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Calle Real in turn has already performed several concerts this year in Ethiopia and France. The following day you can see Los Van Van in New Jersey at Schuetzen Park located at 3167 Kennedy Blvd.
David and the boys are back in the USA with their first concert tonight at Twelve in Miami.
David Calzado y su Charanga Habanera start their US tour in Miami on Friday May 20th with a concert at Twelve Club. Tom has posted 8 videos and the first of 3 galleries from the 2015 Havana recording session that produced the Pedrito Martínez Group's second CD, Habana Dreams, to be released on June 10.
Santiago based dancer master Jorge Luna Roque is bringing his amazing all-star rueda troupe to the Brava Theatre in San Francisco next weekend, May 21st & 22nd. Most of the players in such a musical engine play the roles of cylinders, stroking in perfect and predictable synchronization. Dream Team Syndrome notwithstanding, the idea of Issac Delgado & Son putting this new type of race car through its paces seemed like something that might just work brilliantly.
Juan de Marcos and the Afro-Cuban all Stars kick their East Coast Tour off tonight at Landmark Theatre in Port Washington, New York.
If you're in Europe you can catch Manolito y Su Trabuco at Kursalon in Vienna on the second day of their month-long European tour that will take them to ten countries. A program on shortwave radio which your servant hosts, From the Isle of Music, is dedicated to several different genres of Cuba's music and also features interviews with the artists in addition to the music.
After their successful show at Yoshi's last year, Cubanismo is back for a string of big concerts at SF JAZZ: tonight, Saturday and a Sunday matinee.
Master percussionist Joaquin "El Pulpo" Pozo will be in town to teach some master classes and to perform as a guest artist with the Angel d'Cuba Septet.
ENGLISH: For those who love most styles of Cuban music in addition to Timba, a new radio program, From the Isle of Music, features almost everything including Timba, Traditiional Son, Jazz cubano, Fusion, Rock, even a little classical.
ENGLISH: Finally, The 8th Annual San Francisco Salsa Rueda Festival takes place February 11-14 at the Hotel Whitcomb in San Francisco.
Septeto Nacional, a Cuban music institution since 1927, performed to a sold out crowd at Brava Theater in San Francisco on January 17, 2016, playing their exquisite form of son. I was at Jazz Plaza in Havana (and also in Santiago de Cuba) in December, and in the near future I will be sharing a lot of what I learned and experienced. Knowing Aisar's talent as a composer and arranger and his command of Cuban popular dance music ranging from timba to more traditional music such as son, I have great expectations for this band.
UPDATE: The Sunday show was sold out and a clinic (with lots of performing) has been added for Monday. Septeto Nacional will be in New York at Lehman College on January 16th (Orquesta Broadway opens) and at Brava Theatre in SF on the 17th. Pepito: The song was recorded by musicians from different countries such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, Peru and New York. Part of this endeavor is the 1st annual Carnaval de la Salsa, which will take place in Havana from February 25-28. The news comes two weeks after The Mail on Sunday reported how a London family found a deadly Brazilian spider delivered with bananas in their Waitrose shopping order.A Ms Meluaa€™s intruder was identified as a member of the salticidae a€“ or jumping spider a€“ family. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Have you ever heard a ringing or buzzing sound in your ears after going to a party, concert, or other really loud event? In addition to noise-induced hearing loss, other types of hearing impairment can affect people during their teen years.
Some people are born with hearing impairment — and kids and teens can lose their hearing for many reasons. Think about how you can feel speakers vibrate on your sound system or feel your throat vibrate when you speak. Hearing begins when sound waves that travel through the air reach the outer ear or pinna, which is the part of the ear you can see. The inner ear is made up of a snail-shaped chamber called the cochlea, which is filled with fluid and lined with thousands of tiny hair cells (outer and inner rows). Hearing impairment occurs when there's a problem with or damage to one or more parts of the ear. Conductive hearing loss results from a problem with the outer or middle ear, including the ear canal, eardrum, or ossicles. Sensorineural hearing loss results from damage to the inner ear (cochlea) or the auditory nerve.
Mixed hearing loss occurs when someone has both conductive and sensorineural hearing problems.
According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, about 28 million Americans are deaf or hearing impaired.
The most common cause of conductive hearing loss in kids and teens is otitis media, which is the medical term for an ear infection that affects the middle ear.
Sensorineural hearing impairment results from problems with or damage to the inner ear or the auditory nerve. Hearing loss can be difficult to diagnose in infants and babies because they haven't yet developed communication skills. You feel that people mumble or that their speech is not clear, or you hear only parts of conversations when people are talking. The doctor will usually examine a person's ears and, if necessary, refer someone with these symptoms to an audiologist, a health professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating hearing problems. A person may also need to see an otolaryngologist), a doctor who specializes in ear, nose, and throat problems. Hearing aids come in various forms that fit inside or behind the ear and make sounds louder. Cochlear implants are surgically implanted devices that bypass the damaged inner ear and send signals directly to the auditory nerve. Depending upon whether someone is born without hearing (congenital deafness) or loses his or her hearing later in life (after learning to hear and speak, which is known as post-lingual deafness), medical professionals will determine how much therapy the person needs to learn to use an implant effectively.
More than 65,000 people around the world have received cochlear implants and about one third of them are children.
Many cases of hearing loss or deafness are not preventable, however it is very important to realize that hearing loss caused by loud noise can be prevented.
The intensity of sound is measured in units called decibels, and any sounds over 80 decibels are considered hazardous with prolonged exposure.

Turn down the volume on your stereo, TV, and especially the headset on your music player.
Wear earplugs if you're going to a loud concert or other event (you'll still hear the music). See your doctor right away if you suspect any problems with your hearing, and get your hearing tested on a regular basis. For people who lose their hearing after learning to speak and hear, it can be difficult to adjust because hearing has been an essential aspect of their communication and relationships.
Many hearing-impaired teens read lips and use ASL, and in some cases an interpreter may be available to translate spoken language in the classroom.
At home, devices such as closed-captioned TVs, lights that flash when the doorbell or phone rings, and telephones with digital readout screens (called telecommunications devices for the deaf, or TDDs) are often helpful. Disclaimer: This information is not intended be a substitute for professional medical advice.
New for 2014 are Bose's QuietComfort 25 headphones, a model re-engineered for improved sound quality, comfort, and portability.
Included in the QuietComfort 25 package are the headphones, a 56" inline remote and microphone cable, an airline adapter, a carry case, and the AAA battery. You can find it at digital retailers and if you're in Havana I bet they'll be selling in hard-copy at the concert. The second and final show in this mini-tour will be on May 8th at Symphony Space in New York City. After carefully choosing and integrating each component through months of rehearsal and touring, he takes to the stage with the steely control and yet reckless abandon of a Formula 1 racecar driver. But like an engine, a great band also needs spark plugs – one or more explosive musicians who add bursts of creativity and unpredictable surges of adrenaline and aggressivity at just the right times. Ned Sublette’s liner notes alone make it worth acquiring this one the old-fashioned way.
Issac is famous for his improvisation and his ability to soar over some of the greatest rhythm sections in Cuban music history and as we all know, PMG makes the short list in that particularly category.
Timbalive will also - as they do each year - play their own show of original material Sunday night to close the festival.
The Carnaval includes concerts by FClan on Friday and Jose Torres y Salsa Tropical featuring Mayito Rivera on Saturday. Six out of the seven were members of Septeto Nacional, but because of visa problems of their tres player, Iván Camblor, band leader, composer and tres player played with the group. In 2008 he also released four songs under the name El Expresso de Cuba, but Aisar stayed with Revé until December 2015 when he announced he would finally start his own band. When a relationship starts, your friends and family start giving their opinions, and even if people say that this relationship isn't right for you or that this partner is not for you, it's too late to say no to what is already in your heart. We have the opportunity o live together and bring to the music a little bit of flavor from every corner of the world.
He has also dedicated himself to finding new ways to promote Cuban music and dance, both on the island and internationally. This condition is called tinnitus, and it usually lasts until your ears gradually readjust to normal sound levels. But over time, too much exposure to loud noise can lead to a condition known as noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Unlike hearing loss that's caused by noise, though, these types of hearing loss are not preventable.
The sound waves then travel from the pinna through the ear canal to the middle ear, which includes the eardrum (a thin layer of tissue) and three tiny bones called ossicles. When the vibrations move through this fluid, the tiny hair cells translate them into electrical nerve impulses and send them to the auditory nerve, which connects the inner ear to the brain. A blockage or other structural problem interferes with how sound gets conducted through the ear, making sound levels seem lower.
The most common type is caused by the outer hair cells not functioning correctly. Ear infections cause a buildup of fluid or pus behind the eardrum, which can block the transmission of sound.
For example, a tear or hole in the eardrum can interfere with its ability to vibrate properly. Some genetic (inherited) disorders interfere with the proper development of the inner ear and the auditory nerve. Some babies are born with hearing impairment due to infections or illnesses that the mother had while she was pregnant, which can interfere with the development of the inner ear. Certain conditions, such as repeated ear infections, mumps, measles, chickenpox, and brain tumors, can damage the structures of the inner ear. Certain medications, such as some antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs, can cause hearing loss.
A sudden loud noise or exposure to high noise levels (such as loud music) over time can cause permanent damage to the tiny hairs in the cochlea, which then can't transmit sounds as effectively as they did before. The audiologist will do various hearing tests that can help detect where the problem might be. Treatment may involve removing wax or dirt from the ear or treating an underlying infection. They are adjusted by the audiologist so that the sound coming in is amplified enough to allow the person with a hearing impairment to hear it clearly.
A small microphone behind the ear picks up sound waves and sends them to a receiver that has been placed under the scalp. This is particularly true of children whose parents are hearing impaired and want their children to be able to function in the deaf community.
These include things like loud music, sirens and engines, and power tools such as jackhammers and leaf blowers.
Special protective earmuffs are a good idea if you operate a lawn mower or leaf or snow blower, or at a particularly loud event, like a car race. The good news is that new technologies are making it possible for more hearing-impaired teens to attend school and participate in activities with their hearing peers. Family and friends of people who use ASL or lip reading can help by learning to use sign language or, if the person uses lipreading, by speaking slowly, clearly, and face to face.
He says their QuietComfort power and stamina hold up flawlessly to crying babies on airplanes and log-sawing bedmates and especially visits from his parents. Plug into a media device and the QC25s will play music, movies, or videos in rich, clear tones, while blocking out the majority of peripheral noise that could otherwise infiltrate my alone time with Olivia Wilde.

Tomorrow Maykel B and the boys will be at the "I am Cuban All Star Festival" in Corfu, Greece and they will be in my own town of Stockholm, Sweden this Friday May 27th where they will appear with our own Calle Real! Enjoy the video and get ready to catch the band live on their European tour, which begins in Rome on May 20th. Far too many jazz and Latin recordings of recent years suffer from what I call DTS: Dream Team Syndrome.
Birthed through a process of hundreds of gigs at a small mid-town Manhattan restaurant called Guantanamera, PMG was not a big engine stripped down for better mileage; it was a new kind of vehicle, built from the ground up to produce even more explosive energy at a fraction of the decibel level and with a clarity and precision of interlocking parts impossible with a 14-piece orquesta. PMG is precisely the type of hyper-creative and wildly improvisational but rock solid rhythm section that Issac has spent his career soaring over. The band is also planning a tour of the US later this year, so stay tuned for more information. El lanzamiento tendra lugar en un evento especial desde la Tropicana Varadero, en vivo por TV Cubana. The program airs every Monday night in the Americas (Tuesday morning in Europe and Africa) on WBCQ, 7.490 MHz on shortwave (it also streams on the Internet during the hour of the broadcast). Calixto has put together a team of ten musicians to offer the City of Angles an authentic taste of what timba was like when the Havana scene was at it's most creative. Iván, who is originally from Cuba, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and leads a local son group, Pellejo Seco.
The song is his own composition with an arrangement that combines the New York sound with Cuba.
I am very happy that it is like this and that music serves to unite countries and musicians - that people can enjoy it and feel happy.
Experiencing tinnitus or having to yell to be heard are both signs that the environment you're in is too loud. So what causes hearing impairment, and what it's like to live without being able to hear in a world full of sounds?
When the eardrum vibrates, the ossicles amplify these vibrations and carry them to the inner ear.
The person has trouble hearing clearly, understanding speech, and interpreting various sounds. In some types of hearing loss, a person can have much more trouble when there is background noise. Even after the infection gets better, fluid might stay in the middle ear for weeks or even months, causing difficulty hearing. Causes of this damage may include inserting an object such as a cotton swab too far into the ear, a sudden explosion or other loud noise, a sudden change in air pressure, a head injury, or repeated ear infections.
Sometimes parents may begin to notice that the baby doesn't respond to loud noises or to the sound of voices.
For example, to test the function of the inner ear, the audiologist can put a special device behind the ear that transmits tones directly there. If there is damage or a structural problem with the eardrum or ossicles, surgery may help to repair it. Sometimes, the hearing loss is so severe that the most powerful hearing aids can't amplify the sound enough. And for hearing-impaired people who want to go to college, many universities in the United States will accommodate their needs.
His mama and papa are loud talkers and also watch TV all day long at death metal concert volumes, so whenever they come over he just wears his Boses around the house like earmuffs to dampen the auditory blow.
Noise reduction technology (powered by 1 x AAA battery) combined with trademark Bose electronics and sealed ear cushions thwart the ruckus of encroachers such as crowded streets, airplane cabins, and busy offices. The band will play 12 gigs so check out their updated list of tour dates to find a concert near you.
I also want to give a special thanks to Roberto Ruiz for allowing us to use some of his photos to bring some visuals to the interview. My goal is to go to sing in Europe to the audience that I haven't seen for a little while, and that write asking when I can go.
Video games, television sets, movie theaters, traffic, and some machines and appliances can also make the environment too noisy for the average person. The cochlea is like a piano so that specific areas along the length of the cochlea pick up gradually higher pitches. One or both ears may be affected, and the impairment may be worse in one ear than in the other. But this fluid is usually temporary, and whether it goes away on its own (which is usually the case) or with the help of medications, once it's gone a person's hearing typically returns to normal. If the problem is with the cochlea or hearing nerve, a hearing aid or cochlear implant may be recommended. One college, Gallaudet University, in Washington, DC, is dedicated entirely to hearing-impaired students. Without their connection cable attached the headphones only weigh about 7 ounces, so after a minute or two he probably forgets they're even there. Tuve la oportunidad de conocerlo, grabar una entrevista y escuchar su música en diciembre. In fact, many experts believe that people are losing their hearing at much younger ages than they did just 30 years ago. But in reality, every time you hear a sound, the various structures of the ear have to work together to make sure the information gets to your brain. Blockages in the ear, such as a foreign object, impacted earwax or dirt, or fluid due to colds and allergies, can also cause conductive hearing loss. In the meantime you can enjoy a little concert video of both bands performing songs from their new CDs.
Special guests include Juan Carlos Alfonso, Issac Delgado, Mayito Rivera, Mandy Cantero, Paulo FG, Haila, Christian & Rey, David Blanco and Grupo Moncada. But last year sculptor Graeme Lougher from West Sussex wasna€™t so lucky when doctors removed a live spider from his ear.

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