architecture at UIC in Chicago and Director of Night School at the AA, contributing editor for Icon & columnist for Art Review & Dezeen.
These headphones also include an automatic tuning feature that ensures you always have the best quality signal. It is the culmination of a cultural vector, sharpened to a point where the mechanisms that enable it appear to vanish.

As the headphones take control of my audio input, it’s like stepping into a wide-open sonic landscape. A hidden apparatus manufactures this environment like that medieval vision of the universe where the sky is drawn back to reveal the gears, cogs and springs which power celestial movement. The electronics condition the sound just as other environmental factors such as temperature and light are routinely altered.
These buttons layer recordings with spatial characteristics, stretching and compressing the sound as necessary. You can hear sounds placed around you as carefully as an aggressive cricket field around a batsman. In 1951, John Cage visited an anechoic chamber at Harvard University in order to hear silence.
It also recalls Brian Enos interest in ambient noise, or Simon Jeffes of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra who would drive out to Heathrow to listen to the nocturnal hums and rumbles of the airports mechanics. It’s a portable environment synthesiser, as mysterious as holding a shell to your ear. This point is where the focus of modern day magic: technology and organization becomes alchemic- substance dissolves into air, mass turns to light, accumulated wealth turns into culture.
While I’m listening to the headphones, the headphones are listening to the sound that surrounds me. Vinyl allowed individuals to own music, thus choose their own soundtrack and establish their identity within popular culture. What is that place that you can just hear through the noise cancelling: what kind of nothing?

They capture the ambient conditions, process the data, and calculate its exact inverse, instantaneously. The sound provides definition and microscopic detail, revealing the musical anatomy as sharply as a surgeon’s scalpel peeling flesh from bone. Instead, he heard two sounds, one high and one low: his nervous system and his blood circulating.
This noise reducing technology has the kind of logic that only usually works in science fiction: by playing the opposite waveform, the unwanted original sound is simply cancelled out.
Pinched between the headphones, I feel like I’m within an invisible cave or a sonic vacuum. It is disorientating: what you see and what you hear are out of kilter, cause and effect come loose from one another. The records success was a coincidence of an articulated musical style and production with a new technology of sound reproduction. What we really enjoy is the digital silence – in this case a silence described by 1s and 0s using algorithms developed in an Eindhoven laboratory.

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