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DENTEC SAFETY SPECIALISTS serves the North American market through our national network of distributor partners assuring prompt service and technical expertise.
OSHA 1910.134 Training Packets, NIOSH 42CFR84 product support and application training are available. BurnFree Burn Care Kits come in various sizes to meet the requirements of industry, food service, emergency services and personal use. BurnFree Blankets provide immediate physical protection as well as smoke and heat shielding protection from fire. Consider the magnitude of costs and losses that are created by injuries from accidental slips and falls. The Due North Winter Traction Aids offer a truly ECONOMICAL SOLUTION to a very real SAFETY concern. Due North Winter Traction Aids are lightweight and fit over the footwear people already own and feel comfortable in.
WOODSTOCK, ON (CNW) -- Sobeys Capital Incorporated, a national grocery retailer, pleaded guilty and was fined $90,000 in the Ontario Court of Justice today after a young worker slipped and fell in a grocery store cooler, January 21, 2006. Justice of the Peace Robert Gay heard that the worker suffered a fractured hip after slipping on a piece of ice on the floor of a walk-in food cooler while on duty at the Sobeys store at 379 Springbank Ave., Woodstock.
Sobeys pleaded guilty to failing to ensure the floor used by the worker was kept free of obstructions, hazards and accumulations of ice as required by subsection 11(a) of the Regulations for Industrial Establishments. In addition to the fine, the court imposed a 25-per-cent victim fine surcharge on the total, as required by the Provincial Offences Act. Areas that are slippery because of the continuous use of water--common in the floriculture industry--should be off-limits as general traffic areas and restricted to those workers who must perform their duties in that area. Workers should wear safety footwear, appropriate for the work being done, to prevent slipping and falling on walking surfaces. Reducing the risk of possible pulled muscle, fractures and back problems caused by a quick slip or fall. The Due North Family of Winter Traction Aids covers a full range of footwear, can be used on a greater variety of surfaces and footwear. The tungsten carbide metal spikes wear and hold their edge longer, resulting in better ice piercing traction, even as they wear down. The replaceable button designed spike is not just an economical way to extend wear; it's also a safety feature. Our over sole is made out of 100% natural rubber (like a car tire), that stays flexible in even the most extreme cold temperatures.
We sell our product to the United States Air Force, United States Post Office, Canada Post, New York Transit Authority, and many other industrial users like fire departments, paramedics, bus drivers, utility workers, maintenance workers, oil refinery workers and countless others. With that in mind, consider the magnitude of costs and losses that are created by injuries from accidental slips and falls. If caught in a crack or hung up in any way, the button will pull through without tripping the wearer or damaging the rubber. The HTA is ideal for drivers, delivery personnel or anyone operating machinery where use of a conventional, full coverage traction aid may interfere with driving capabilities. Convenient hook and strap with adjustment system provides a quick, easy, comfortable, and secure fit on a wide variety of footwear. Special rubber compound stays strong and retains elasticity in subzero temperatures for maximized durability.
New and improved toe-box design enhances fit and function along with a 360-degree spike pattern that provides more push and lateral grip.

Unique support hole on heel strap provides easy adjustment and makes it easy to put on and take off. New "Pulse Grip" tread design and repositioned Ice Diamond spikes provide more comfort under the foot and improved traction.
Geometrically designed webbing and improved shape comfortably fit a greater variety of footwear. Special rubber compound maximizes durability while maintaining elasticity in subzero temperatures.
The All Purpose Oversized is specially designed to fit oversized bulky footwear, for anyone who works or plays outdoors.
All the same features as the All Purpose improved design, but designed to fit oversized winter boots. Retail Stores - Grocery, hardware, department, drug, etc (parking lot attendants & grocery cart retrievers (kids). Recommended for applications where workers are exposed to hot, humid conditions both indoors and outdoors. ERB Safety manufacturers a complete line of head protection products and accessories that are certified to the new CSA Z94.1-05 head protection standard. Sqwincher is a scientifically formulated rehydration sport drink designed to restore important mineral salts and fluids lost through dehydration, physical exertion and heat stress. Chase ergonomics is a leading manufacturer of repetitive strain and injury products helping to prevent injuries to the back, wrist, ankles, knees, and elbows.
Tasco manufacturers a complete line of disposable foam earplugs, pre-molded re-useable earplugs, semi-aural earbands, earmuffs and face-shields. Hottec offers a complete line of Warmers and clothing accessories with compartments that allow you to place the Warmer. Thermo Cool - products for applications where workers are exposed to hot, humid conditions both indoors and outdoors. Due North Winter Traction Aids - Reduce Lost Time Injuries Caused By Slips & Falls When Working On Ice And Snow. Keystone offers a complete and comprehensive line of limited use protective clothing using new material technology that outperforms the competition.
Speakman has played a significant role in the safety equipment industry with the introduction of their emergency deluge shower and eyewash units designed for industrial settings. Manufacture of Neutraliser™ single use eye and skin rinse and iPreserve anti-bacterial water preservative.
Sqwincher, the Activity Drink, is a great tasting, scientifically formulated electrolyte replacement drink designed to restore important mineral salts and fluids lost through dehydration, physical exertion and heat stress. Contains zero carbs, zero calorie solution formulated for diabetics or consumers watching their daily carbohydrate intake.
Pour liquid concentrate into a nonmetal container filled with water, measuring the concentrate based on the appropriate ratio. SIMPLY FREEZE THE "SQWEEZE" and enjoy the refreshing feeling of flavoured ice or refrigerate the SQWEEZE and drink right out of the package. 1, 2 & 5 gallon industrial drinking coolers are designed from the inside out to perform as hard as the workers who use them. Contact Us for information on putting your company logo on a soft cooler to promote your image while working outdoors this summer!
LIQUID CONCENTRATE SIDEPour liquid concentrate to line at bottom of bottle as indicated and fill the rest with water.

Safety and effective for cleaning respirators, hard hat suspensions, and other personal protective equipment. Unlike most polyester gauze products, BurnFree utilizes a unique open-cell foam delivery system that allows gel to completely permeate the dressing. Unlike traditional products, BurnFree's gel does not have lidocaine which makes it suitable for use on small children and avoids potential allergic reactions. We all know that the expenses associated with injuries of this type extend far beyond medical treatment for both employee and company. This reduces fatigue caused by walking on icy surfaces or from using cumbersome traction aids and unfamiliar footwear. The surcharge is credited to a special provincial government fund to assist victims of crime. The employer, supervisor and workers should keep work surfaces clear of slip and trip hazards to the greatest extent possible.
Non-sparking and ten times stronger than rolled steel and does not "round off" as it wears.
Most competitors use a lower quality TPR, thermoplastic rubber, that becomes brittle in cold temperatures and does not maintain its flexibility. The HTA has two unique design features that quickly and easily allow the user to flip the traction pad or slide the traction pad out from underneath the heel when encountering a walking surface that may be damaged.
Industrial is ideal for the worker who occasionally needs additional traction on ice and snow while performing their outdoor duties. The lens cleaning products feature ANTI-FOG AND ANTI-STATIC properties and DOES NOT CONTAIN SILICONE.
Lite contains the same levels of sodium and potassium as normal Sqwincher but without the carbs and sugars.
Small convenient size may be placed in pockets, first aid kits, Nap-sacks, lunch boxes, etc. Simply remove a cup, squirt Sqwincher to the line indicated on the cup, pour water to the line and drink.
Simply slip over bottle water, insert 64 ounce liquid concentrate bottles into holsters, attach the cup dispenser and start using Sqwincher. For those of you that use our products we personally thank you for your continued patronage. It gets more gel to the wound and allows for better heat absorption and cooling of the burn.*All BurnFree Dressings are sterile. BurnFree Blankets can be used as a body wrap to extinguish fires and to cool and moisten burns.
Contains four of each flavour of Qwik Stiks: Orange, Fruit Punch, Mixed Berry, Strawberry Lemonade.
The Servastation eliminates the need for coolers, ice and someone responsible for managing and mixing the product. We'll be happy to demonstrate the many unique features these products offer and how your company and employees can benefit from their use.

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