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How does it work and what are the differences between noise isolation and noise cancellation headphones. There is however ways to combat this which will mean that the sound control of your music player doesn’t need to be put up to full volume which could end up damaging your ears. Noise Isolating earphones are the generally cheaper and less technical approach to stopping noise while Noise Cancelling headphones use more technical electronics to cancel out sound interference.
Noise Isolating earphones (also known as in-ear sound isolating earphones) basically use a rubber and or foam earpiece that will fit quite snugly into your ear to basically seal the ear hole and ideally create an air tight fit that helps to reduce any outside noise from getting through into the ear. This method tends to be a much cheaper option and although choosing a good set of noise isolating earphones will cut out most external noise it is unlikely that every single bit will be cut out. Because noise isolating earphones require the earphone to fit very snugly into the wearers ear they tend to come with a few different earbud sizes so that the wearer can choose the one which fits the size of their ear the best. Noise isolating earphones have an entry level price of around ?10 (obviously these are not going to offer the level of noise isolation than more expensive sets are likely to offer) with the high end earphones costing ?300+. One point to note with noise isolation earphones is that you will not really ever be able to sample a set in a shop to see how well they work due to the fact that the earphones go into your ear so health and cleanliness would mean that it would not be good to share earphones round for many people to sample. Noise Cancelling headphones are a different kettle of fish, this technology goes far more scientific to actively counter the ambient noise which is there trying to interrupt your music. How Active Noise cancelling headphones work is in 2 ways, the first is that high frequency noises tend to be stopped by the earcups and ear pads which our ears get surrounded by. How the noise cancellation works is by basically creating sound waves that cancel out the soundwaves of the ambient noise.
A microphone is put inside the earcup of the headphones that picks up and measures the sounds that are passing through into the headphones. If you are looking for set of headphones that offer superb live and ordinary performance then the DNA headphones are perfect because they fit nicely in the middle of this market. For those of you who want more of a choice in terms of style, then maybe you should consider the NCredible NTune On-Ear Headphones instead. I’ve been aware of Denon headphones for the past few, or more, years but have never really been personally drawn to them. While this never stopped me from recommending their products to people – at the end of the day they have many happy users and as I mentioned slightly earlier the potential was always there on the sets I tried – it did stop me from hanging up my own headphones and buying my ticket for the Denon express.
So with the release of their new ranges of ‘interestingly’* named headphones have Denon been able to change my mind or will I come away disappointed again?
The Denon AH-NCW500 headphones are very simple to get up and running and have a few features which look like they’ll come in very handy if a great deal of commuting is on the cards. While these headphones are primarily Bluetooth, and pairing them with a phone or MP3 player is really just as simple and turning Bluetooth on and pairing the devices just like any other, they do feature a passive mode and are bundled with an audio cable.
Most of these features are great to see and work well when they’re being used but I will unfortunately have to bemoan the voice control aspect of the headphones. Please allow me to get something off of my moobiful chest: if I was handed these headphones, told nothing about them and asked to estimate their value I would put them somewhere between ?100 and ?200. This is a slight shame as on first glance the AH-NCW500 headphones look nice and have a fairly unique design (well as unique you can get while retaining the traditional headphone shape); even if they do look a bit like Robocop’s ears when he’s not wearing his helmet (of course I mean the original Robocop and not the Batmanesq knock-off of the soon to be released remake).
Focusing on the positives the headphone band is well sized and should fit most adult head shapes effectively.

The on-ear control wheel is probably my favourite part of the design though as the dial is very easy to reach and conveniently lets you change the volume quickly and easily.
Well I’m pleased to report that the lack of impact I mentioned experiencing with older Denon models has gone as these AH-NCW500 headphones pack a fair bit of punch. I would say that those of you who don’t like lots of bass with your music might find these a bit too ‘warm’ sounding as there is a lot of bass. The only downside to the sound from these headphones is that sometimes the frequencies seemed a bit confused as some tracks I played through sounded a little bit messy. I did very briefly touch upon the noise cancellation in an earlier paragraph somewhere along the way and I can report that this does work very well as it effectively blocked out my colleagues and the other noise in the office. Moreover, I like the fact that you’re not stuck without music if you forget to charge the battery in the headphones thanks to the passive mode.
All in all Denon AH-NCW500 were great to listen to and other than the outside materials of the headphones not looking like the truly match the price tag I’d be very happy in recommending them to anyone looking for a strong sounding set of luxury wireless headphones. They have simple controls, strong sound, are comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time and have some very nice tricks up its non-existent sleeves. So if you’re in the market for some lovely headphones to wirelessly enjoy your music then look no further. Quite often this will be the reason that you can hear music blaring out from the headphones of someone when on a train, bus or plane as they have needed to increase their volume to stop the sound of the engine from interfering with their listening.
The solution comes in the form of Noise Isolating earphones or Noise Cancelling headphones. The benefits of noise isolating earphones, other than the monetary savings we have already mentioned, is that more focus can be spent on the sound that the earphones actually deliver. Wearing an expensive noise isolating earphone with an earbud that only loosely fits will not offer the full benefits or noise isolation that the earphones are supposed to offer.
The earphones at the top end of the market are likely to mainly be needed by professionals or musicians who need a extremely superior sound isolation.
The main noise that causes the problems though is the low frequency noises as these are able to still penetrate into the earcups and affect our listening. Clever electronics then come into play and analyse the sound waves coming in based on frequency and the amplitude of the waves. And that is to bring nature and art together in a way that inspires, awakens and excites your senses with every passing day, month and season.
If you still like to have a pair of headphones over your head endorsed by the rapper, then you could go with the new Beats Studio for 2013. They come in a range of five colors and offers heavy bass, which we have come to expect from Monster. Their reputation has always been good and we very rarely have their products coming back as faulty but the sets I tried out always seemed to lack volume or impact and this took away from what I could tell would otherwise be a good sound. This should come in useful if battery is getting a bit low on the wireless side of things or if you’re in an area where wireless devices are prohibited, such as on a plane (I’d guess cabin crew would still make you take them off while they’re performing their mime routine mind you).
Well there’s aptX sound, which is a lovely inclusion since it gives the music more of a CD quality feel, and as you’d expect from a Bluetooth headset there’s a built in microphone for handling calls or ordering your phone about. My phone, like many smartphones nowadays, has a voice assistant who I frequently shout at for calling the wrong person or typing nonsense in a text message I’ve dictated so it’s really beyond me why Denon wanted to go one better and make my phone call people without my instruction to do so (Steph’s phone was all about Face Timing the AA when she was having a go on them).

Mainly this is because, other than the rotating control dial, they are made from plastic, which doesn’t lend itself well to quality realistically, and I’m not convinced that that pads are real leather. Moreover, the pads are squishy and comfortable to wear and feel like they shouldn’t cause too much discomfort after prolonged periods of listening.
I did have the volume on my phone set to full and had the volume on the headphones cranked up as well but I’m not mentioning that as a negative point since the old models I tried all had the player volume set to pretty much full too and the output was not anywhere near as good as with these headphones. While this isn’t the sound which I personally favour, as I like a more balanced sound from my headphones, I can certainly see them appealing to people who do like a strong bass response. This wasn’t the case for everything I listened to but I did get the impression that these headphones favour tracks which have pristine or high levels of mastering as it was mainly the tracks from bands with a rougher style, or less money to spend on mastering in the studio, which suffered. Really they should work quite well at minimising the drone from the engines if used on a plane or the clank of tracks if you’re using the train to get around.
This can be a real life saver as all you need to do is plug in the supplied audio cable and carry on listening ; although this will mean that you can no longer give voice commands or so on but that’s a small price to pay really. For the most part anything from ?25-?100 on noise isolation earphones should get you a decent set of earphones, obviously the more you pay quite often the better the quality the earphones should be and the better the noise isolation will also be.
This is where the main bit of technology comes into play with the active noise cancellation headphones.
A new sound wave is then created that apposes that of the ambient noise (think of it sort of like an opposite sound. NTune Candy Collection headphones By Peter Chubb - Aug 7, 2013 If you were to approach a young person on the street you cannot expect to get much sense from them, this is because many of them are preoccupied with the music they are listening to.
However, if you would rather stick with Monster then you have two new pairs to choose from, these are the Monster DNA headphones and NCredible NTune On-Ear Headphones. This often left me a bit disappointed as I wanted them, really wanted them, to blow me away as I could almost taste their potential. Furthermore Denon have very interestingly included not only active noise cancellation but also an integrated amplifier to give the headphones more wallop. I really feel sorry for my Dad as he must have about 5 missed calls from me while I was demoing these headphones.
I know that most of the cost will be going towards the amplifier and other features, and very rightly so, but if I were spending ?400 on a set of headphones I’d like my choice to reflect the obscene amount of money I’ve just spent. This is all well and good and certainly reinforces the fact that Denon clearly designed this with business class travel in mind (judging on the number of times they mention ‘business’, ‘executive’ and ‘professionals’ in their blurb).
This isn’t a hard and fast rule but in general terms it should act as a good guide so users can weigh up how often and how important the noise isolation is.
In scientific terms it creates a sound wave 180 degrees out of phase of the interfering sound) and is fed into the speakers with the music or audio that is being listened to and cancels out the interfering sound. There also doesn’t seem to be a way of turning this feature off – going on the included quick start guide anyway – from what I can see and this might make me live in a bit of fear that I’d hear voices saying “hello?” instead of music just as I’d sat back in my seat and gotten comfortable. Possibly this shows me up as being a bit material at the end of the day so you can maybe put this down to personal opinion.

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